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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 05:52 am

VIDEO | The Truth Behind The Rampage "Wolf Howl" Explained By The Man Himself | UFC NEWS

By: Jason Kindschy

On episode 4 of this season of MTV’s “Ridiculousness, Former UFC Light-heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson explains the signature howl that has become synonomous with his UFC appearances. Rampage told the cast, “I think I’m a werewolf man, I be howlin’ … It’s the werewolf man, he just takes over. Sometimes I try not to howl because my friends, my family, they make fun of me. I been doin’ it since I was a kid and they be like, ‘Why you still howlin’? You ain’t no werewolf!”

The former PRIDE slam-master looks to end his UFC career with a win when he eventually makes his long-awaited return to the Octagon following a knee injury. Jackson is contracted for one more fight with the UFC and has been very vocal about not renewing his contract. With that being said, I guess we can expect more TV appearances for “Rampage” in the future.


6 Responses to “VIDEO | The Truth Behind The Rampage "Wolf Howl" Explained By The Man Himself | UFC NEWS”

  1. maurice says:

    lmao. rampage still funny as hell.

  2. JLS says:

    Rampage is great n wild! Shame he doesn’t want to renew but I guess he feel its time to close the book of this chapter of his life. And open a new. Hopefully tv roles n movie roles til then Hoooooooowwwwwwwwwllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. monkey juice says:

    What a fuckin goof. I be a werewolf…that gets stomped by everyone with wrestling credentials. 15 minutes are over, I hope. Whimper-wolf bitch more describes this tool.

  4. monkey juice says:

    Genius. He puts out a “character”. His public character is fuckin gay. Yeah, there’s not a lot of guys that would say that to his face. Doesn’t make it any less truthful. Were-bitch stands.

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