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Thursday, 05/23/2013, 09:45 am

VIDEO | Shamrock Believes Brock Lesnar Was Mishandled By The UFC

“I think Brock mentally got beat, but I always thought that they didn’t treat Brock right either. I thought they threw him in too soon. He’s fighting guys that had 20 fights in his second fight because he’s so massive and so impressive. It wasn’t fair to him. If he would have got groomed properly, he could’ve been the best fight in any weight class, best pound-for-pound ever, if he was groomed properly. I’m not sure that [the diverticulitis] is everything. I know that’s a big part of it, but what if he was training properly? Would that have even been a factor? I don’t even know. I’m just saying, this guy had an opportunity to be great, and I just saw him mentally get dwindled down because he was thrown right into that. With guys that had a lot more fights than him, a lot more technical than him. Imagine what you could have done with this guy if you had groomed him properly?”


42 Responses to “VIDEO | Shamrock Believes Brock Lesnar Was Mishandled By The UFC”

  1. Stephen says:

    Let’s keep some perspective … Lesnar won the title and defended it twice (only Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture have matched that, and nobody has surpassed it). Sure he had some holes in his game, but talking about him like he’s some cautionary tale (instead of arguably the most successful HW in UFC history) is kind of ridiculous.

  2. gvd says:

    That’s the problem with MMA. It’s too new, so they don’t have the right process to make sure fighters progress and grow better. You just get thrown in with guys way more experienced than you and have to make it out the winner to keep your career going.

    Brock should not have been given the title fight so early on in his MMA career. All the UFC cared about was milking his big name.

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