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Sunday, 06/24/2012, 10:44 am

VIDEO | Roger Huerta Got Soccer Kicked Unconscious | MMA NEWS

“ONE P3″
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by One Fighting Championship.

This weekend UFC veteran, Roger Huerta, fought in Malaysia at OneFC but it didn’t go his way.

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55 Responses to “VIDEO | Roger Huerta Got Soccer Kicked Unconscious | MMA NEWS”

  1. Thom says:

    What? Was it legal or what? The ref says no kick then lets him kick… wtf.

    • Tapitout21 says:

      Completely legal. Not sure what the ref was trying to convey there

      • James Troy says:

        hes signalling the end of the fight using the universal sign for the fight has been stopped. you must be fucking new to MMA if you dont know that by now. please go watch some MMA fights and research a little before commenting and sounding like a dumb fuck, thank you.

      • Johnny Bravo says:

        Are you serious?!!! Hell no that was legal. You can’t kick an opponent in the head when they’re on the ground. Huerta’s knees and arms were touching the mat so it was definitely illegal. Learn some MMA rules before you post suck and stupid and irresponsible comment.

        • Chase says:

          Actually, in One FC that is legal. It’s based in Japan where Pride FC was based and has simliar rules. The unified rules of MMA used in America aren’t the only MMA rules out there.

    • Clay says:

      He should have been DQed. He stood there and stared at him and could have done 100 other things to finish the fight.

      • Hell no, why should he be Dq’d? Somebody should soccer kick you. I think it’s great to kick people in the head. This is fighting, not ballet.

        • Clay says:

          If somebody kicked me in the head, their foot would shatter into a thousand pieces, then i would proceed to fuck your mom in the ass hole. Because I don’t want her to have anymore retard kids like you

    • jasperwong says:

      THE KICK WAS LEGAL!!! Roger Huerta was on the ground, and looked like he was pursuing the single leg takedown. The kick was fully legit.

      But whatever it is, ONE FC has put Asian MMA back on the world map. Bringing back all the kick ass action. We are MMA fans, we love this sport because it is raw and it tells a story about who the best fighter is. No more turtling up, no more putting one finger on the ground to avoid getting kneed, no more pulling guard unnecessarily. This is FOR REAL, THIS IS WHY WE LOVE THIS SPORT. Alot of us have been brainwashed into believing that the watered down pussyfication of American MMA is the true MMA. BUT in reality, the essence of this sport is raw, hardcore, in your face.

      Thank you ONE FC for resurrecting the sport!!!

      if not, enjoy watching fitch lying on top of his opponent for 15 minutes. or Guida / Maynard week after week after week… nuff said.

  2. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Brutal!! sad to see Huerta get kicked like that. I used to liike s.kicks back in Pride days not anymore I can see why they’re banned…Takes little skill imo.

    • iamthawalrus says:

      Little skill? But it takes skill to avoid it, no? Skill Huerta unfortunatly didn’t have…so keep diggin up excuses like ur next post kid…

      • Mayor of Deviance says:


      • Eric Nelson says:

        Dude… really ? Where is your argument or are you just posting to post ? Huerta was hurt and basically finished THEN took an unneeded kick to the head that knocked him out in brutal fashion. Alof of fighting organizations like the UFC do not allow sucks strikes for a reason. “Judge_Dreadz’s” comment about the kick requiring little skill is spot on as it is just a simple motion to an immobile target. Im not sure where your thought process is with your comment about expecting a beat opponent should be avoiding a kick like that. Just a very uneducated troll response with further proof of the use of the word “kid”.

      • I agree. Look at all these butt hurt people who don’t know shit about fighting. In a street fight, you gotta be good to avoid getting kicked in the head like that.

        • Calvin says:

          in a street fight not everyone knows mma and also shit aint sanctioned so ucan use weapons friends anything bad example to refer a sport to a street fight its like comparing nba to street hoops one has fouls the other doesnt

      • Infamouscurt says:

        @iamthawalrus….ummm, yeah, it doesnt take skill to throw the easiest kick known to man lol…Fool. Thats why its called a soccer kick smh. Or you could call it a “kick ball” kick, or a whatever you think is best. Point is, it is simple as fuck to soccer kick a fighter thats already out of the fight. So keep digging up excuse’s to get on here and call people “kid” like you’re next post…..kid.

  3. Judge_Dreadz says:

    And is me or did that guy look a weight class or 2 bigger than Huerta?

    • iamthawalrus says:

      and is it just me or are u digging for excuses for Huerta?

    • Paulette says:

      Your the only one that gets it!!! Roger was outsized on purpose!! Listen to the interview with Zoro’s manager when questoined by the interviewer about Zoro’s size and how unusual it is to have such a big guy in that class. The guy totally agrees but try’s to sidestep the issue. Someone had it out for Roger or wanted maximum advertising. It was a setup, othewise he would have been matched with someone similar to his class and size. The guy he was supposed to fight was pulled from the card due to a TKO in a previous fight, (so they say) they then substituted Zoro. The guy he was supposed to fight may have been the appropiate match and the outcome may have been entirely different. It is lucky they don’t have a manslaughter charge on their hands. What can a guy do in a setup…….blindsided. Element of suprise. Train against guys that size with a farther reach than him because it will probably happen again, they like it like that. The public feeds on it, so you know it will happen that way.

