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Wednesday, 05/08/2013, 08:49 am

VIDEO | Shields Not Happy With Just Winning, Wants KO Or Submission Over Woodley

“I think Tyron, he’s a tough guy, but I have a lot more experience. Great wrestler, All-American wrestler, heavy hands. He’s a tough guy but I think I have a lot more experience and just advantages everywhere. Wrestling is pretty even but I think striking I can beat him, I can beat him on the ground and tap him. I feel like it’s my time. I want to go out there and bring a lot of pressure and break him. His jiu-jitsu is not bad but I don’t think it compares to mine. He does have five or six submission wins so he isn’t someone I’m looking at as no jiu-jitsu. I just think he’s clearly not at me level, though.

I was a little surprised at Tyron Woodley, I was hoping to fight someone in the top five like Ellenberger again or Condit or Rory MacDonald. I was hoping to get one of those huge names but Tyron Woodley is a respectful opponent. I think he’s ranked around 10 or somewhere around there. He’s coming off a big knockout, he certainly a worthy opponent so I can’t complain about the fight. He’s coming off a huge win over Jay Hieron. He came out and dropped him right away and put him down, so he showed he deserved big fight by that win. I think I’m a big step up in competition for him but he’s earned his shot. I need to go out there and not only win the fight but also finish him. I want to go out there and win by either knockout or submission.”


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  1. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    How Jake Sheilds is still in the UFC I will never understand. Next to Jon Lay n pray Fitch Sheilds with GSP is the top 3 most boring fighter in all MMA. I can’t believe Sheilds hasn’t told the world which steroid he was suspended for in his last fght. Woodley is going to KO Sheilds

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