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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 04:51 pm

VIDEO | Sonnen Rips Jones On ESPN: "Nike" Slogan Should Be "Just Do Nothing"| UFC NEWS

“I just don’t know why he won’t fight me next Saturday, I mean what else does he have to do? Is there like a wine tasting at the local racetrack or something I haven’t heard about? I don’t know what his deal is. Maybe Dana didn’t make it clear enough that he was willing to fly Jones out, maybe Jon thought he had to drive.

You could give a guy 90 days and you can err on the side of caution. You could give a guy a year, that’s completely fine. We’re a volunteer army, nobody has to fight, nobody has to go with this company, go into this line of work. But when you choose to, and when you sign your name to a contract, when an industry is counting on you to honor your word, you’ve got to honor your word.

Dan Henderson was on one leg and did everything he could to still make that date. Dana White flew him out had his own doctor look at Dan’s knee and he said you can’t go. So Dan Henderson was willing to do on one leg what Jon Jones who’s healthy isn’t willing to do.

Jon Jones has his own way of going about things. This guy is an entitled brat, and when you get that way and you’re surrounded by people that tell you these things, you don’t think of anybody else but yourself. He’s now with Nike – Nike with Jon Jones is going to have to change their slogan to ‘Just Do Nothing’.

I’m the highest paid fighter in the UFC. Any time you talk about money you sound like a brat, I don’t mean to do that. I fought back when there was no money, but the reality is I’m at the top of the pay scale right now, I offered him in writing, I heard you read it on your show, I will give him my entire purse just so that the show goes on. Just so that the guys on the undercard who haven’t been at this, this long, that are counting on their $5,000 and $10,000 paychecks to make their mortgage and car payments next month, could have a job next week. I would do that for the industry and the company that I love, for the fans that I fight for and this little brat isn’t going to step in on 8 days notice? How much notice do you need?

Let me ask you a question, have any of you ever been in a fight where you get 8 days notice? No, that’s not real life! You think our soldiers over there get 8 days notice before somebody throws a bomb their way? You’ve got to be ready right now. That’s real life.

This was his big opportunity to get me on 8 days notice. 8 days notice is going to turn into zero days notice because the final week all you do is make weight and do a media tour.

This was his opportunity to sway the scales in his favor. Now when I come to beat him, I’m going to get a contract, I’m going to get 90-days, I’m going to have a normal training preparation, this was his big opportunity to slip one past the greatest icon this sport has ever seen and he missed it. He missed it like a chump.”


84 Responses to “VIDEO | Sonnen Rips Jones On ESPN: "Nike" Slogan Should Be "Just Do Nothing"| UFC NEWS”

  1. Ted says:

    I agree with everything the man sais and I would have said the same stuff. Respect to Chael for being a fighter and not a piece of sh#t like Jones.

    • jesus korean says:

      non chael fan said the same thing.

    • rick says:

      chael you are going to get your ass kick . bones jones is the man!! ur wrestling skills is a joke, oregons wrestling is a joke!….ASU ,IOWA is wrestling buddy. Dana white ( don king) and sounds like theirs lots of love between u two…lol

      • amber trichome says:

        either something is wrong with your google translator, or you’re a complete idoit. do you even know how to speak, read, or write in english? you would fail an ‘english as a second language’ class. pull jbj’s organ out of your mouth and quit worshiping it.

      • Buka says:

        Did you understand a word that he said?? He said it himself that Jones would probably have kicked his ass because he only has about 6 days to train. He was stepping up for the fighters and the company that employs them Jones included. In the end this is still a business a show if you will and the show must go on for the fans and for the fighters. I too never liked Chael but you know what I am slowy starting to like the guy now that I can see he is really a stand up guy that just puts on this persona to sell fights.

      • tim boylan says:

        Jones should’ve accepted the fight

        • Why should he give a guy a chance that hasn’t earned a shot?

        • Doc9 says:

          I agree. It’s easy for a never-had-a-belt, lose-every-other-fight, big mouth, journeyman with nothing to lose to say, “I’ll fight anyone, anytime.” Of course you will, you need to… you need a win. A champion remains a champion by making poised decisions and has earned the leverage position. Does Floyd let any gate-keeper with a big mouth and half a losing record fight him (much less on short notice)? Of course not, hell no. that would just be dumb.