  4. jlennon05 says:

    Man I could hardly recognize Huerta.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    that was not legal.
    the ref was saying NO KICK NO KICK. BAM HE KICKS – refs just says ok done? what?

  6. byebyesilva says:


  7. John says:

    And that is why soccer kicks are illegal in the UFC. Thats a good way to get someone killed. Also on a side note that guy wasnt intelligently defending himself for at least a minute before the KO, ref should have stopped it way earlier

  8. byebyesilva says:


  9. universal kidd says:

    VERY sad!!! but thats the name of the GAME! aint it…anything can happen! it really aint even worth it.

  10. Stephen says:

    WOW how was that not DQ this its why I only watch ufc / strikeforce cause that wasjust terrible call terrible organization , Terrible Ref

  11. B-rad says:

    yeah that was definitly not legal. there are hardly any promotions that still have soccer kicks and stomps.. only in japenese and vale tudo rules allow them. and most fights ina cage are under unified rules (5 min rounds,elbows) all tht

    • Joe Bidden says:

      It’s in Malaysia.

      I don’t think they have unified rules in Malaysia.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Just a clarification question: Obviously in organizations like UFC, Strikeforce, etc. kicks like this to the head are illegal. Same rule apply to kicks to the body of a downed opponent?

      • B-rad says:

        @ joe, i didnt know where this was, but yea your right i doubt they have unified rules there. suprising they even have sanctioning lol..reminds me of the good old days of pride with wand and shogun and all these other beasts just juice up and go to battle 😀

      • Blunt says:

        Kicks to the body of a downed opponent is legal. Unless u kick him in the balls. Lol.

  12. Unarmed Spectator says:

    Yeah that was wrong on so many levels… Damn Huerta needs to quit fighting otherwise he goooonaaa bea bran damageeeed!

  13. John M says:

    I’m surprised that OneFC allows kicks to a ground opponent. This is definitely illegal in the UFC (which is where more than two feet is on the ground).

    The fight should have been stopped earlier as he was not reasonably defending himself. It’s too bad this kicked happened and I hope Roger’s brain scans turn out fine.

  14. krafty11 says:

    One FC uses their own hybrid of Pride rules combined with the unified rules of MMA. basically, they can allow whatever thy want. This is the official statement on their About Us page of the website: “ONE Fighting Championship uses a combination rule set of global MMA best practices, blending Asian and non-Asian rules.” So soccer kicks are legal in One FC, but how was that not a DQ?? The ref says “No kick, No kick” and Moreira lines up the kick and throws it anyway. He even looked up at the ref when he said “No kick, No kick”. Then the idiot ref just says “Okay” What a joke. It was an exciting fight up til that.

  15. Fuck You says:

    Roger knew the rules when he got into the fight so I’m not mad he got KTFO but I am mad that te ref said not to kick him and he still did it! Good have done plenty of other things, fight was over no matter what! Bad reffing and bad sportsmanship!!!

  16. jones says:

    roger was amazing in ufc…his war with guida and garcia i thought he was fututre champ..after he left the ufc he started becoming shitty…now he fukin sux asss

  17. Carlos says:

    Now i know how Kurt from “Kickboxer” feels like when Tong Po paralyzed his brother. Now i wanna learn muay Thai and avenge Roger Huerta.

  18. Bob says:

    This is legal in the wwe but you just touch them instead of full throttle like my nut sack. I know that black dude from that night club thumbs that video up on youtube. Oh wait jewetube banned it already.

  19. maurice says:

    man…wtf happend to huerta? dude fell the fuck off big time.

  20. Abuka says:

    That took away like 3/4 of his Chin meter LOL. Prob has a weaker chin then liddell now.

  21. Ref Yuji Sucks says:

    There is no way in hell the ref should have let that happen. Huerta was out, he could barely stand, he was thrown down to the ground by simple toss. Huerta had no clue, Ultimately the REF Sucked and should have stopped it. Period. Fighter Safety.

  22. Derek says:

    I guess everyone knows by now, the ref was saying “Low Kick! Low Kick!”, not “NO Kick” That’s why Moreira was allowed to kick him. Brutal, but legal. Ref should have stepped in to stop it when Huerta just fell to the ground and did nothing to defend. But it’s all split second decision making, and so easy to second guess in restrospect.

  23. MMAnalyst says:

    It looked like Huerta was not even coherent BEFORE the kick… he was just immobile basically, if that kick was legal the fight should’ve been stopped before it was thrown IMO – oh well, at least there are organizations out there helping MMA take a step backward. Good work ‘OFC’.

  24. BJPennRules says:

    Wow, I am surprised more people havent died in MMA

  25. Troy says:

    Look plane and simpale the kick should be illegal no doubt about that but in this fight it was not and Huerta got his ass handed to him

  26. Punchinggloves says:

    I think I caught “No kick no kick” from Yuji, cant say for sure. Either ways, isn’t this how MMA fights should be like? UFC has become too mainstream to suit the taste of the general public. Fighters constantly exploit the rules to their advantage and rest/avoid getting hit. Remember those fights in UFC where 2 fighters practically rolled around on the floor for 15 minutes? Roger should have defended, or just tapped out if he couldn’t take the hits.

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