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Tuesday, 08/21/2012, 02:56 am

Video | Rousey on Cyborg "She Has Been Cheating Her Entire Career" | Strikeforce News

Ronda Rousey rips into Cris Cyborg Justino telling Inside MMA’s Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten that Cyborg has been cheating her entire career. Rousey goes on to say that Cyborg won’t come down to fight Rousey at 135 because she is cheating again.

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33 Responses to “Video | Rousey on Cyborg "She Has Been Cheating Her Entire Career" | Strikeforce News”

  1. 757 says:

    She is proving to be really tough, but the hard attitude and looks and whatnot are really getting annoying. I hope somebody comes along to beat some professionalism into her

    • A.James says:

      That’s what I’m saying. Fight her at 145 or just shut up.

      • T.DADDY says:

        why?? cyborg is a cheater.. i mean look at her.. its F’n OBVIOUS she juices.. rhonda has everything to lose and nothing to gain by moving up… cyborg can make the weight cut… many fighters walk around a lot heavier then ther fight weight and cut wayyyy more pounds then manborg…. WAR ROUSEY ALLDAY!!

      • KneesAndElbows says:

        Its the 135 lbs title, so the Borg should have to come down

      • cboss says:

        how can you tell the champ to do anything! its funny how people defend the man beast woman. loose the weight or don’t fight. i completely agree with rousey.

    • BigDaddy says:

      Am I the only one tired of hearing RR running her mouth???? I cant even begin to respect this chick when all thats coming out of her mouth is a bunch of shit. The only reason shes getting recognition is because she is, and this is a stretch for me to say, a decent looking chick fighting in MMA.

    • blue says:

      Rhonda is the champ, not Cyborg. Why shoudl Rhonda have to make special arrangements to accommodate a proven cheater? I don’t know if you guys are even aware of how dramatically steroids affect women. A man is used to high testosterone his entire life post puberty, but a woman’s body was never designed for such a state and it shows in her ferocity during her fights. She’s look like Wanderlei Silva for god’s sake, that’s not how any other woman int he history of professional combat sports has ever looked.

      Bottom line, Rhonda has earned her olympic medal as well as her MMA title through hard work and she’s developed her body to fight at 135, there’s no reason for her to leave that behind in order to accommodate a PROVEN STEROID ABUSER, and a woman at that.

  2. Rondo says:

    Enough of widdle wonda wousey I’m sick of seeing the bitches face,and I could care less what she’s thinking. We got a real fight coming up with Bones and Hendo with a lot of talented fighters on the card….let’s move on fellas no one gives a shit about RR!!!!

    • SantoswouldstickitinherPooper says:

      Seriously though, another Rousey article, people are acting like the woman is Gina Carano hot or something. All she is would be annoying and must we have another article about her.

    • cboss says:

      did you see her last fight! more impressive than alot of fights i have seen in on ufc in a while your just a caveman rondo.

  3. Sting says:

    If i armed bar all 9 of my opponents in the 1st round, i clearly have earned the right to talk all the shit i want. Chael sonnen’s losing fights to anderson silva and still talking shit. This bitch can fight, leave her the eff alone. Let her talk all she wants coz she can back it up.

  4. A.James says:

    I’m about to drop to 145 to face her.

  5. Rampage 2877 says:

    The only reason I check these news forums about Rousey is to see if anyone bags her out… She’s a douche.

  6. Phantom weight says:

    Every thing that she said in that video IS true.she has been cheating,she could make135 without doping,and ronda was going after that 145 title until cyborg got stripped of her belt.When nate, nick,and cheal say this kind of stuff ya’ll love it what gives?she has earned the right to talk all the shit she wants.

    • Rampage 2877 says:

      She is the only fighter with a record of 6 fights and she talks shit like a seasoned veteran… Although I don’t necessarily agree with heaps of shit talk in MMA. I think if any one can it can be fighters who have held titles, had 20-30 fights and/or been in the game for a decade. This is where I lose time for Rousey. I could be wrong but I don’t know any other fighter who has 6 fights and talks like this…

  7. maurice says:

    nate and nick are fucking beast and can talk all the shit they want. plus nate and nick dont talk shit all day everyday about ppl they most likely will never face.

    chael and ronda just go past annoying and wont shut the fuck up. but with that being said ronda is nowhere near on chael level of annoying when it comes to shit talking. ronda is a champ and could hold the belt for awhile. chael a never was cheating bastard who shouldnt even be allowed to open his mouth.

  8. Phantom weight says:

    Lets not forget the dozens,and dozens of olympic level judo matches this girl has had, its not like she just showed up off the street,got a couple fights,and started talking shit.shes held her own training with men since a child.besides the fact that cyborg has been an instagator as of late with that whole ” I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot” statement after her first title defense.

    • Rampage 2877 says:

      Full credit for her Olympic efforts… She can talk all the smack she wants about Judo. But this is MMA, and let’s face it the women’s division isn’t that strong. Male or female she climbed to the top in the shallowest division in the game. But I’m not taking her wins away from her… Just challenging her credibility to talk this much crap in a industry not only reasonably new to her but to woman in general.

  9. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Nick and Nate are not beasts
    They could get taken down by fucking fly weights you idiot

  10. maurice says:

    lol at the dude who said nick and nate could be taken down by fly weights.

    dats just a silly ass statement. bahahahahah funny as fuck tho.

  11. ImNickDiazWeed says:

    Its not that silly they are not known for having the best TDD, which kinda suprises me that BJ didn’t try to take Nick down more.

    We all know BJ isn’t scared of his BJJ but I think his manhood got in his way.

  12. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest aref Ever says:

    So now Cyborg says she can’t drop to 135 even though Rousey went from 154 to 135, Cyborg is 160, and can’t get there… She must do different math than me..

  13. Geo says:

    Rhonda’s just hyping the fight. It’ll probably be at 140 and Santos will probably come in heavy..again. I wonder what people will bitch about if RR wins? Lol! Some of you are insane! Hope RR punches her right in adams apple!

  14. stevo g says:

    Big daddy she would break your arms

  15. Law says:

    True != Talking shit. Shit talking is when you say shit that ain’t true. Stop comparing her to that fucking loser Sonnen. She just spoke the truth. Plain and simple…

  16. Charles says:

    I don’t mind her calling out fellow fighters, even if the goal is shameless self-promotion.
    But when the smack talk leaves the cage and ventures into the realm of “reality celebrity” inanity a la Kim Kardashian, it’s just pointless and stupid. Unless Rousey is sorely underachieving and intends on single-handedly reviving “Celebrity Boxing” or some similar circus sideshow, that’s not a confrontation that’s ever going to happen anywhere at anytime, despite how many people might wish to see it. In that respect, she needs to limit her banter to her own ranks or STFU.

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