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Friday, 11/23/2012, 11:49 am

VIDEO | Rory MacDonald Talks Penn, Fighting GSP, Moving To Middleweight & More | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight fighter Rory MacDonald took to the UFC 154 Fan Q&A to discuss his career path, training and upcoming fight against BJ Penn.


14 Responses to “VIDEO | Rory MacDonald Talks Penn, Fighting GSP, Moving To Middleweight & More | UFC NEWS”

  1. TIke 101 says:

    I am impressed with Rory, he is a mature young man. I wish him the best with his upcoming fight.

  2. Thom says:

    fuck i hate that hipster look

  3. Ted says:

    I love the style, and yes what a mature, young man, for his young age of 23, future world champion, such a great role model for our young boys.

  4. Joesuwan says:

    Kid’s looking sharp, but seriously Captain Charisma needs a dose of a personality. I’ve seen more energy in a pet rock.

    Please smash this kid Bj-i even bought tickets !

  5. Leo says:

    Go deeper on his shaft there Ted… Rory is into things like that

  6. MMA? says:

    I sure hope BJ smashe’s this kids face!!!

  7. yaaadandad says:

    “That is a really interesting answer.”

  8. Keoni says:

    He reminds me of a chomo what a weirdo WAR PENN!

  9. Brent says:

    I cant stand this “I wont fight my friends” attitude… You are in a competitive sport. Could you imagine Larry Bird and Magic Johnson sitting out the games they played each other, because they didn’t want to compete against their “friends”?
    You are supposed to be a professional. Put your personal feelings aside and fight. If you are truly “friends” your friendship should still be there after the fight.

  10. ChuteVsHughes says:

    So Rory Fox can wrestle, BJ came back for this one because he’s the wrestling specialist, if you ask Hughes in his prime, Sherk on steriods, Diego off weed. No wonder Rory had second thoughts about this one, and is escape to his next fight, just as long as it gets him out of this one. Another injury before the fight, we can only wait and see?

  11. brandon says:

    bj hasnt got a chance, he will gas out rnd 1, get knocked out rnd 2, retire, no more bj

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