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Monday, 08/13/2012, 08:42 am

VIDEO | Ronda Rousey Enters Ticket Contest As Kaufman's #1 Fan | MMA NEWS

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Hey everybody, this is Randa Roozie – NOT Ronda Rousey!! I really hate that self centered cocky chick!!! Sarah Kaufman – AKA my most favorite fighter EVER – is having a ticket giveaway contest for the best Ronda Rousey impression! I reeeeally want to win these tickets to see you knock that biatch off her high horse Sarah! Seriously! Someone needs to humble her! I mean who does she think she is? The best in the world or something?! God….. I really just hate her…. only evil people have high self esteem!
But anyways, I really hope you pick me as the winner for best impression! Can’t wait to see you knock her ugly face into pieces when you guys fight on August 18th!!!
your #1 fan,


18 Responses to “VIDEO | Ronda Rousey Enters Ticket Contest As Kaufman's #1 Fan | MMA NEWS”

  1. HIIIPower716 says:

    this bitch………………..

  2. Realgrappler says:

    Is that Rousey’s home? An MMA World Champion living in a small apartment? These fighters need to be paid better, that’s ridiculous.

  3. Matt Benson says:

    She should just stic to fighting because that was painful to watch.

  4. jesus korean says:

    what the fuck? this is mma news??

  5. Me says:

    Dafuq? Is this meant to be an impression of someone? I think I’m missing the joke…Someone fill me in lol

  6. Wisdom of BJ Penn says:

    People talking about them not earning enough.. i think it’s because the UFC is afraid that the fighters will become complacent if they have this crazy house and all that BEFORE they are champion.. we can talk about it when somebody turns champion or fucks everyone up without a belt.

  7. Realgrappler says:

    Rhonda Rousey: The Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight CHAMPION.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Did not watch but I’m sure it’s annoying.

  9. Gio says:

    whose that other fag in the vid?

  10. Bd says:

    No ones a fan .. She isn’t a big spender she claims .. Keeps it real and is an average person … No big car big house nothing .. You guys should see the all access on her .

  11. Magop says:

    She’s as annoying as get rid of fitch (forever) STFU already…..bitches!

  12. Cristina says:

    That was hilarious and funny how they made fun of Sonnen. That wasnt her place her place is actually more hippyish. She doesn’t live a rich life even though she makes some nice cash. She drives a 2003 honda so yeah she lives a humble life she barely got cable a few months back.

    Punch her in the boob was the funniest line of this all and when she tried to armbar the vaccum cleaner.

  13. GRT 3000 says:

    Caught 2 secs of this garbage and shut it off; this bitch is becoming a straight up media whore.

  14. Xaninho says:

    That wasn’t even funny. She should stick to fighting and shut up.

  15. thetude says:

    i hate this bitch, why is this on here

  16. 223 says:

    Wow talk about media suicide!!!

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