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Friday, 06/14/2013, 06:14 am

VIDEO | Rashad Evans Wants To Fight Jon Jones Again

Rashad Evans headlines tomorrow’s UFC 161 event opposite Dan Henderson and on his mind is a rematch with Jon Jones!


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Rashad Evans Wants To Fight Jon Jones Again”

  1. Cmon Son says:

    Look how Rashad looks into his eyes during then interview. He stares at his lips too. I think Shad is homo. He spoke out supporting gay marriage. I think e likes men

  2. balbonits says:

    Rashad will stay at 205, although he might see a lot of success if he did fight in 185. It’s the case of “which weight will you be more comfortable”, Suga might look good in 185, but 205 is more comfortable for him to compete in. And with the case of TRT, i agree with him to a point, it’s fine if you’re using it to keep your body intact and feel good. But I’m not sure if guys with physical problems, like low-T, should still be competing at the highest level. So, I think, they should consider going into a long hiatus or retirement to take care of physical issues like that.

    But that’s my opinion on that. I might be wrong about my understanding of the TRT issue, so it’s cool if someone can educate me on the matter of fighters competing while having existing health issue, both minor or major ones.

    And on the point of Suga wanting to fight Jones again, why not? If he wants to be the best, you gotta go get it. Think about it, if you’re in Rashad’s, or even Vitor, Chael, Nelson, even Uriah and the rest of the top 10’s of each weight class’s level of skill, you can’t not think about compete for the belt, even if you’re not expected to win against the champ. You’ve fought against some of the top, maybe you’ve been there too, but it’s different when you’re the “top”. Why do people like them keep fighting? To be “the best”, that’s one way of generalizing their desire to “go get that belt”.

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