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Wednesday, 08/15/2012, 10:46 pm

Video | Sonnen On Jones And Why He Chose To Fight Griffin | UFC News

Chael Sonnen is already making waves at his new home in the light heavyweight division, lambasting Jon Jones on UFC Tonight. Sonnen’s words are sure to anger the young champion Jon Jones.

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40 Responses to “Video | Sonnen On Jones And Why He Chose To Fight Griffin | UFC News”

  1. 11thhour says:

    hahaha Chael is so shit he just tries to talk his way to title shots he hardly even got through bisping to get to anderson and still got rolled, haha what a fucking loser. Garunteed if he somehow manages to string some shitty wins together and make it to Jones he’ll get demolished and then he finaly wont have any more weight classes to annoy.

    I would say most people have been done with him for a long time but he kind of amuses me with how pathetic he is. He’s probably got a small dick and blows early too.

    Haha, thanks for being the douche bag we all enjoy making fun of Chael.

  2. 123 says:

    Shut The Fuck Up Chael Sonnen Is An Absolute Legend, Funny As Fuck.

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    he won’t get through Griffin guaranteed. he’ll have his last little hurrah b/c he’s marketable but this is the beginning of the end for Fael.

    • holleaufradern says:

      U didnt watch the first fight?? DID YOU???? the same will happen without the triangle in the 3rd… Chail dominates Forrest all 3 rounds AGAIN!!!!!

      • Loose Cannon says:

        lol, wut???

      • Rob says:

        Do you have down syndrome? He’s never fought Forrest before lmfao. It sounds like your talking about the Silva/Sonnen fight. The first one. But when it comes down to it Chael will dominate Forrest. Chael nearly beat Anderson the first fight, dominating him every round, and dominated him again in the second fight for the first round. Anderson completely made Forrest look like a bitch who doesn’t know how to fight at all when they fought. On the feet Forrest has the advantage, on the ground Chael by far. And we all know Chaels takedown skills. Anderson had a hard time with them so I’m sure Forrest is gonna be on his back struggling to get up.

        • vincejai says:

          you’ve just been trolled… all of you dumbfucks.

        • KissMyAssCoppers says:

          You’re a tard you know that? He has fought Griffin in the past.

        • do your research dick says:

          they have 100% fought in the past you should probably do some research on that before u bump you gums. Just sayin!

        • holleaufradern says:

          im from IOWA watched a guy named jim kerns ko a guy named Mr T(u prolly think hes just an actor…LOL@YOU) in the early 80’s… ive ben fallowing this shit since b4 ufc1 because my dad was a BBBAAAAAAADDD motherfucker and FOUGHT (altoona,IA/Pueblo,CO) with NO training to get PUSSY not the $500 that the winner got… now ur gonna say chail and forrest never faught…. u must b like 21 and BRANDFUCKINGNEW to this shit…u fucking tard

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Chael sucks!

  4. RHendO says:

    11thhour you’re a dummy. Chael is the #2 WW in the world so that makes him a loser right? Why can’t people like you understand the he is paid to do this shit he just happens to do his job really well, as well as fight extremely well. Never backed away from a fight even the ones he didn’t want like Stann. Why do you think Jon got into that little twitter fight with him ( which Jon didn’t do that well in), because he knows there is money in Chael. More PPV more money for both of them. Chael is a awesome person when cameras are not on him and UFC is not asking him to work. Stop hating you douche bag.

    • Mike b says:

      I agree.nobody wanted to fight chael sonnen and stann stepped up.when they had the countdown for UFC 136,brian stann said nobody wanted to take the fight so he took it.that goes to show that a lot of fighters no that’s a bad matchup for them,so yeah chaels the real deal,and in my opinion I think a lot of light heavy’s right now are a little worried.except for jones probably.give chael some respect people cause a lot of fighters do.thats what stann said its a fact!!!.i don’t miss anything with this mma stuff.

  5. Xaninho says:

    The real life great white hype.

