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Friday, 05/31/2013, 11:01 am

VIDEO | ‘The Dna of GSP’ Docu-Trailer

The DNA of GSP is a feature-length documentary on Georges St-Pierre, UFC World Welterweight Champion.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | ‘The Dna of GSP’ Docu-Trailer”

  1. Wonder Boy says:

    I wonder if it will cover his steroid usage…

    • Alhoa says:

      You’re an idiot Wonder Boy, when has GSP ever tested positive for steroids? I guess with success comes jealousy.

      • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        They don’t even test forall the PED’s GSP takes like EPO’s, HGH, hcg, Designer Victor Conte non detectable steroids or Gene doping which has been available legally in Canada since 2010. GSP can afford only the very best PED’s in the world and his Team has constant (PRIVATE) testing done leading up to his fights to make sure nothing shows up. ONLY WAY to ever expose GSP for being the ROID cheat he is would for a miracle to happen and somehow FORCE him to take a surprise blood draw VADA test about 5 weeks out from his fights. GSP has more money than GOD and an act of parliament couldn’t force him to do a blood draw and even if he was ever forced to do a surprise REAL VADA state of the art steroid test he would just claim he is injured like he did before and same thing his boy ROIDY did after he himmed and hawed for 5 weeks finally agreeing to VADA testing after fans started calling him ROIDY MacDonald then a few days before VADA was do to show up for blood draw ROIDY magically decided to spar without head gear and dropped out of the fight and REFUSED to go thru with VADA testing. TRISTAR is dirty and anyone with a half brain could see it wriiten allover farziz mohamids face. The man isa scumbag from the word go

        • Xpoc says:

          I didn’t even read all your post before I realized you are full of it.
          No proof, and you are probably a mad diaz fan.

  2. Xpoc says:

    A true Champion. I wish they would find some competition that’s not just relying on a lucky punch.

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