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Tuesday, 11/06/2012, 08:50 am

VIDEO | Roy Nelson: Dana And I Are Husband And Wife | UFC NEWS

“The relationship with Dana is we’re a husband and a wife,” said Nelson, without specifiying who was the wife. “We have that marriage. The way I look at it now is we’re in couples therapy, and we’re working on a relationship. When it’s your significant other, they just want what’s best for you. He just wants me to do what’s best for him and the UFC. I think he just wants what’s best for me. I appreciate that.”


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Roy Nelson: Dana And I Are Husband And Wife | UFC NEWS”

  1. Tommygunzz says:

    Nelson has to be the wife,he got titties!

  2. allmightysandman says:

    I have a feeling that if you asked DW he would not agree that they are like husband and wife….more like father and slightly mentally challenged son.

  3. Josiah says:

    i bet after dana watches this interview he would keep his distances from roy. and then roy’s gonna wonder why and approach dana. (here’s the conversation)
    roy: hey dana, it seems like you’re avoiding me. is there something wrong?
    dana: i saw the interview.
    roy: oh that…what about it? did i say something wrong?
    dana: so, is it true?
    roy: what?
    dana: that you think of us as a married couple?(chuckles)
    roy: of course yes, when i first saw you i already knew who i want for the rest of my life. and it’s you, dana…
    dana: oh roy!
    (romantic eye contact, as there faces gets closer and closer to each other, roy dampens his lips and holds dana’s cheeks, dana closes his eyes)
    …..theatrical trailer from the movie “dana white and the seven dwarf’s uncle”

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