        • chris says:

          Deserving it doesn’t matter at this point. Sonnen was the best to step up and take the fight- that alone deems him the contender. Think about it this way: assume Fighter A is the true number one contender and deserves the shot and Fighter B is a lesser fighter who doesn’t deserve the shot. But Fighter A won’t accept the fight and therefore doesn’t matter. The shot ends up going to Fighter B even though he doesn’t deserve it. Sonnen is Fighter B.

        • Buka says:

          Yeah, look who he lost to, he is the only legitimate guy willing to take the fight with 8 days notice.

        • Industrial Caulk says:

          Because by not fighting he screwed his whole company and millions of people. People can talk about Sonnen “not earning a shot” all they want, but you know who has earned a shot? Lyoto Machida. And he couldn’t do it.

          Saying “Sonnen doesn’t deserve it” is stupid. Either he is good enough to threaten Jones or he’s not. If he is them fight him. If he’s not then he wouldn’t have been considered in the first place. Either way, he’s the only person who stepped up.

        • I think this is why Mike Tyson is to me is the epitome of a warrior in the ring. He had no fear and welcome the challenge of any man to jump in the ring with him. I can’t stand the fact that even the ufc is starting to have fighters end up with the “mayweather” complex like Jon Jones.

      • JDilla says:

        its not more who can beat who, its how the fighters, trainers and families wont get a paycheck. fighting is fulltime.

      • your a joke says:

        just like your English skills lol

        • Marty says:

          don’t try to be a grammar nazi when your english is just as horrid…it’s “you’re a joke”

      • kalaeboi says:

        Yeah, Oregon wrestlings a joke…ur a joke fool! Champions are born everywhere…. Like Randy Couture… OREGON…

      • Boscoe says:

        Yeah no kidding Iowa is one of the top top collegiate wrestling programs and ASU is alright however Jones didn’t go to either. I don’t see the point you’re making

      • Bob'O says:

        Rick, You’re a loser. You understand absolutely nothing about honor. Remove Bones hog from your throat bro.

        Chael is a real fighter. ~Bob’O

      • FACK U says:


      • RickIsAnIdiot says:

        rick, what does his wrestling skills have to do with Jones bitching out?

    • Why should Chael get a title shot, in another division that he hasn’t proven himself in, after a lose? He hasn’t earned it.

      • Bjj Brown Belt says:

        He hasn’t earned one. I completely agree with you, but he was the ONLY one to step in and take the fight on 8 days notice. It basically would of saved the show and most of the other fighters on the card. It would of been a win win situation for Jones. I don’t know why he didn’t take the fight. Chael isn’t afraid of anyone. I personally admire that.

    • Nick says:

      First time since the wec that I actually like Chael sonnen

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Jones is a coward for being scared to fight Sonnen. Now he gets to help a much more dangerous Vitor Belfort who won’t be starved and depleted. I hope Vitor shocks the world and rips jones head right off his shoulders

  2. Say what you want about Chael, but the man is absolutely right. There are dozens of fighters, trainers, promoters, managers, and the like that have been cockblocked out of a paycheck all because one jackass couldn’t shut up and step up. The bitch about being a champ is that you are gonna be challanged and fought against from all sides. You can’t just skip out on one fight just because it was short notice. Thats BS. You do your damn job.

    If competing is what you do in MMA, then compete. Dont just duck out when things dont go your way. Thats like Jones, get the f%&k over it and move on! Do your job or give the title to someone who will.

    • j says:

      I’m a Jones fan, and I’m a Chael hater… but I have to agree in this situation, especially with Chael offering his purse, this was selfish for Jones not to accept the fight unless straight up Jones really feels he would lose

    • Douglas Massey says:

      this is pivotal. Jones wants to be the first to showcase the vagina superfights. should have found another way to be Rhonda Rousey into the UFC. boo hoo. need to do the job your were called upon to do. who cares if Sonnen’s mouth may have made us think different of him. he may have lost some bouts and have a persona that most do not see as a champ, but he’s in there losing with the best of them and keeps on going until he wins.

  3. Dude says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I also found chaels rants annoying, wasn’t really a fan…until today. This dude earned my respect. JBJ has no class.

