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Monday, 01/14/2013, 05:19 am

VIDEO | Shamrock on Strikeforce: ‘We did the impossible’ | MMA NEWS

Longtime Strikeforce commentator and former champion, Frank Shamrock discusses the closure of his promotional home.


5 Responses to “VIDEO | Shamrock on Strikeforce: ‘We did the impossible’ | MMA NEWS”

  1. Bi9dave says:

    Gotta say that frank an pat should be sat next to joe rogan in the UFC

  2. Bi9dave says:

    I have to frank at pat should be sat next to joe rogan in the UFC!!

  3. ernesto hoost says:

    i have to say how did you do the impossible strikeforce overall was horrible dont get me wrong some really good fighters came out of strikeforce..but it was a regional kickboxing show and they realized the ufc was making alot of money and champions you followed in the ufc footsteps..and failed not too mention the only reason you made it big was because former ufc fighters beat the dog piss out of each other.they made SF what it was and made you money and you even failed at that…rip strikeforce horrible orginization to begin with

  4. Gob3s says:

    Amazing interview. Frank getting choked up talking about Herschel teaching him to tie a tie… almost got me… must be strong.

  5. The natural says:

    He really is the greatest of all time blowing thru the UFC like it was nothing. To bad Dana always has to bash all his fighters that stopped fighting for him. He shld be in the hall of fame yes the comp wasn’t much but wasn’t his fault. It’s like Dana hates anybody from the time of his Jerry curl days like it brings up bad memories or som for him. Dana please realize the fighters built the UFC and not u.

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