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Tuesday, 10/30/2012, 09:52 am

VIDEO | The Chronicles Of George St. “Pimp” | UFC NEWS

The ladies love uFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. It is because of this that a video like the one featured above has come to exist.

I have no further explanation, just watch and enjoy!


6 Responses to “VIDEO | The Chronicles Of George St. “Pimp” | UFC NEWS”

  1. bunkylomax says:

    haha! this is great!

  2. magoo says:

    G$P the man,the pimp,the legend…..haha

  3. Gouldx87 says:

    No sex 6 weeks before the fight jesus no wonder these dudes are so aggresive

  4. Sasquatch says:

    That man has skinned every beaver in Canada!… I sh!t you not, bald beavers running around everywhere!

  5. B-rad says:

    they say pimpin aint easy, but damn does this man make it look easy!

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