  4. What? says:

    Yeah never liked jones now I think he’s a piece of shit scumbag. I love Chael but he might not have stood a chance against jones only on 8 days notice as well as moving up in weight but for jones and Greg jackson to think its a bad fight for jones? Wtf like how is that possible. Dude has been training for weeks and could even score more money cuz Chael brings in ppv cash. But nooooooo let’s be a fucking dick and ruin the event for everybody. They should just keep the next card named 152 instead of 151. Let history call 151 “the event a piece of shit ruined”

  5. douglasmassey says:

    Sonnen is pushing a point that does not require his own track record for a legitimate backing. the show must go on whether or not Hendo is the one on the card. just because some may not like the mouth that Sonnen sports in the current time or in the past, he is one that is paid to be on call and run into the ring whether we like him or not. Machida still gets the winner of this bout, of whoever it may be. how can Jones solidify himself as a great in the sport if he cannot adapt and overcome changes like that in real life. yes he has been beating by Silva and so has Hendo, but how each of them has faired in there with such an opponent has been far better than any others. so what’s the hold up, is what everyone is asking. Mr. White has to say what he has to, business is business. If Jones cannot handle this business, he needs to go find a different occupation.

    • UBETTERGUARDME33 says:

      The strange thing is Dan and Chael are very similar style fighters. In fact Sonnen has less tools in his arsenal than Hendo. He is Hendo without KO power. So you cannot even argue the style change would be hard to adjust to. Hendo is righty, Chael is southpaw but they both want to put you on your back.. just not that huge of an adjustment. Jon really let down his fans and with the new Nike sponsorship he will probably scare big endorsements away from himself and other fighters. The sport and the athletes of MMA need to have a the show must go on and a step up mentality. Heck the UFC is sponsored by Marines who do not get to pick their fights or plan their defense… sad day for MMA and a crushing day for Jones fan base!

  6. Secludedly says:

    Lmao. I just died laughing. Chael is amazing. Jon Jones is a big money grubbing pussy. I hope his next drunken car accident causes him an injury that makes him unable to fight. Maybe that will humble him. Chael, man… he’s a hero. Much respect to the man. He even offered all of his own purse to Jones, giving him double the pay to take the fight while not even making a dime and Jones backs out. Wow. I was a Jones fan, and wasn’t the biggest fan of Chael, but it’s funny how quickly tables turn. There is no reason for Jones’ actions, and he just fucked everyone in the company and those not with the company. Chael Sonnen for Light Heavyweight champion!

  7. Jared Meeks says:

    Allways loved jones never understood everyone’s hate for the guy now my eyes are open this dude just turned down a fight with a guy who may walk around at cloSe to 205 but jones walks around at 240 your prep work is all off no Hendo was going to attempet to take you down and control the fight just like chale your in a better place then most real champs that take all fighters

  8. Razorbeak says:

    You have to respect Chael he was willing to step into the octagon with Jones on 8 days notice and no training camp while others didn’t. That deserves much respect. Doesn’t matter if Chael lost I would still be a fan of his and respect him because he showed up and was going to give it his all to try and win. Don’t see how Greg Jackson could tell Jones that taking a fight with Chael Sonnen would be the biggest mistake of his career. Yet Chael is 100% correct about the ramifications of Jones decision to everyone on the card and undercard. Also costing the UFC millions with all the press they had put out for this fight. I feel for anyone who was planning on actually go to the event in Vegas

  9. Jon Jones is a pussy…no other way to say it. He’s had some great fights, but he will never be a great fighter. He has no respect for this sport or the organization that buys the drinks that enable this worthless piece of $hit to get his DUI…real classy guy…gutter sucking loser. Dana made a mistake…he should have ran UFC 151 without Jones, it would have made a bold statement…he could have left the spot empty…he could have ran the show and reduced the pay-per-view price without a main event…he could have found someone else to step in and fight Sonnen…Sonnen is a figher…he is a great fighter…Jones will never be a Sonnen…Jones will never beat Sonnen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more cowardly action in the UFC…White should have ran this without this useless tool. He just got lucky…Henderson was about to end his 15 minutes of fame…now he just ended it himself. What a freaking tool!

  10. Jon Jones is a flat out fagwad. Millions of fans and about 700 fighters,trainers,coaches, and sparring partners combined have lost money they may need to survive. I brought tickets and paid for a hotel to view this and then this . I can’t even get a refund for my travel expenses. They should strip him of his belt for this. Jon “I’m too Phony” Jones needs to get hit by a DUI driver and end his career.

    • Doc9 says:

      Jon Jones is responsible for all 700 of those fighters, trainers and coaches careers and livelihoods? Man, I would hate to be one of them and have one man have so much power over me. They should find new jobs where Jones doesn’t control whether they live or die.

