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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 10:46 am

VIDEO | The Ultimate Fighter 16 Preview | UFC NEWS

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter premieres this Friday on FX.


20 Responses to “VIDEO | The Ultimate Fighter 16 Preview | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    This season looks like worthwhile watching lol

  2. OLSI says:

    Fucck Fitch lol This season will be AMAZING, it will be interesting to see Shane and Roy talking smack to each other. I think Roy is a fantastic fighter but Carwin will KO him clean, he can take shots, but Carwin lands BOMBS and he’s done very well against the best, while Roy has only beat washed up Cro Cop, Schaub, and Pee Wee, really a list of nobodys. Lost to JDS, Mir, Werdum any top 10. Carwin will KO him and if he’s not carefull DANA will cut his cocky ass. Dont cross the boss boy

    • Pat Burns says:

      Have you seen the JDS vs Nelson fight? JDS hit him as hard as anyone and Nelson didnt get ko’d. Carwin is strong but JDS is the strongest and the fastest. Carwin will gas out and Roy will take it in the 2nd

      • marcus d says:

        No, Carwin definitely has more strength and power than JDS. Speed, accuracy, cardio, and overall skill, No, JDS has that. With that being said, Carwin has a much better chance of KOing Nelsons fat ass.

  3. The natural says:

    That’s photo looks like two homos bout to kiss

  4. Axeingar says:

    Drama drama drama….Can’t stand shows with it…

    unless it results in a beat down =D

  5. Bob'O says:

    Looks like a good season. Last few years have been a let down.

    Sonnen and Rampage should coach a season in the future. It would be priceless. ~Bob’O

  6. Mug says:

    Sonnen would make a great coach

  7. Mick says:

    OVereem and JDS should do TUF if they fight to see a whole season on them talking shit!

  8. bahahah says:

    looks like a bad episode of Jersey Shore……….oh wait, they were all bad

  9. Koos Koos says:

    Damn they just show everyone flipping out, hitting walls, bitch slapping people, telling dana something that would make him blush, and a great amount of blood. I LOVE IT! Haven’t seen that much blood in a tuf promo since that guy who got his skull fractured in the fight and bled everywhere

  10. spaced says:

    hopefully pink hair mohawk faggot will get knocked out at some point

  11. Tri says:

    lol i just saw the thumbnail and thought it was two homos having gay sex or something. the white dude with his legs spread and the mohawk dude in between while licking his lips and tryna make eye contact.

  12. DMAC says:

    Hell yeah can’t wait! Free scraps, shit I’m there!!!!

  13. Johnny says:

    Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones for next season after both win their next fights

  14. Ruhl says:

    I want to see Nick Diaz schooling one of these guys in this season. I hope he did :p

  15. Sean McCorkle says:

    Same shit, different toilet

  16. noirling says:

    wow, red mohawk, steroid much?

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