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Thursday, 04/12/2012, 07:20 am

VIDEO | Street Chokes w/ Ryron and Rener Gracie (Sneak Preview)

As MMA grows in popularity, more and more people are lead to believe that training jiu-jitsu without the gi is the only way to effectively prepare for a street fight, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this video, Ryron and Rener explain how people rarely walk around topless or in rash-guards, and then they demonstrate how regular street clothing, from hoodies to t-shirts and everything in between, can be used for OR against you in a real street-fight situation. The bottom line is: if you don’t train at least 50% in the gi, be prepared to get choked by someone who does.


6 Comments to VIDEO | Street Chokes w/ Ryron and Rener Gracie (Sneak Preview)

  1. Dog chapman says:

    Im buying a gracie lanyard bruddah

  2. SmoothAssNigga says:

    ***** fightin, why not grab hair while ur at it

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! You just don’t know. Tell me again that’s ***** fighting when everything starts going dark and you go out. And when you wake up, your teeth are missing, one eye is swelled shut, and your pants are down with a bottle up your ass. Don’t go to sleep. Lol!

  3. Punish_her says:

    Thats streets for ya ANYTHING goes!!!

  4. the annunakikid says:

    love you guys Rener & Ryron but idk kinda skeptical bout trying to focus on garments, it seems like im underestimating my opponent ya know. However, it does seem that the same gi concepts apply, a good choke is indeed a good choke…myself i like the japanese necktie B)

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