  11. Bryan says:

    Jones has brought on this scrutiny due to his sense of entitlement. There is no doubt of his talent and athleticism but lets make ONE THING CLEAR: Chael Sonnen DOES NOT DESERVE a title shot! Obviously not at Middleweight and CERTAINLY NOT at Light Heavyweight. He is good for one thing and that is talking trash like a clown. Stop making comments about soldiers and warriors Chael. You are neither. It is too bad Jones didn’t take the fight. It would have been nice to see him catch your chin with a spinning elbow and shatter that flapping jaw of yours. What a joke from every angle here.

    • Lol Your Joking right ? Chael is a great fighter, just because he talks smack doesn’t mean a thing. It’s called show biz. Once you mindless drones wake up and see that then you will realize. Your the only guy here defending this guy.,,how much more can you pole ride bro. He is in the wrong…everyone said fight Chael. Chael himself said he probably would’ve lost “not directly but he said it” This was his training, no nothing, and he has to jump from 185 to 205 in a week…give or take he may weight 185-195 and was training to fight Forrest Griffin. I don’t care how good you are once you do something like this your a nobody..your skills mean nothing. Odds are he will lose fan base and Dana will give him bum fights after he loses his belt to Machida…also expect Nike to not endorse him for long. He isn’t Floyd Gayweather so it don’t work for him. He is surely P4PC P$$$Y 4 P###Y Chump. Game-set-Match!

    • kyle theriot says:

      the fight was offered to a few other fighters who turned it down, sonnen was the only one who dana knew would take the fight so that’s why he was called, not because he “deserved” a shot. also, he “deserves” a shot as much as jones “deserves” to be called champ now don’t you think. i started seeing how fake the guy was a while back but still respected him until today.

  12. yeah says:

    Yeah honestly I used to laugh at chael and think he was insane, but you gota give the man 2 things. 1) He’s got balls the size of Oregon. 2) Although he’s said some crazy shit before, every single word he said on this audio was bang on.

  13. MMACRAVER says:

    MMM I love me some delicious truth.

    Let the Jon Jones hate flow…

  14. Phantom weight says:

    Damn it! Ive disliked chael for some time now but i have to admit it,hes right.Cheal you have earned my respect as a fan of mma,and as a man.

  15. Ryan Dockins says:

    I can see both sides of the coin here. For as long as DW has been in business and since he’s definitely been having more and more fighters injured you’d think it would be a policy to always have a stacked card in case things like this happen. To blame all of this on Jon Jones is bullshit, but on the other hand Jones could have stepped up to the plate and probably could have won some fans back by taking a fight that was stacked heavily in his favor. Dana is getting burned, but he’s gonna learn he can’t setup cards like this anymore and expect things like this not to happen. I feel bad for Jones cuz to put all the blame on him for Dana White’s lack of foresight just isn’t warranted, but Jones could have really stepped for a lot of people here. If I were Jones I would have told Dana the only way I’m taking the fight with Chael is if you never allow a situation like this to occur again where one person has to save the show. That’s like an NFL kicker getting blamed for losing a game. You don’t blame the kicker for losing the game, you kick your own ass for putting him in the situation to save yours.

    • learntoread says:

      I take it you forgot that Josh Koscheck, who was supposed to fight Ellenberger in the Co-Main Event, was injured and had to be replaced. It’s not Dana’s fault that happened, just like it isn’t Dana’s fault that Hendo was injured…Ellenberger was man enough to stay on the card, he didn’t “cry wolf”, lots of fighters have stepped up in the past and taken fights (or new opponents) on VERY short notice, with little to no complaint.

      It’s nothing more than Jones’ overblown ego which played a main role in this unprecedented card cancellation. He assumes he is simply above it all because he holds a title. For you to place blame on Zuffa for “not making a more stacked card” is a bit naive man, in present day UFC with the amount of non-PPV and PPV cards each month, how on earth could EVERY card be “stacked” with numerous PPV caliber Main Event options (if injury arises)?

      With Jones purposely removing himself from the card, (even when there was a viable option presented to him), he erased any semblance of a PPV caliber Main Event, thus giving Zuffa no further option in terms of saving the card and giving those 20 other fighters (and their teams) the payday they’d been training so hard for leading up to the event.

  16. Lol Jon Jones is a punk, He doesn’t deserve the belt, and they should take it away from him IMO. He caused a big domino effect for fans and fight cards . He owes the people big time and i feel we should be able to sue him for this. Especially the people who paid for flights and hotels.

