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Friday, 07/20/2012, 10:28 am

VIDEO | Randy Couture Discusses The Evolution Of MMA | UFC NEWS

Randy Couture first wrapped UFC® gold around his waist at UFC® 28 in November of 2000. Over the course of his Hall of Fame career he saw the sport evolve and grow in ways that even he couldn’t have possibly imagined. Now in retirement he watches as the next generation of champions and stars push the bounds of what’s possible inside the Octagon™. These game-changing moves are the subject of this week’s The Takedown.


3 Responses to “VIDEO | Randy Couture Discusses The Evolution Of MMA | UFC NEWS”

  1. Scott Lawlor says:

    Wow, I was writing an article about the Evolution of MMA that included a lot of what he said….eerie…lol

  2. slacker says:

    Some good points by Randy about the development of the sport. I would love to hear a more comprehensive one though, by a professional writer and critique of the sport. I think another important shift in the sport, is that fighters no longer have the ability to become champ with just one good aspect of a ground game and one good aspect of a striking game, but with poor or average cardio. I think we are seeing starting with the emergence of GSP and Silva, to guys like Edgar, Aldo, and Cruz, that this is just not possible anymore.

  3. slacker says:

    Also, congratulations to Randy on the successful botox treatments and plastic surgery! He look about 10 years younger!

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