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Thursday, 02/21/2013, 09:45 am

VIDEO | The Latest In The “Best Of MMA’s” Harlem Shake Featuring Alexander Gustafsson | UFC NEWS

Top UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Alexander Gustafsson, is the latest to hit the Harlem Shake wave. HE not only perfectly executes the shake, but he also uses the opportunity to call out UFC champion Jon Jones.


23 Responses to “VIDEO | The Latest In The “Best Of MMA’s” Harlem Shake Featuring Alexander Gustafsson | UFC NEWS”

  1. So Gay Is This Video says:

    Wasted a minute of my life that I won’t ever get back. Gus couldn’t finish a going down the ladder Shogun, but wants to call out the champ???? Really? I want that fight to happen later this year just to see red flow all over white.

  2. Harlemhimself says:

    Going down the ladder?

  3. You the fag. says:

    Dan Henderson couldnt finish Shogun in 5 rounds. Im guessin you arent a Hendo fan either then.
    And Styles makes matchups. Im pretty sure Gus vs Jones would be an epic fight, and Jones would be forced to take it to the ground, cause standing up, he got nothing on Gus. Thats simple facts.

    • And dumbass says:

      Jones takes all of his fights to the mat, you moron. You go with your strength, you dumbass. But Gus will definitely feel the pain standing also. Count on it.

  4. Hendo is one of my favorite fighters of all time says:

    Gus isn’t even on the list, so why u comparing apples and oranges, you dumbass.
    Styles make fights? Is that original???
    Jones’ stand up is inferior to Gus??? When AG’s blood is all over his white face, please come go to the nearest prison and give a lucky prisoner a conjugal visit, you fag. And cover up that Hulk Hogan tattoo on your ass!

  5. 123 says:

    you heard yourself, “blood all over his white face”.. calm down, idiot.

  6. 123 says:

    “jon jones you are next” lol

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