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Tuesday, 12/04/2012, 07:45 am

VIDEO | The Arrival – From Hilo to Seattle | UFC on FOX 5

BJ Penn and team landed in Seattle, Washington, last night and were met promptly by some loyal fans.

Penn fights Rory MacDonald at UFC on FOX 5 this Saturday.

Check out the fans perspective below:


4 Responses to “VIDEO | The Arrival – From Hilo to Seattle | UFC on FOX 5”

  1. WarProdigy says:

    Good shit! Way to represent Seattle!!

  2. korean jesus says:

    cheeee das da shit right there.

  3. Good on ya Penn says:

    Hope you lose though for leaving in the first place.

  4. bhavanatamilrriage says:

    Im not sure why Tiger is apologizing to the world. He betrayed his beautiful wife and his loving children and he needs to answer to them. He probably cost his sponsors tens of millions of dollars but the rest of us just need to remember our own shortcommings and forget about Tiger.

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