  17. scotty says:

    Chael proves again why he is a priority and gets what he wants in the UFC.. ESPN asks him for an interview, he gives an interview for his fans, UFC, the media, and etc.. Jones turns down an interview, just like he turned down this fight.. Almost seems like he is waiting for his team to write him up something to tell the media and the fans.. Just like when he got a DUI, took him a couple days to respond and came out with some robot ass response!

  18. BX81 says:

    A champion should take on any challenger at any time. You’re supposed to be the best till you get taken out. I guess Jones and jackson don’t put being a man infront of the bottom dollar.

  19. Ryan Bradley says:

    Jon Jones messed up big time. This fight would’ve topped Silva vs Sonnen 2 in ppv buys.

  20. BJ is KING says:

    JBJ may beat anyone in the UFC but hes already one of the cowards of MMA that would dodge fights, and only thinks about himself. In reality, Sonnen possibly knew (I don’t know how recently Hendo did his knee but Sonnen said he did get injured he would step in not too long ago) so maybe he prepared a little, NOTHING compared to if he was fighting with 90 days or w/e. Jones has been training months for this, Sonnen would, understandably get dominated. The only reason Jones doesn’t want to fight him is because he doesn’t get 3 months to analyze him straight and that scares him, he doesn’t like surprises, he wants to control every fight and be the king. Sad really, Sonnen just came back from anderson Silva’s fight, he just resumed “training” maybe 2 weeks ago.

  21. Doc9 says:

    It’s easy for a lose-every-other-fight, never-had-a-belt, coming-off-a-decisive-loss, gate-keeper, journeyman with 12 losses to say, “sure I’ll do anything, I’ll even suck dick for the company.” The Undefeated-Undisputed Champion who has won and defended the belt by defeating (and finishing 3/4) 4 UFC champions in a row does not have to do that. The last champion that Chael has fought before being finished twice by Anderson was former WEC Champ Paulo Fihlo who also submitted Chael. Seems that Jones and Jackson are the only ones who aren’t vexed and enchanted by Chael’s fairytales about being “the greatest icon the sport has ever seen.”

    • Lachy says:

      The point you make actually works against you. Jones defeated 3 of those 4 fighters with ease he’s been in training to fight a legend of the sport for 3 month. And now he says a never held a title coming of a decisive loss gate keeper like Chael is to dangerous a fight for him? Chael admits he does the same thing in every fight so studying his style would take all of 5 minutes. Also if your right and Chael loses every other fight does that mean he’d beat jones next week?

  22. Semaj Angel says:

    I don’t get it… Why is everybody blaming Jones for the canceled event? Fights have been canceled before, but never an entire event. Yeah, it’s easy to point fingers at our champ and blame him for not wanting to lose his belt on a 1-day training regiment to fight a COMPLETE different type of fighter than Hendo… But lets keep it real. The UFC 151 card was SO HORRIBLE that this ONE FIGHT that was supposed to of taken place (Which isn’t even a good match up to begin with, old-Hasbeen-Bomb vs. Amazing new champ) ruins the entire card! I blame Dana White for this event being canceled, because we all know you don’t count your eggs before you hatch them, and you sure as hell don’t put all your eggs in one basket… He dropped his one basket, and every egg broke… Make better fight cards, Dana. Stop putting all the GREAT matchups on free TV, and bring back good PPV cards again.

  23. Gator says:

    why dont we blame Dana and the promoters for putting shitty cards together where if 1 fight doesnt happen the rest can’t? and why would Sonnen get the fight hasnt done anything in the division and isnt best in the weaker middleweight division

  24. ShaqAttack says:

    He should stop doing desparate Dana favors, and accept the one Jackson and Bones just did for him. The chances for Sonnen of learning his opponent, getting into shape, moving beit up to a different weight class, against by the way Bones, and not losing again this time by serious finish, would be very slim to very none.

    • asdf says:

      which is exactly why jones is a coward. ur saying he woulda smashed sonnen and i completely agree. jones would’ve destroyed sonnen, so why not take the easy fight and easy money? he’s scared cause he had no gameplan. even tho sonnen basically has the same style as hendo except lesser in every aspect except balls.

  25. JohnnyMac says:

    He can’t be serious, the last person to beat Silva was… not Sonnen, then there’s also the last person to beat Bones was … nobody aside from a dominating DQ.

  26. John M says:

    Amen brotha Chael!

