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Monday, 01/07/2013, 05:12 am


VIDEO | The Diaz Brothers Go House Hunting | UFC NEWS

In this latest animated comedy sketch, UFC fighters Nate and Nick Diaz look for new housing.


5 Comments to VIDEO | The Diaz Brothers Go House Hunting | UFC NEWS

  1. twiddly dum and twiddly dummer says:

    hahahahahahaha!!!! keep these coming! these cartoon skits are freeeken awesome! love the detail in the artistry, and the accuracy of the two bozo’s mannerisms! i am seriously laughing my ass off!!!! hilarious shit. these two dummys truly have shit for brains. a person can have a more meaningful conversation with a dog than with either of these two. hahahahahaha!!!!!!

    • jay says:

      You tried waay 2 hard.. You sound like you’re despaired seeing them in the position their in.

      • twiddly dum and twiddly dummer says:

        to jay: W-T-F are you talking about idiot? I don’t give a flying f*ck about the position “they’re” in [it's "they're", not "their", you dummy] i just feel that they’re a pair of mindless fools that can’t put a decent sentence together. However, they are bad ass fighters. But, after they hit 40, and they don’t have fighting anymore, they will still be morons…….like you jay. FYI – i didn’t try waaay hard for my response to your idiotic statement either.

  2. BRYANT says:

    LOVE THIS also love the way these dudes fight all or nothing always lol

  3. David says:

    Haha their voices are fkn funny especially nicks sum funny shit

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