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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 08:22 am

VIDEO | The Amazing Mike Goldberg And The Interesting Things He Said At UFC 153 | UFC NEWS

Mike Goldberg is an awesome guy, so our posting of this highlight video is in no way a dig at the UFC ringside commentator.

He does however say some interesting things and last weekend at UFC 153 he left many onlookers scratching their head.

Check out the video and leave your comments at the bottom!


17 Responses to “VIDEO | The Amazing Mike Goldberg And The Interesting Things He Said At UFC 153 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Team Buffalo says:

    Hey Goldie, stop smoking up all Rogan stash. It’s puff puff give, You get killed in the hood for that type of stuff.

  2. CC says:

    Funny that Rogan is the notorious pothead and he has to correct Goldie on his crazy talk. You don’t have to talk ALL THE TIME Goldie!

  3. Bertram says:

    i’ve said for a long long time, the ufc needs to scrap goldberg. how can you help call fights for 10+ years and still know so little about mma lol. Rogan should be paired with a fighter, Bas, or schiavello; guys who actually know as much as rogan and understand more than a jab

  4. G Bud says:

    Both of them need to go. I play music while I watch the UFC with my mates as the commentary is sometimes so ‘off’ it’s embarrassing. I’d rather listen to Mauro call a 5 round match between Jon Fitch and CB Dollaway than listen to the utter bollocks that come out of both of their mouths.

  5. salem says:

    Rogan and Bas Rutten would be awesome

  6. Tapout a Warrior says:

    He is a color commentator, that is his job. Joe Rogan is there to bring in the technical side of the game. For instance when is a grappling match, casual watcher has no idea is a human chess match. They are the perfect team for that reason. Of course silly things are gonna be said it is live television.

    • NoDoubtNOut says:

      You obviously don’t know much about the UFC. Goldie is not the color commentator. He says it right in the beginning of UFC events “joined by color commentator Joe Rogan”. that’s why he’s always mad professional and Joe Rogan isn’t. durrrrrr dee dawww deee lol I took retard ed to learn to communicate with retards. Had to translate what I said to him.

  7. alfie says:

    mike needs to stop smoking all of rogans weed and start popping rogans alphabrain

  8. GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    “From retirement, to a dream fight, to perhaps changing his legacy ‘FOR THE REST….OF TIME’…” Goldie said it like hes narrating a Disney movie.

  9. Not You says:

    Joe: “I’d like to see how Anderson deals with a big light heavyweight like Bonnar.”

    Mike: “And a big light heavyweight too Joe.”

  10. Bob says:

    hes not the sharpest tool in the shed

  11. m says:

    Those were the same moments me and my friends were laughing at watching live.
    “For the rest…..of time…..”

  12. NoDoubtNOut says:

    “against a biiiiig lightheavyweight” – Joe Rogan
    followed by….
    “and a BIG Lightheavyweight too” – Goldie
    That shit cracked me up!! Fuckin homos lol

  13. Stonerman says:

    The stuff he says is stupid and makes no sence, but is hell funny

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