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Friday, 07/06/2012, 04:23 am

Video | Seagal Says He Taught Anderson Silva ‘Two or Three Things’ That We Once Thought Were Illegal | UFC News

At the UFC 148 workouts, Steven Seagal talks about what he has taught Anderson Silva before UFC 148, the champion’s mindset before his latest title defense and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani.

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52 Responses to “Video | Seagal Says He Taught Anderson Silva ‘Two or Three Things’ That We Once Thought Were Illegal | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    I respect his skills, but I hate when people just pick up their phones while they’re in a conversation. That was not cool.

  2. Wrestler66 says:

    Anderson is real sneaky him and his guys don’t like doing the press shit so get Seagal to do it for them when possible ….. That’s the only reason he’s around

  3. Diezel says:

    What an arrogant dickhead… Fuck him and Silva.. I don’t excpect this fight will live up to the hype, Silva will get dominated again or Sonnen won’t be able to handle him this time.. Its not going to be a war either way… I can only hope Sonnen beats him down, Either way I’ll be at the bar killin some Bud lights and whatever happens, happens..

    • Chaelisdead says:

      Haha you are delisunial sonnen will leave the octagon on a wheelchair if not in a coffin… Last time silva underestimated him and had a broken rib plus sonnen had the testosterone of 17 men.. Comon dude i know you are a dumb fat american drinkin piss but you know that sonnen will get destroyed in the first round. I cant wait to see you on this forum after the fight you will cry cause you wont be able to suck sonnen’s steroid balls anymore as they will have to surgically remove them

      • Diezel says:

        Douchebag ^

      • Diezel says:

        I’d bet you’ve had the semen of 17 men in your mouth, Fat? ha ha ha .. go play in the mud sand nigger

      • some dude says:

        I just want to know when sonnen smashes silva again are all you silva nut huggers going to start hugging sonnens nuts. I bet your the kind of idiot that always cheers for the champ cause hes the champ and cant make decisions for your self.

      • Gould says:

        Shutup you idiot, WAH WAH WAH ANDERSONS RIBs its all we hear since the first fight.
        FACT: if his ribs were that injured he wouldnt have been medically cleared to fight.
        FACT: Anderson decided to contiue with the fight despite his “injury” noone forced him to fight
        FACT: Anderson got tossed around like a rag doll for four rounds and while Sonnen lost the fight he won the war in the sense that he destroyed the Aura of Anderson that has led to alot of guys not fighting Anderson the way they should.
        Sonnen is going to make this a Fight. its not a martial arts competition its not a point match he is going to make it a dirty grity fight and Anderson is a martial artist not a Fighter

      • Charlie says:


        I sincerely hope you are a teenager, because your lack of maturity is clearly evident. Your points are exaggerated and your use of profanity makes you look childish and ignorant. Anderson silva is a great athlete, but he acts like a child. Hes so offended that he and his country were disrespected, but the things he has done throughout his career show what an arrogant jerk he really is. In at least three fights he’s disrespected the UFC, mma, and the fans by showboating. He never answers questions directly and his manager doesn’t honestly translate what Anderson is saying. You really need to grow up

  4. soppie says:

    wow ….. that was extremely rude of him to pick up his phone, I’m not hatin on the guy my fav movie is still to this day “Under Siege 2″ but damn for a humble man he has not problem disrepecting people.

  5. lex walker says:

    He seems like a doucebag

  6. NiggerDick says:

    What a piece of shit, don’t do an interview if you’re going to be a dick head and disrespectful the entire time. He thinks he’s gods gift to mma, when in reality he’s just a pompous fuck stick who makes B level movies and he runs like a girl.

    • Kong says:

      I’m thinking if I’m working for the top mma fighter in the world then u better bet I’m answering my phone. What’s with the racist name? Usually cowards talk like that.

  7. captain crunch says:

    Lay off the doughnuts Seagal!

  8. BobbyLemons says:

    Wow, he emits a momumental aura of douchebaggery.

