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Friday, 07/13/2012, 12:01 pm

VIDEO | Ronda Rousey Continues Anti-Kardashian Rant On TMZ | MMA NEWS

Ronda Rousey is at it again.

For the second time this week she puts the verbal slaying on Hollywood sweetheart Kim Kardashian, but this time she does it on TMZ.


48 Responses to “VIDEO | Ronda Rousey Continues Anti-Kardashian Rant On TMZ | MMA NEWS”

  1. dynomania says:

    what kind of an example is it to threaten other people and tell them you want to beat them up. Who is this chick? I prefer Meisha Tate, in every way, or Gina. This girl is crazy.

  2. Q says:

    So just because Kim kardashian happened to advertise a pair of shoes that her little sister has means you need to roast her ? I agree with ronda but she took it to far she thinks she’s hot shit

  3. Bob says:

    I am starting to think Ronda is doing this so she can make a bigger name for herself just like Chael did with Silva.. Hey if it pays I aint mad at ya but it is getting annoying know..

    • Oscar says:

      On the money right here I agree

    • KIDD433 says:

      Ronda speaks her mind which happens to be the truth.Chael talks out if his ass to sell a fight.Big difference.I agree with her,she makes good points.I dont want my kids looking up to some girl who made herself famous by fucking a guy on video,just to get herself publicity.I agree with her also about GSP being a boring ass fighter and being bad for the Sport… Go Ronda!!!

  4. Omar says:

    She was acting a fool… Kim Kardashian is @ Mogul status and can pay handfuls of peoPle to Kick Rondas Ass!!! Plus how many girls have made a sex tape that are Not rich? Plus Ray J wasn’t exactly A list?

  5. duncan says:

    shes right, kim is just a product that other people are exploiting for money and ratings. kims only talent is putting her picture on products and thats it. i could care less about that or what ronda is saying cause what i see is her promoting herself and the sport of mma the same way she did for the tate fight. i wouldnt take the issue personally cause its just saying whatever to get promotion and spotlight, but thats smart cause it works.

  6. Xaninho says:

    wtf? She sounds freakin jealous?

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree that Kim is a slut airhead, but Rhonda claims she is against her b/c of it. I think that’s bullshit, she just wants to be as famous. TMZ?! that says it all right there.

  7. NIgga says:

    i would pay to see that 1st one 2 get the other 1 naked wins :-)

  8. Fabiano says:

    I would fuck both of them! But I Ronda got an point!

  9. HYDRO says:

    SOMEBODY PLEASE SHUT HER THE FUCK UP. SHE WON ONE BIG “WOMANS” FIGHT AND NOW IS TALKING LIKE SHE THE KING, BITCH PLEASE!! this bitch is just hatin cause shes not as hot as her, kim does her own thing and makes more money than her shes a bitch and a hater, lost alot of respect for her. dumb bitch. Go Kim!!! just smoke this bitch in a drive by or have Kanye do it. LOL ronda is a dyke Meisha will get her in the a rematch, and cyborg or Gina Carano would smash this bitch shut up you dumb no neck having ass bitch

  10. tmoney says:


  11. ballsackface says:

    kanye gonna get her killed

  12. Rick James says:

    Ronda Rousy be sponsored by HATERADE.
    Kim is the “kind of girl you don’t bring home to mutha.”

  13. Steffen Carrillo says:

    Thank you Rhonda

  14. maurice says:

    um theres lots of bitches that make sex tapes with no intentions of that shit going viral. luckily kim did the smart thing and made bank off the videos instead of just bitching about it all fucking day. at the end of the day she sucked a dick on camera, but she aint the devil. theres no shame in bringing someone that fucking beautiful home to mama. i luv ronda, but she really needs to shut the fuck up.

    • Brittany says:

      You’re a fucking idiot… she even says in her sex tape “everyone who thinks these are fake, these are real”. Her sex tape was planned to get out there from day 1. For you to think otherwise is bullshit. The bitch was in playboy, and then said she regreted it. Her ass went from a size medium to a size XL in just a couple years. She sells sexuality to pre-teens…….. I hope your daughter grows up to be just like her.. only difference is your daughter doesn’t have an olympian for a stepdad, so she’ll just be a gutter whore instead.

