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Saturday, 03/03/2012, 09:14 am

VIDEO | Thiago Alves "Devastated" Over Last Nights Loss

“I was happy that I was able to pick him apart. That was the plan, but unfortunately in the last 48 seconds, I got caught. It’s devastating. But, it was out of my control — I know I did my best in every aspect. I was winning the fight after three rounds, I just made a mistake and paid for it. I feel now that I should have kept him standing up and [continued to beat him up]. I’m not sure about that late takedown. I don’t really know [how far this loss sets me back]. There is confusion in the weight class right now — just 48 seconds later and it could be a totally different picture. Next I’ll regroup, go back home and get better. I know I’m better than this, but unfortunately I got caught. That’s life.”

UFC on FX 2 went down last night from Sydney, Australia’s Allphones Arena. In the main event Martin Kampmann took a page out of the book of Tim Boetsch and stole victory from Thiago Alves with a last minute guillotine choke to force Alves to tap and secure victory in the third round.

In addition to the main event, Joseph Benavidez advanced in the flyweight tournament as did Demetrious Johnson (well, this was actually later announced a draw).

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15 Responses to “VIDEO | Thiago Alves "Devastated" Over Last Nights Loss”

  1. Stevo the great says:

    Got caught slippin……….

  2. jrog says:

    Alves is a class act. He faught a great fight and his post fight interviews show the class of a champion. He might have lost but he gained me for a fan

  3. MARV3L0US says:

    very humble in his loss. great fight he had the decision until he made a mistake and kampmann capitalized big time.

  4. Nick says:

    Man it sucks he lost. He was winning that fight and shot for a double and got caught.

  5. Nick Diaz likes it in the butt says:

    Great fight!! Always respected both those guys!

  6. Serg says:

    Jrog couldn’t agree with you more

  7. douche says:

    hilarious alves always rubbed me the wrong way he has a cocky smirk like he is a bad ass, thiago was exhausted in the 3rd. kampman was pressuring alves so much that alves was forced to go for a takedown to avoid getting hit. so if alves wanted to be honest he should have said “It was a good fight I felt I was winning the fight in the judges eyes but then fatigue hit me in the third and kampman started pressuring me so much I panicked and then he almost ripped off my head so thank you for not killing me kampman”

    • Gargoyle says:

      This is right on. Alves out struck and out fought an unusually sluggish looking Kampmann. To me, Kampmann is the guy to beat up GSP someday. If it wasn’t for the bullshit judging that had him losing to Shields and Sanchez, the Hitman would be on a 6 fight win streak and we wouldn’t be hearing talking about Condit or Diaz just yet. But yah, Alves was dead tired and wanted to keep from getting hit. Kampmann got lucky, he wasn’t at his best because if he was, he would have beat up Alves easily.

    • dlo' says:

      What fight was you watching? You must of been stoned beause alves was winning in the stand up Kapmann said it himself. He said he was rocked.

  8. slacker says:

    His striking was super sharp last night. 4 or 5 deadly leg kicks. Super – talented but still fights too much on pure instinct. Will be interesting to see if he or Akiyama gets cut in the coming days.

  9. Finish IT says:

    Alves would of won the decision for sure. But I dont really think he was “picking him apart” as he says. Look at his face thats not the face of someone clearly dominating. He was getting the better of the standup but never really had Kampmann hurt. If anything it was Kampmann that rocked Alves in the first with that kick. Either way it was a great fight and thats why I love this sport anything can happen. I would rather have a guy I like loose than win it in decision. Finish it!!

  10. Me says:

    Kampmann is gr8, last night he couldnt adapt to Alvez striking & defending method , but the roll to mount was the most technical move of the fight , im very impressed by Martin , BTW i think he is no.4 or 5 in WW after , GSP , Condit , Nick , Berger.
    I’m looking forward to Erik Silva , i love 2 c Silva vs Rory

  11. m says:

    Kampmann’s recent loses were razor thin. He should have got the nod against Shields and Sanchez. Maybe they put him in against Jake Ellenberger next.

    Winner gets closer to a title shot

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