  9. the original steve says:

    i think ariel is one of the best trolls when it comes to segall

  10. JoeDirt says:

    I wonder how much he pays andy to make it seem like he trains him?

  11. Chael Sonnen says:

    I will win by tko, and then im gonna have a 3 way with segal’s and silva’s wives after I finally get that steak

  12. mike says:

    For those of you saw the press conference when Silva whispers into Sonnen’s ear, I think he said something really fucked up. He whispers and look at Dana’s face and the stink eye he gives at Silva. I’ve been watching the clip over and over and I think he says something REALLY MESSED UP which I am shocked he would say. People won’t believe me, so watch it for yourself. Watch the clip repeatedly and focus on his lips as they move. I think he says: “rape your baby”. Now that is fucked up and WAAAAY OFFSIDE. Fuck Anderson.

    • mike says:

      Oh by the way, Seagal is a joke and is riding the coattails of Silva and Machida. Seagal tries to take credit but he’s a joke. watch the following on youtube:

      go to the 5:35 mark on the video. It’s post fight conference of Jones vs Rampage and Jones talks about how Seagal tried to ride his coat tails to take credit for his performance (Jones is very diplomatic about it though but everyone knows what he’s talking about)

      • andy says:

        Lol I laughed at what Jones said. It literally sounds like Seagal is trying to take credit for all these guys. Jones did handle it well but man, Seagal is driving me nuts he’s such a pretentious douche. It’s like bro, no one gives a shit about you anymore.

      • Monkey guy says:

        Well, here we go: Unfortunately you do not understand the language that Anderson Silva speaks, he is called Brazilian Portuguese.
        For your information, he does not talk about ‘raping his son,’ as you liked to believe. He speaks just that, “Você ta fudid”, which in their language means ‘you fucking ta’.

        Now, calm down and go eat hamburgers and turn a ball of 356kg (:

    • Nuitari X says:

      Actually the article posted on this site about that incident stated that he whispered “You’re gonna die” in Sonnen’s ear. Which is still fucked up i guess but not as much as raping someone’s baby. Sonnen deserves it even if he’s just doing it to hype the fight. There are some lines that you just don’t cross. WAR SILVA!!!!!

  13. WrestlingRules says:

    This egotistical narcissist is trying to get relevance in a scene he is clueless about, Thus guy is ON massive drugs boys. He is quite crazy….It’s why Silva like him their both nuts!!!!

  14. Nick says:

    Seagal can’t stop the double leg.

  15. pthance says:

    After every interview with this goober I can never believe how many people take this whole Segal is training Blackhouse BS. its obvious he THINKS he is, but its a big joke on American gullibility and arrogance by the Brazilians.

  16. drew says:

    i have been calling this for the past week and a half…i feel like anderson is going to win matter of fact i feel like anderson is going to win by ko or tko i trully believe anderson has been learning about techniques to brutally stop chael by using his momentum of coming in for the double leg againest him by cracking him with a solid knee elbow shine fist or just straight or just front kicking him on the top of his head which is what they might consider illegal because anderson could possibly break chaels neck that way…i feel like anderson is not only trying to win but trully and actually hurt chael permanently

  17. drew says:

    however, i love underdog stories and i overall have becoming to find myself liking chael more then anderson just doesnt seem like a douche bag at all and anderson reeks of it just like segal…but anderson probably is a cool guy

  18. drew says:


    he says it i slowed down each word…and first word is rape, and i can seriously see him say baby…and dana looked at him as basicly saying “your a piece of shit”

  19. Sam P says:

    What a turd he is making a mockery of this sport and it will be shown Saturday night!! GO BJ YOU THE MAN!!!!1

  20. BJJBlackBelt says:

    Seagal is an actor, not a trainer, not a sensei. All the MMA fighters should respect their profession by not letting Seagal to be involved on their trainings or stuff. I dont think they receive any benefit to have him involved.

  21. Sam P says:

    I love dick

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