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Wednesday, 03/06/2013, 10:25 am

VIDEO | The Transgendered MMA Fighter Speaks Out | MMA NEWS

Female MMA fighter Fallon Fox has made a name for herself in her fledgling career. Now she’s coming out as transgender. She’ll be the subject of a documentary about her career. This is a preview.


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  1. arod says:

    Holy shit, even the actual man looks like less of a man than Cyborg does.

    • Jon says:

      Exactly what I was gonna post lol. Guyborg should hit up her surgeon. In fairness I suppose, they’re taking doses of the opposite hormone, it just shows what testosterone and estrogen can do to the body. Not that we needed any proof that Cyborg was a roid head.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    well if she wants to fight. let her fight.
    and lets make sure that the science is correct, and her levels are equal to other females.
    If so, Let Her Fight.

    • Scotty says:

      People dont understand the science behind it i guess.. She has taking all the hormones to turn herself into a female which looks like she has then she doesnt have an advantage.. If her levels are the same and where they are suppose to be, there is no reason for her not to be able to fight other women.

      On a side joke: Cyborg vs. Fox! Girl who wants to be a man against a man who wanted to be a woman! haha Lets make it happen, history in the making!

  3. ballsackface says:

    leonard garcia with a sex change

  4. Edward cox says:

    shes still going to have the bone struckture of a man tho, bigger hands, bigger chest etc etc

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:


    Everyone knows men are born with superior attributes for fighting. This is not a sexist comment it’s just nature. This transgendered person is having an unfair advantage being born as a male. Not enough estrogen in the world to completely undo the way this person was born.

  6. Thesire says:

    Totally agree!! Sure estrogen can take away the performance levels of the body but it will not negate the physical attributes from being born a male such as bone mass, structure, frame and etc

  7. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    The “Dude with Boobs” with a strippers stage name, Fallon Fox. lol! This is a fuckin joke this dude is a mental case that needs to be institutionalized and made to get off the drugs. This poor guy needs major psychological counseling. Talking about a fucked up immoral situation. This shit should be banned. Were gonna have a bunch of pussy gay dudes wanting to play in all female sports. They need their own freak division and fight each other.

  8. slayer says:

    wow…who didnt see this coming?

  9. Dee says:

    Unbelievable if this dude fought and hurt one of the women in my family, I would kill this dude and his agent.

  10. God says:

    @gargoyle. Dude that’s not very nice, what you said. But very true nonetheless. We are allowing way too much shit into our society that makes shit like this happen. If you wanna be gay or whatever queer you wanna be. Ok fine. But don’t expect to be treated the same since it was your choice. Then what, the normal regular people are the bad guys because they don’t accept the way you are. You’re freaking kidding me.

  11. Donovan says:

    This truly makes me sick!!! Im disappointed.

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