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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 10:42 am

VIDEO | Rousey On Cyborg: That Fight Needs To Happen | MMA NEWS

In our Inside MMA Extra Rounds web exclusive, Ronda Rousey says point blank that a fight between her and Cristiane Cyborg Justino needs to happen, “I think she needs to fight me more than I need to fight her”


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Rousey On Cyborg: That Fight Needs To Happen | MMA NEWS”

  1. Super Gochu says:

    Steroids or not, Cyborg will kick her ass.

    • DAMN! says:

      Could be.. Or it could also be that Cyborg loses via armbar Round 2/3 but she bloodies Ronda via elbow/knee or punches..

      IMO Cyborg cant deal with Rousey’s judo.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      I doubt very much Zuffa will let that ROID FREAK back in. How anyone could ever be a fan of that cheating beast of an animal. You can’t even refer to Cyborg as a “she” because “IT” has been on steroids for so long. No “REAL” woman should ever get in cage with that animal. “ITS” barely human let alone a woman. Cyborg should only be allowed to fight men as “IT” is more of a man than a woman. I don’t know one MMA fan that ever thought “IT” wasn’t all ROIDED up since first time “IT” ever set foot in a cage. Can you imagine the size of a “GASH” that thing is packing around. I got to go puke now

  2. Hostile Hunter says:

    Let’s tone it down a bit Super. Steroids or no Steroirds, Women or Man Ronda Will without a question of a doubt be able to toss her like a rag doll and full into the Famous Arm-Bar.That being said tho, Ronda MUST improve her striking defense, does not look like she can handle punches being thrown at her yet.

  3. Donnybrook says:

    Yes it needs to happen but unfortunately for Ronda her weak striking is going to get her ass KO’d!

  4. DMAC says:

    Ronda is a little Brock Lesnarish when strikes are coming but I think she’ll eventually over come that.

    Gotta love her 80’s style doo though. I bet Nate busted that open already.. Haha

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    Women’s Mma IS trash

  6. Chris says:

    Roused by arm bar round 1.
    I don’t see it ending any other way.

  7. r4j4 says:

    Damn Rhonda looks hot!!! Anyway, if cyborg gna cut weight and come down to bantam or featherweight to fight her I think she won’t be able to impose her will with her strength as much. Im a fan of both but until cyborg comes back and has another fight, we’l never know how much of her past performances were down to roids. We seen in time and time again, roids does make a diff and proves wot a fighters real worth is.. look at guys like tim Sylvia, Mark Kerr, Shane carwin.. Guys that were once on top but as soon as the roids ended, u saw a complete diff fighter

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