    All talk no substance

  6. Sho'nuff says:

    Stop using my name cunts

  7. Gaylord Focker says:

    Charlie “Asshole” Shit Sheen vs. Failed “Sorry Ass” Sonnen would make a blockbuster dirtiest fucking mouth trashtalking match, guaranteed, make it Dana “Bitch” White..

  8. I don’t see Chael winning, but I’ve never seen JBJ on his back either. Maybe Chael has what it takes to beat JBJ.

    • omg...a brainwashed dummy.. says:

      dude, i actually like Chael..seriously, i wanted him to take anderson’s belt. but we’ve already seen this flick and we know the outcome. the difference is that Chael is starting the trash talk at the start of his “quest” for the LHW belt (it seems that way). The talk with Anderson only began as he got close to the title shot, then Chael went ballistic on the trash talk.

      and he’s attacking a “young punk” who has defeated all the top LHW in the UFC in just a span of 2 years! and then he throws in how Nike endorses “dorks?” Nike? Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Reggie Miller (from back in the day!), Kobe, Melo, D Wade, LeBron, KD. And that’s only basketball ! If those guys are dorks, please put me on that list!

      Chael needs to reinvent himself (like Madonna..haha) because this version is played out.

      • Brian says:

        Nah, he says ridiculous things to get attention, and it works. His name is getting out there, and like Dana said, Fox loves him and probably wants to offer him a contract. He didn’t get to that point with his wrestling, he got there with his gimmick and quick wit.

  9. johnboy says:

    hey 11th hour how can u talk about a ufc fighter like that!!!! chael as beat some serious top fighter in the world an lost to the so called best so how the fuck is the guy a loser or shit!!!! how many fights have you had an won how times would you be willing to fight silva or jones an beat stann an bisping an marquart!!!!!! dude stop talking shit about someone who would whip your ass in a second!!!!! hes got ball to just step in the cage with these guys if he loses so what he aint gotta prove hiself to you!!!!

  10. Shonan says:

    This guy has a lot to say. I just wonder if his mouth will end up outworking his skill set again….

  11. B-rad says:

    Im definitly not saying that Chael can beat Jon Jones, but it would be an intersting fight.. Unless JJ got a quick TKO or something like that, Chael will put him on his back.. And Bones isnt known for his guard and fighting off his back.. Thats what saved Anderson in the first fight was his sub skills off his back.. Bones would not be able to sub chael off his back, so it could be interesting

  12. Xaninho says:

    I’m a fucking asshole, and fuck you GRT 3000. Sonnen is the man

    • Yeahrightman says:

      Dude how many alias’s do you have? Seriously you are a keyboard warrior who questions other peoples motives and opinions when you yourself go and use other peoples usernames, and also have several other names which you pretend are other people agreeing with you, when it’s really just you.Get some decent opinions and maybe people other than your own alias’s will agree with you and you wont have to log in as other people’s names. Either that or get off our website. And yeah you think wrestling is great but every single major champion at the moment is predominantly a striker, they learn enough wrestling to keep the fight standing, then get on with it. So piss off.

  13. Wrestler66 says:

    This is awesome !

  14. The Truth says:

    OHHH Chael the one trick pony…your a joke unlike politics you can not talk your way to another payday cant wait for forrest to beat him down.

  15. MMACRAVER says:

    LOL…. Chael has grown on me so much over the years.

    Love this shit.

  16. JayKay says:

    Chael Sonnen keeping it real and keeping it funny too..You gotta love him!!

  17. Guss says:

    His trash talkin is gettin old. But people still seem to enjoy it. And it did work for him to get title shots.

  18. drew says:

    fuck forrest….chael is the ultimate salesman…im sorry chael but every big name he has beaten was all againest people who were either hiding injuries or just in bad conditioning

  19. Brazilian says:

    You are the dork Chael !

  20. jfox says:

    Chael lost to Forest via triangle way back in the day; what makes you think it won’t happen again.

  21. JP says:

    Forrest has submitted Sonnen before! This time around, he might knock Sonnen out, or lose the fight on the ground. JBJ would DESTROY Sonnen…ok???!!!

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