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Monday, 02/04/2013, 11:19 am

VIDEO | Silva Finishes Overeem Highlight | UFC NEWS

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva shocked the world last weekend when he TKO’s Alistair Overeem.


One Response to “VIDEO | Silva Finishes Overeem Highlight | UFC NEWS”

  1. very unhappy man says:

    very disappointing
    Alistair i had huge faith here
    and you let me down

  2. trolligans says:

    Overeem does great until he gets hit.

  3. Hatethereem says:

    Overeem is highly overrated. Gases himself out when hes not on the roids. Silva said it right “the man hits like a lion but takes it like a cat”. I cant see overeem ever being champion in HW division. Cain, JDS with other top guys are faster would destroy him. Go back to japan reem!

  4. Broeders says:

    I hate to say it but it looks like we have a new Brock Lesnar (Alistar Overeem)

  5. 11thhour says:

    thats what happens when you think your shit dont stink.

  6. T.J. says:

    If you watch any K1 you’ll see Overoids has a glass jaw. He hits hard but can’t take them. Youtube Badr vs Overeem.

    • hendoooo says:

      LOL the one time he got TKOed and you say he has a glass jaw? Badr Hari hits like a fucking truck, hes knocked out countless people in the K-1, Overeem was one of the only people to knock out Hari. I was surprised he didn’t completely drop with some of the hits he took in their second fight. Ever since Overeem came to the UFC hes been fighting alot different, this grapple crap is what got him knocked out. Screw the blackzillians their striking training isn’t going well for rashad or overeem.

      • Jayric says:

        I AGREE! 3 of the blackzillians have been destroyed at the event… They didn’t even have a very good performance…I think the blackzillians have very good equipments, training partners and A LOT TALENT BUT they lack coaches…It wouldn’t take a lot to know that both Overeem and Rashad are great fighters but if you have noticed both of them were really pumped up with confidence and had a really bad plan on taking the fight…

  7. bestmmawizard says:

    fuck you overeem you cheating roid piece of shit. Glad he lost, hope he gets banned if he gets caught cheating again.

  8. WallyVIP says:

    lol some ignorant ass comments here. overeem was in shape just didnt go into the fight with any kind of stratagey is obviously lacking a strong coach, and clearly didnt take big foot as an opponent. hes still by far the best striker in the heavy weight division and will most likely be taking the title down the road baring any massive loss of skill

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