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Friday, 07/06/2012, 02:54 am

Video | Seagal vs. Feijao At UFC 148 Open Workouts | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante may not have had the best year in 2012 after being suspended for one year for testing positive for a banned substance. However it may have just got worse for the Former Strikeforce Light-Heavyweight Champion as he was defeated at the UFC 148 open workouts by Sensei Segal via Slap Attack !

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23 Responses to “Video | Seagal vs. Feijao At UFC 148 Open Workouts | UFC News”

  1. StyleB says:

    Bitch slaps dude looks sick with that style. Imagine if he wasn’t playing.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    slap boxing champ

  3. Xaninho says:

    Seagal is 60 years old and those slaps were still harder than any of Chael Sonnen’s ‘strikes’.

  4. Wrestler66 says:

    Imagine it was for real and Feijao knocked his old ass out !

    • Reality says:

      Pretty much.. I don’t know why the article makes it sound like Fijao got slapped around or something. He wasn’t trying to show up Segal. Why would he hit an old man who he respects in front of everybody?

  5. B-rad says:

    Looks like Feijao been enjoyin that food! “Oh im suspended for a year, HELLOOO BUFFETT!!!!!!!!!! i know the feelin i fucking gain 25 pounds the two weeks following a fight lol… no fights on quick notice o.O

  6. Gould says:

    pfft i could slap the shit out of anybody on the planet if all they did was zombie walk into it and let me look good. Fight me seagal :(

  7. grandma killer says:

    my grandma slaps harder than this washed up glass bitch. chuck norris blows bubbles in his beef jerky, steven seagal cant even chew bubblicious without dislocating his jaw.

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Around the 38-39 second mark someone says “knock em out Feijao” LMAO, would love to see him cock back and lay Seagal on his ass.

  9. WrestlingRules says:

    That’s what Aikidodo is, it’s choreographed dancing where your partner does what he/she is supposed to do….lmao….these guys are SO fake.

  10. M juice says:

    I, you, breakie you face man! I BREAKIE YOU FAAACE!!!!-war andy

  11. Steven seagal is a fuckhead says:

    What a fucking joke. Steven seagal is an embarrassment to mma. Why would anyone clap him after that. Washed up useless old fuck. Can’t fight and never could act. Let’s go Chael

  12. jalen says:

    did you c what segal was saying to silva. hes going to karate chop his neck

  13. Bear says:

    i knew Seagal was a big guy, but watching this he really looks like a big guy. Not beast, just big =p

  14. John says:

    Oh the power of the internet!! All the “warriors” can talk tough from Mommy’s cellar. If Seagal is so inept then why didn’t the MMA fighter just show him up?? All you MMA loverboys don’t get it and never will. Train for years and then actually “fight” in the street, no rules, no tap outs like many martial artists who are cops and in the military then you’ll know what your talking about.

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