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Wednesday, 05/02/2012, 10:54 am

VIDEO| Stephan Bonnar Catches 53yr Old Man Winning Cage Fight On Film | MMA NEWS

In this video UFC light-heavyweight fighter Stephan Bonnar caught this 53-year old scrapper putting it on a 21 year old kid at an MMA Event in Las Vegas.

The older guy took the bout on just one-hour notices.


35 Responses to “VIDEO| Stephan Bonnar Catches 53yr Old Man Winning Cage Fight On Film | MMA NEWS”

  1. kenji says:

    respect! its all about heart! not the age…inspiring;…gives us guys at this age to forge on and dont stop dreaming! we still can take out the younger lions!

  2. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Thas fuccing Great, randy dont have nothing on this grandpa lol, good shit

  3. sean says:

    old man wasnt even in fight shape and he won ! the kid looked really bad

  4. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    Sloppy but FTW!

  5. 7682mike says:

    That was inspiring as fuck!! sweetness

    • PitbullJiuJitsu says:

      Inspiring..? Really? 2 extremely bad fighters going at it, makes me pissed off that UK has a bad reputation when this shit is going on in the US hahaha! Aaahh well prepare boys cause UK TSUNAMI IS HITTING MMA!

      • your daddy says:

        Suck a penis. UK and the US have about the same amount of idiots and legitimate fighters but hey whatevers bro have fun being a stupid human

      • Hendo vs Bisping. Prime example right there. you UK queens are all a bunch of dick head loud mouths that fabricate such ignorance every time spoken to, just because you guys think our some kind of superior human beings that think your better at everything you touch. Hatton vs Mayweather.. Both of your prize fighters had no business in the cage/ring with our big guns and you hacks got put in your place as hilarious knockout highlights material still enjoyed today for our viewing joy. But PLEASE continue on this magically awesome sounding ” UK tsunami ” you speak of. :-) us USA folk have been waiting for a proper test.

  6. The_Gooch1 says:

    Sometimes, having heart is enough. Respect to the old man.

  7. rlm says:

    It definitely sends the message that it’s never too late to get in cage :-)

  8. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    That’s cool and all, but I know plenty of 50+ year olds that can still work their kids over real good. Just saying

  9. Tricky says:

    That was less MMA and more a fight after school.

    I’m all for the older guy, he did well and all, but this looked to me like a fight from 1999 – poor skills and the dude who lost left on the floor to take care of himself while the ref just looked at him. Where was his corner? Where were the Docs? This doesn’t give a good image of our sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Fighting on one hour’s notice? Could he have even gone through *any* kind of medical? What if the poor dude had a f’kng heart attack in there? What then? Another bullet in the gun for all the idiots saying our sport is barbarous and should be banned.

    • Aaron says:

      No one would have even heard about it. Did you see that venue? Cmon dude lighten up. The old guy sent a 20 year old flying across the cage with a solid straight, and all you can talk about is how it’s barbaric. You are basically making yourself out to be who you are insulting…

    • PitbullJiuJitsu says:

      Amen mate very well said, about time these videos stopped getting labelled “CAGE FIGHTS” aswell man its MMA you wouldnt call a boxer a “Ring Fighter”

    • Kinda Sorta Agree says:

      The thing worse than the actual KO was that no one came to check on the young guy as he laid there. Now the medical clearance for the old guy is..well..not an issue for me. He’s an adult who, I assume, signed a hold-harmless waiver, prior to the fight. The old guy should know what he is capable and incapable of doing.

      Barbaric? I don’t think so. Needing improvement in fighting skills? Definitely. But, you wouldn’t know that until you actually got into the cage. No cheap shots seen, and not even one drop of blood, so I thought it was alright.

  10. noobs says:

    This is the type of fight Diaz fans hope to see

  11. Kingsforge says:

    People going on about it being sloppy and talking crap about it are idiots. It’s an amateur fight, of course it’s sloppy, everyone has to start somewhere and the guys who do this train in their own spare time, off their own backs with their own money. The didn’t look great because they’re obviously not going to be in as good shape as top guys, and because they don’t have the years of experience that build up your fight reactions.

    You can talk shit about top guys because it’s their job to be a good fighter, and if they’re not then they’re not doing their job. But to hate on amateurs who are doing it for the love of the sport and because they feel like a challenge? That’s just fucking low, get off your fat arse and step in there, see how good you look when someone’s raining down punches on your face.

  12. Radge says:

    Hardly mma but still fantastic effort by the old fella showed a huge amount of heart.

  13. boners says:

    Its funny how many people talking shit on these guys are too big of pussies to ever step into the cage, and if they did they would probably look worst or tap out the first time they got hit.

  14. ieatvag says:

    lighten up, it ain’t the big show
    it’s amateur night – mma style
    always good cheap fun, like a carnival or county fair; where they serve fried food, show off livestock and washed up 80’s bands play in the beer garden tent.
    i bet bonnar got cage side for 5 bucks

  15. KIDD433 says:

    MMA or not,who gives a shit.That old man wanted to fight,he got an opportunity and took it.He got in there and fought his ass off.He showed more heart than alot of pros ive seen.Good job there pops!

  16. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    LOL Big Country’s dad is scrappy!

  17. Toni says:

    I’m martial artist from Finland. I’ve trained about 20 years and competed about 10.. I just had my first mma amateur fight few months ago.. So from my own experiment I can say it takes many qualitys from some to enter to mma action.. So let’s get some respect to these guys! And this old guy.. I personally hope he will get Bazzie award from having attitude of an animal =) He went there to WATCH these fights.. And with one hour warning he goes there probably without any or very little experience of the sport.. RESPECT!

  18. please no! says:

    I can imagine this guy on a vacation with his family, his wife begging him not to fight “oh hunny please no, you’re not 20 anymore” then old dude wins like WHAT UP BEAOTCH ! Haha probably a vacation of a lifetime . Respect

  19. heck yeah says:

    Better than any ben askren or jon fitch fight ive ever seen

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