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Monday, 07/30/2012, 10:00 am

VIDEO | Shogun vs Vera Road to the Octagon | UFC NEWS

This weekend on FOX four UFC light-heavyweight fighters will try to earn a shot at the sports most coveted crown. In this hour-long special UFC and FOX take you on an inside look at the training camp and lives of these four athletes.


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Shogun vs Vera Road to the Octagon | UFC NEWS”

  1. bart says:

    If Brandon brings his A game back this should be great battle but something tell me thats not going to be the case

  2. danielrchargers says:

    UFC on Fox 4…. gonna be fun.

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  4. saiasaka says:

    very good card;
    but I can’t understand why they don’t touch a word about the fight between Phil Davis and Prado; the guy have only one loss against Rashad; that’s disrescpectfull to him; he beats big names like Boetsch; Rogerio Nogueira, Brian Stann and he’s the only to have defeated Gustafsson…. They put him on undercard like if he was on three losses….
    Hope he’s going to beat Prado; To me his fight is one of the top fights of that card after the main and co-main event; I don’t give a shit about Johnson or fuckin Lauzon;
    He deserves more respect IMO

  5. Blocc Monster says:

    man thats bullshit, bader talking bout how he got the confidence to beat a guy like rampage, the high-lite was the whole fight looking like soft core porn one take down and some humping, gay. bader sucks hes a gate keeper, maybe, he knocks some chumps out but will never beat a guy like jones or rashad or rampage or shogun in a real fight, no humping. war machida and shogun gurantee, unless bader pops a boner.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    That intro was wicked.

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