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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 11:47 am

VIDEO | Rory MacDonald Discusses Change In Training, BJ Penn Fight & VADA | UFC NEWS

UFC Welterweight superstar Rory MacDonald joined UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani backstage at UFC 152. MacDonald is ready to take a “my way or the high-way” approach to training and fighting which means we could be seeing a lot more Rory MacDonald in the Octagon!


43 Responses to “VIDEO | Rory MacDonald Discusses Change In Training, BJ Penn Fight & VADA | UFC NEWS”

  1. M says:

    Don’t let the howdy doody look fool ya, once he puts on the gloves and the trunks he turns into a super hero!

  2. James says:

    He need the time to cycle off!! FU Rory!!

  3. the original steve says:

    does he try to look like a faggot?

  4. Zack says:

    Wtf is he wearing lmao

  5. Mike b says:

    I swear,that’s the type of kid I would see on the street and say look at this fuc*ing fag……and then he would beat the living shit out of me.dont ever judge a book by its cover.this kid is a animal.

  6. Rob sansoo says:

    Bj going pop each one of pimples lol

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    who the hell does this guy think he is with his weird and obnoxious outfit?

    • Drew says:

      No he is the way he talks and looks at reporters there is definitely somethin going on upstairs I really think the roids and peds and tryig to live life honestly I think Is just overall putting a burden on his psychy he’s the kinda of guy that could snap

  8. Ripshot de la Culebra says:

    To each his own. I think the guy looks sharp.

  9. CombatRusse says:

    This interview confirms the doubts that he is a psychopath as said on another post here lol

  10. T.DADDY says:

    Who the F does this clown think he is… Acting all high and mighty and you ain’t never won shit… BJ wins by RNC in rd 2… War Penn!

  11. and what... says:

    i like him now…and the outfits koool,!!!!!

  12. and what... says:

    i like him now, an the outfits sick

  13. Xaninho says:

    “…able to hit the pads”, “..sitting on my ass”. What? it’s a fooking cut above the eyebrow. He’s acting like one of his limbs was missing. Can’t he run without using his eyebrow? Can’t he lift weights without using his eyebrow?

    I really don’t get why he apparently thinks a cut above his eye means a complete lay off for 3 months?

    • Just J says:

      And that shows your ignorance of the sport. You have to be cleared by a medical professional to even train genius, it’s in his UFC contract. Profuse sweating can lead to infection and/ or prolonged or improper healing which will either make him more prone to opening that cut up or keep him sidelined even longer. It would be nice if all the overweight worthless pieces of shit who have nothing better to do than bash a kid who has accomplished more in 6 years than you most likely will throughout your entire lives to keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Remember just because you sit in your moms basement playing UFC on Xbox 8 hours a day, that doesn’t make you an expert in the sport. Smh

      • Xaninho says:

        Every word you just wrote there is wrong hahahah, talk about ignorance. I actually know what I’m talking about, unlike you I have actually been practising and competing in martial arts for the bigger part of my life. A cut doesn’t force anyone out of training for longer than maybe the first two to three weeks.

        Your idol Roidy CrackDonald is milking it to cycle off and you know it.

        I have a pretty good life, most likely better than yours dummy.

        • 757 says:

          Bigger part of 12 years old

        • Xaninho says:

          You still here planecrash?

        • EP says:

          i agree with you 110%. @Just J is the idiot in this situation. Furthermore, BJ got a serious cut and had to get stiches while training for Nick Diaz fight, in which 2 times the stitching came undone i believe and he still went in there didnt say shit or complain and fought diaz like a true warrior… rory is just a little bitch who needs to cycle out and making every excuse in the book. Oh and ps- nice outfit rory… what a f;n LOSER!!!! Penn is going to dismantle this kid and finish by KO or RNC.

  14. stephen riddle says:

    Like i said yesterday, hes a fake ass clark kent, without the peds superman wont show up! Bjs gonna whoop that ass!

  15. GET RID OF 6:1 TRT BULLSHIT says:

    Sterory MacPEDonald
    Roidy MacJuicer
    Alistairory MacOvereem
    Chaelory MacSonnen
    Prory MacActive

  16. Steve S says:

    Can’t wait to see Rory break all you BJ nuthuggers heart when he throws him around like a doll. U guys know that Rory can’t fight because UFC wont let him fight with a cut under his eye.

  17. koolg says:

    he needs to lay off the roids before he turns into a huge zit.

  18. daveyB says:

    This fight will be the last time you see BJ anywhere other than a BBQ. Rory’s going to retire that lazy, cardio skipping, pork-stuffed, melon head…..Pemanently!

  19. Brah what says:

    Alot of fighters that fight now is on something.just wish that BJ would take some peds just for this fight to show you the difference.that whole no cardio sh.t would go out the door.Champs like BJ paved the way for fighters like roidy McDonald the right way not by being a bitch like the the other so called champs like overeem who didn’t really start winnin till he started juicing!

  20. Conman says:

    Judging by the way he’s dressed – things don’t go too well when he does things “his way” – FUCKING FAYYGGGGG!

  21. jason says:

    love rory and i like his fights….but his striking is too basic to handle bj….

  22. Ripshot de la Culebra says:

    I don’t know if this guy is on anything or not but, I say there’s more obvious PED abusers than this guy.

  23. Davey Fitz says:

    Fuck what he’s wearing he’s a rude fuck

  24. B-rad says:

    Dude his boss at office depot is gonna be pissed hes not out on the floor

  25. DMAC says:

    At least Rory thinks he’s pulls bitches. Give MMA a little flavor, nothing wrong with that IMO. The “I train every second of my life” look is for the old generation. Is he on the sause, idk! But the entire situation is fishy on his behalf.

  26. InternetToughGuy says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw this kid stacking canned goods at the grocery store…

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