  15. Gabi says:

    Kim was a model before the video. She’s like any model out there. Using her face to stand by a product and make bank. Why hate on that, everyone in hollywood does it. If you support Charlie Sheen then you have big moral issues, yet he’s getting a show and a car sponsorship? That fool beats women, buys hookers, and is a junkie. While have 2-3 porn star girlfriends at a time. She made one personal home movie that got leaked (also helped Ray J’s career btw), like Pamela Anderson. Ronda is getting lame again. Was cool after she won the belt and was humble but now the fame is getting to her. And people talk shit about fame and JBJ. Ronda needs mean gene to slap her a few times and bend her over to give it to her so she remembers her place. Lol

    • Brittany says:

      Most models don’t suck big black dick for fame. Everyone knows she meant for her tape to be released. It was like one giant advertisement. She sells herself, which is fine, but if you’re gonna do it, don’t be a role model for 11-15 year olds. She’s an airheaded, botox ridden nobody who proves that if you are sexy and slutty enough, that’s all that matters. And that’s not true. When her looks start to fade no one will give a shit about her anymore, but she’s trying really hard not to let that happen. She’s 31, I give her 10 years tops until she looks like a leather sofa (especially with all that botox), and then no one will idolize her and she’ll just be a washed up whore, and a sad case.

  16. Pochizzle says:

    You guys are all mad because she went on to TMZ because they already posted her talking crap? Notice how the first question she was asked she says it was a rhetorical question. Sure she makes some jokes but everyone in their office is. Go cheer for cyborg, don’t read her shit if you don’t wanna hear her mind.

  17. punchkick says:

    chael taught her well, good job on marketing your fight

  18. I'd Beat Her Coochie Up says:

    Ronda ain’t sayin’ nothin’ more than what everyone who got any sense already be thinkin’. Wasn’t NOBODY talkin’ about the Kardashian’s until after she saw Paris Hilton’s sex tape and knew that’s how she would get her face out in the spotlight. How are you gonna applaud Kim Kardashian and bash Monica Lewinsky for what she did? Or them hookers who were banging Tiger Woods? Kim sucks a cock and then all the sudden the entire family is talented?! When wasn’t nobody tryin’ to hear about them before ~ Get the fuck outta here man…

  19. Eric Oka says:

    man she’s one of those bitches that wont shut their yapper.

  20. Winston says:

    I don’t even follow women’s MMA. But we live in an age of pseudo-celebrities today where people are famous just because they are famous. People like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton come from connected families and benefited from being involved in sex scandals by being rewarded reality TV shows that require no talent at all. And what empire did Kim build? Did she come up with the concept of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Did she negotiate the TV rights? Did she come up with episode ideas? Her family, and particularly her mother, did all of that and she’s just been along for the ride. Kim is a glorified whore. Just call it what it is. Now compare that to Ronda who is a two-time Olympian through her own skill and hard work. I’d be ticked off too in her shows when I see someone getting by through her family connections and her sexual escapades rather than through skill or hard work.

  21. Brend0magic says:

    Ronda is BY FAR my fav female mma fighter, and one of my favorite male or female mma fighters. Go Rousey! Speak your mind lady!

  22. Rob sansoo says:

    I see bunch of you dudes have chicks with sex tapes with other dudes lmao war Ronda lol

  23. david says:

    kim kardashian is stupid, famous for no reason and annoying as fuck

  24. California Bear says:

    I think rhonda is right on point. Kim is the poster child of america’s transforming in to a sort of idiocracy era. It seems more and more that Stupidity is being celebrated. Theres this message the media seems to be sending. The more ignorant, promiscuous and confrontational you are. The more popular and accepted you will be. I dont think this is all for the publicity. Finally a credible female role model steps up and says something. I got daughters man, and I dont want them growing up looking at people like kim and thinking thats they way to act. I do my best to keep them away from that kind of stuff but you can only do so much. Im all for what rhonda is saying. Show kim what a strong female looks like Rhonda!!!

  25. dubmatic808 says:

    haha good shit she should be up the one with down syndrome

  26. Gabi says:

    If anything beat the dumb bitch snookie up. That is what is wrong w America right there.

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