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Monday, 08/13/2012, 07:04 am

Video | Rashad Talks Dropping To 185 But Admits He 'May Have To Get One Back At 205' First | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Rashad Evans comments in an interview with MMA Live.

Evans comments on dropping to Middleweight however he admits he ‘may have to get one back at 205′ before he makes the move.

“I’m ready. I stay ready. Chael will always be an interesting fight, but we work together a lot for FUEL TV, so I don’t know if it will happen. Besides, I think Chael might be going up [in weight]. I’m never one to back away from a fight, so if Chael wants to come up, we gotta do it. Ultimately, [I’d like to fight someone like] Anderson Silva, but I would have to establish myself in the weight class, so they say. I don’t know. As a matter of fact, Dana White, CALL ME! Joe Silva, CALL ME! I just wanna fight the best competitors. It’s really hard to go down a weight class after you lost a fight, it doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth, so I may have to get one back at 205 before I go down to any weight class.”

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12 Responses to “Video | Rashad Talks Dropping To 185 But Admits He 'May Have To Get One Back At 205' First | UFC News”

  1. Jeremy says:

    hmmm I have a random name and email……. I like anal!!!!!

  2. HIIIPower716 says:

    there still is a lot of interesting match-ups at 205 why go down now….

    • Quazzi says:

      To have a chance at the belt. I dont know if he can beat silva but after the jones fight there isn’t any question jones outmatches him. Dont like rashad but i have to admit at 185 he would be at least # 3 mw if not higher.

  3. ftgiy says:

    He would do well at 185. He has speed. Might still carry ko power at 185. He could hang in the #3 or #2 spot easily. He might be able to uNto for 5 rounds with Silva.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Ive never been a huge Evans fans but he would crush most of the MW weight class

  5. A.James says:

    He’d destroy the division. Anderson cannot handle wrestlers. Rashad is solid with wretling and can throw hands. Machida is the only fighter capable of actually stopping him.

  6. Devilock138 says:

    Rashad would be great at middleweight! His worst nightmare would be if Machida followed him down there.

  7. Xaninho says:

    If machida and Evans fought again I don’t think it would go the same way. Rashad knows he can’t stand with machida now and would just lay and pray for the W

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