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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 05:19 pm

VIDEO | Sonnen Blames Rule Confusion As Reason For First Silva Loss | UFC NEWS

“What had happened was a complete misunderstanding, a complete misapplication of the rules by me. We’re in the fifth and final round, he locks on a submission and I acknowledge he has it tight by slapping my hand on his leg. I tapped. So what I thought is you go to the cards. I win four rounds, he wins that round. Apparently, if you tap, it ends the entire contest, which I was not ever made privy to. I gotta plead ignorance on this, Jim. Had anybody told me that tapping would cost me the entire bout, and not just the round, I wouldn’t have done it.”


54 Responses to “VIDEO | Sonnen Blames Rule Confusion As Reason For First Silva Loss | UFC NEWS”

  1. orestis says:

    OMG!!!even cats know that!

  2. James says:

    effin Chael, you cant help but love the guy

    • Jaedr says:

      you mean “effin chael, morons love the guy”

    • “You can’t help but love the guy”- why the hell would you say that. This man is a bold face liars. Lying right to the face of Jim Rome and all of the viewers. Sonnen has been in the mma business for a long long time and he knows good and well what tapping signifies. He has already been guilty of fraud, this man is making money off of being a liar and b.s. artist. Is this the world we are living in where a true noble warrior like Anderson Silva is being respected LESS because he is a nice family man that trains hard and shows respect!? I can not and do not respect Chael Sonnen one tiny bit. It is people like Mr. Sonnen that are creating such a negative world. Luckily Silva is going to kick the shit out of this man and shut his mouth officially. I feel sorry for every sarcastic, weak willed s.o.b that buys this idiots book. They could’ve spent that money on the Tao of Jeet Kun Do and really changed their lives. Have a great day.

      • Shogun Rua says:

        Dude, if you think that sonnen was the least bit serious in this interview about the tap rule, then your out of your mind. He was joking for god sakes. I hate the dude, but i can admit hes hilarious

      • johnny says:

        true noble warrior? LOL the guy greases any time he fights a ground guy. He takes vasilen from his face and rubs it all over his body – Okami,Leites,Maia – so much for your noble Warrior keep eatin the shit the ufc keeps feeding you mark ass fan boy

        • Xaninho says:

          You’re making up your own facts. Pathetic..

        • Zack says:

          When did okami and Maia go to the ground for the Vaseline to have any use? What are you gunna say next he used Vaseline to slip Forrest griffins punches?

        • Gould says:

          Vaseline blew Cotes knee too dont forget that one

      • rickjbethc says:

        Hey id!ot, dont take it so seriously. The guy is obviously just talking his way out of being embarassed after he tapped. Dont get too affected with everything Sonnen says. Now run along now, be a good little boy and go back to wiping anderson’s balls so it will be as shiny as hell.

  3. John says:

    Hes either lying or hes dumb (highly doubt that). Love the dude and his ability to get people to want him to lose. Luckily for him Silva is infinitely more unlikeable

    • Reptile says:

      Silva infinitely more unlikeable then the racist idiot Sonnen. Sure Sonnens a good talker and some of the shit he says is funny, but hes still an idiot who is going to get his ass kicked. Silva is funny and respectful, not to mention the greatest mixed martial artist who has ever lived.

      • EatShitBum says:

        Anderson Silva is very unlikeable and ignorant to all english speaking mma fans. Anderson speaks perfect english but every interview he does post fight he will only speak portugese with a translator. Ignorant!!!!!

        • E says:

          maybe its because his native and preferred language is Portuguese. dont get your fkn panites in a bunch and jump to conclusions. most of you gotta get your heads out your ass.

        • james says:

          thank you penn he respects his nation an where he is from…if you look in the usa he speeks his lang, in brazil he spoke english in rio he did…thats just him…

        • Xaninho says:

          He doesn’t speak perfect English yet. He’s just too cautious to try and speak English and maybe mess it up.

          Furthermore the English spoken rednecks chanting USA! aren’t exactly making the foreign fighters welcome huh? There were a few of these douchebags chanting it during the Zombie – Poirier fight.