  27. Q says:

    Sonnen would match up better with JDS, he should train with Overeem, only boost his testerone naturally, show up and take the belt at heavyweight. Why not.

  28. Screw JJ says:

    Was a big JJ fan and paid for flights/accomodation from Australia to see this. It took me a long time to save this. A big f*k you to JJ. Hope Machida puts you in a coma

  29. Anton Bosnjak says:

    More respect for sonnen. Chael ‘the people’s champion’ sonnen lol

  30. I hate Sonnen for his big mouth, but this time he makes sense.. He’s moving up in weight, taking a fight on 8 days notice, he’s even dared to give his purse to JBJ just so he would fight..

    What’s JBJ thinking when he refused the fight..

    I had always been a fan of JBJ for his skills but this time I think Sonnen’s guts to take a clearly disadvantaged fight is far worth admiring..

    You’re a coward, JBJ.. That’s how it seems..

  31. Jason says:

    Sonnens the man.

    This is the UFC – your paid to fight – whether they deserve it or not.

    This aint the WWE where there should be rankings. They really only do the ranking things so its fair for the #1 contender spot so that no one comming up complains.

    Fark the whole he doesnt deserve it B.S – What if Sho Gun Rua sed that he didnt want to fight you when Rashad Pulled out and thought personally that you didnt deserve it.

    But at the end of the day – your occupation status is – Fighter, And if the promotion sez that someone wants to fight you then fight is what you have to do.

    They probably should have not made it a title fight and just made it a 5 round main event.

  32. Rob Jenkins says:

    I despise Chael Sonnen but I cannot sisagree with a single thing he said…

  33. koolg says:

    chaels a pretty good guy all the shit talking aside the guy woulda fought with no prep just so the undercard guys could pay the bills. jones is the biggest bitch ever.

  34. Doc9 More Like Coc9 says:

    Seriously, dude? Take your troll routine somewhere else. Jones is a little sniveling b1tch that ducked out on a fight, and because it was the headline, said action cost every fighter on that card, every support staff, and so on…it cost them a paycheck they were likely counting on. D White needs to make the match and if Jones doesn’t show, strip him of the title…little entitled d1ck doesn’t deserve it.

  35. Zack says:

    I don’t even like Chael but everything he said in that video was the truth and I respect him for that. Jon jones just showed his true colors again. I hope he loses more fans and no one buys his fights since he’s all about the money anyways. I know I won’t be buying anymore of his fights.

  36. Phuck JBJ says:

    I never liked chael or JBJ but after today, chaels not that bad! I still don’t like jones and after seeing the video prices to me jones can never compete or be equal to the Greatest fighter ever to grace us, The Spider! PHUCK JBJ you coward

  37. Shedlon says:

    Now everyone’s on chaels sides. Now everyone sees A true fighter in him. And sees how fake jones is. He may be an awesome fighter. With so much talent. But he’s young and cocky. And being with Greg Jackson made his ego 1000x bigger. Step up or give up your title. The odds were still in bones favor. But still didn’t want to step up. Douche!

  38. El Juan says:

    Since When does a fighter get to turndown fights just because ur scare???? I believe Danna should’ve put his foot down nd make him fight, at the end of the day it is a job, u dont get to tell ur boss what to do, u can only get away with it if ur Anderson silva….just saying, nd Chael sonnen ur the Man!!!!

  39. MuSt Be DuMb!!!! says:

    Bigg UpS to bradahh CheL….. Never did like the bradahh, always thought the guy was a loud mouth who talked sh:$!!! What he did got my respect as a FaN!!! Hope da Brazilian lite his okole up….. Go BrAdDaH bElFoRT give um da slipper and wack da baby

  40. Bromans says:

    We love chael as à fighter here in Sweden and how he steps up!

    JBJ suck My balls

  41. Cole says:

    How is Sonnen the highest paid fighter in UFC!

  42. RowdyRodd says:

    Do you think Rashad is doin the “Excellent” via Mr. Burns impersonation, right now.

  43. UFC NOT KFC says:

    Chicken Bones Jones is a little b*itch for not taking on Sonnen, i lost all respect i had for him as a fighter and as a human being. Way to let down the company and most importantly your FANS jerk off.

  44. Snow Monkey says:

    Jon Jones should be stripped of the title for failing to defend the championship belt.

    I never thought I’d say this but props to Chael P. Sonnen for having the stones for taking a fight on 8 days notice.

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