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Monday, 01/14/2013, 05:46 am

VIDEO | Steven Seagal Wants to Work with “The Sleeper” Daniel Cormier | MMA NEWS

Steven Seagal talks about the year in MMA and he says he may soon start working with a fighter who he says is a bit of a “sleeper” … Daniel Cormier.


15 Responses to “VIDEO | Steven Seagal Wants to Work with “The Sleeper” Daniel Cormier | MMA NEWS”

  1. Brett says:

    Fuck this asshole! Vito Beltor? Seagal is a dickbag!

  2. bob dole says:

    Steven, the only sleeper here are your B class late night straight to dvd movies. There is no reason you should be dealing with any UFC fighter. Do the favor and fight Randy, lose, than we will forget you.


  3. jimmmmmmy says:

    Can the press please stop interviewing Seagal! He does nothing good for the sport!

  4. GTFO Seagal says:

    Name says it all .

  5. Lorenzo Lamas says:

    Both of his favorite moments of 2012 that he mentioned both happened in 2011. Hahaha

  6. RK says:

    Steven Seagal is one bad man. You guys are just underestimating him. Sure, he’s old and not trained to compete by mma rules, but he will surely send you to your grave with one chop to the neck.

  7. Joseph says:

    Shouldn’t he work with Jenny Craig first?

  8. Cam says:

    If i was a ufc fighter, i would LOVE to work with seagal. the guy is a aikido master, he is the reason i started doing martial arts when i was younger. the experiance and knowledge the guy has would be sooo interesting to hear and learn something. yeah he might come across fake or talking shit to half of you but then again it’s is easy to sit behind a computer and judge people. to me seagal is definitly the real deal

  9. Zo says:

    I swear if I see another video or article of Seagal, I’m gonna unsubscribe at this site.

  10. seagalsucks says:

    The only person Seagal ever beat up was his ex wife Kelly Lebrock. Seagal’s a fucking chump woman beater.

  11. Mmafan86 says:

    People in Japan hate his butt he went over and married a woman learned her fathers style and left her and the style to go sell out. Hopefully he goes away soon.

  12. Abreeezyy says:

    Gene LeBell is not one of Seagals friends. Sensei Gene choked him out twice on one of his movie sets and made him piss his pants. Hah!

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