          It’s ok to chose your fighter cause he’s a fellow American, but just root for him and chant his name instead of making it a thing about nationalism.

    • Joe Eckman says:

      y is silva so unlikeable?? cause he d rather keep personal shit to himself and focus on his mentors, family and defending his title? or his voice is a lil high pitched? lol Its not that hes unlikeable I dont think, its cause people will always be pissed bout the leites, mia, and cote fights! I was pissed I wasted my money, but more pissed cause silva is by far my favorite fighter to watch because hes so amazing, and he did nt perform in those fights… did nt matter tho, I got over it the next day everytime because what he has done FAR outways what he did nt do in those fights!! Would nt trade the spider for any fighter, hes just incredible to watch!

  4. Adam says:

    Why would anyone ever make an article of this? he’s clearly joking around…..

  5. jonesy says:

    hmmm i guesss he forgot after losing to the exact same submission from damin maia…and many other guys

  6. Your mok says:

    This guy proves any circus clown can be a fighter. He makes the UFC look ridiculous. The line is getting thinner between the UFC and wwe. I think the juice made him stupid. He went from half fighter half politician to pathetic trash talker. Nate marquart was fired for what?

  7. AllDayJorge says:

    If he wouldn’t have tapped, he would’ve just died with a broken arm. I can’t wait for this next go-around

  8. says:

    Sonnen “the man who’s been submitted 8 times”, take a hike.

  9. Yeas says:

    3 wins and 8 losses by submission.

  10. Nick says:

    Says the man who tapped out more times than a BJJ white belt

  11. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Chael gets tapped out in every training session he’s ever had, it’s a very normal occurrence for him so cut the guy some slack

  12. Be Real says:

    Come on people, the guy is totally messing with people. Anderson of course won, but I think everybody seems to overlook the fact that he put a serious beat down on Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. If you want to get an idea of who Chael really is, watch the Joe Rogan podcast with him the other day. He puts the “Chael” character aside & you see that he is a very intelligent, well informed, & articulate person. You guys use common, really

  13. A.James says:

    He’s tapped more than once from a triangle choke.

  14. Theo says:

    “I was hoping you would’ bahaha Yep, he just trolled the shit out of some of you idiots. Does it with a great poker face too lol

  15. The outlaw says:

    He looks like a bitch for tapping a true contender/champ would fucking go to sleep.

  16. Clay says:

    Anderson should just put him to sleep next time don’t tap lol see if u win then

  17. Nick says:

    It’s clearly sarcasm. Lol.

  18. Bd says:

    Lmao .. Sonnen is too much .. I gotta admit he is entertaining

  19. Xaninho says:

    Chael Sonnen professional tapper from the streets of Oregon.

  20. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    hahahaha jokes. i dont like chael bu this is epic trolling and i can see a load of dumb fucks getting wound up by it already
    its obvious its a joke

  21. ASKUM says:

    Thats so fricken stupid! What kind of excuse is that. What excuse are you going to come up with when silva beats you a second time

  22. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. I wish Anderson does worse than what he did to Vitor .[-

  23. E says:


  24. boyheadkick says:

    D*MN chael! when the f*ck were you born???

  25. Mach00man says:

    Ok, after hearing this crap, I’m utterly convinced that Chael is prepping himself for a career in the WWE after UFC.

  26. Cagin says:

    This guy is amazing. I can see why everyone loves him!!

    War SOnnen! You the man!

    Would love the honor to meet you oneday.

  27. Barry Shaw says:

    Chael Sonnon is got to be the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. He’s delusional. How many fights has he had and he didn’t know tapping out ends the fight. I hope this time the NSAC let’s him know that taking steroids it against the rules this time. Knock his butt out this time Anderson. What’s up BJ from Charlotte, NC. Hope you come back soon.

  28. Mike McMack says:

    I Chael didn’t tap, Spidey would have broke his arm.

  29. james says:

    wow wth is wrong with this guy…how many time’s has he made some one tapout??? he knew that once he tapped out it was over…an he did tip his hat to silva in the press con, after the fight watch it an see him say silva got me he was the best that night…not in them words but same meaning so lick nut’s sonnen

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