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VIDEO | ‘Rampage’ Jackson: ‘UFC is messing up MMA’

“I met Bjorn and I just felt his energy. You look him in the eyes when you talk to him and you know like, ‘Man, this guy gets it!’ I heard of Bellator, but, I didn’t know how it was. The other shows kind of leave a bad taste in your mouth. Terry Trebilcock from King of The Cage, before I met Bjorn, was the only promoter that was cool to me. Dana, he started off cool, but when you get on Dana’s bad side then you might as well be an alien. But when I met Bjorn, man, he talked to me, he explained things and we sat down and you just feel his energy. And you can tell he don’t talk bad about anybody else. You always got to be worried about other people that talk bad about you because as soon as you walk away there’s a good chance people talk bad about you. I’m sure if someone crosses him he’s going to say something, me and him are a lot alike. I feel like he keeps it real. What he just said about pay-per-views, I totally agree with that. He’s not going to cram it down fans throats; every month do a pay-per-view. I think that’s what UFC is doing. I think the UFC now is messing up the sport. They just doing a lot of bad things and I just feel like Bellator, the way they doing things is kind of the future of the sport.”


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    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      He’s actually right. UFC is screwing up MMA. Fake ass ranking system, then they don’t even follow their own ranking. Matching people up that aren’t even close to matching in rank. Shit rules, terrible reffing and judging. . and don’t tell me athletic commission, if they wanted it changed they could make it happen. People that don’t see all this are newer to the sport thinking the UFC made MMA. Actually MMA made the UFC, the UFC is not a sport and they need to stop acting as if they are.

      • Trent says:

        Okay, first of all. Explain to me how the ranking system is fake?

        And secondly, about the UFC not following their own ranking; that’s because Dana makes fights that the FANS want to see. If he only followed the rankings every time then we would see a lot of consecutive boring fights. The UFC is a fans sport and if the fans are happy the sport is doing good.

        And yes the judging SUCKS but what do you mean don’t tell you athletic commission? That is the problem, so how is someone suppose to not tell you that? You think Dana White and the UFC want the Athletic Commission’s to put dumb ass refs out on big fights?? NO! Dana White hates it more than anyone because it pisses the fans off and that hurts his business.
        And we’re talking about the LAW here buddy so it’s a little more complicated than if they wanted it changed they could have already.

        And the UFC did more to “make” MMA as you say, than any other organization, man, woman, or event in history. MMA was around before the UFC, and the UFC even almost met its demise once.
        But DANA FUCKING WHITE’s bad-ass business practices, and aggressive tactics helped propel MMA to the status it is at today.

        So your statement is garbage.

        • Part Time MMA Fan says:

          Last weekend Machida was rank #1 and he fought Phil davis who was rank #7. I was under the impression that the rank 1 is the guy who fights the champ. That is why is it called number 1 contender. Machida lost that fight so he should move down in the ranks. you said “Explain to me how the ranking system is fake?” I was just pointing out a recent example of just that. Take it or leave it.

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    MMA was DOA on a big scale until the Fertitta’s and Zuffa bought the UFC and built up MMA. These guys risked their capital and created a set of rules to follow and BUILT MMA as it is today and has made many fighter’s millionaires that NEVER were before the UFC. Bellator is a follower NOT a leader. Rampage is NOT a businessman and until he risks his own capital and builds a worldwide company and industry, he should shut the Fukc up and thank Dana/Zuffa for making him a millionaire too. This guy is an ignoramus. Spoiled little bitch. Ask Alvarez how FAIR Rebney and Bellator is?

  2. sdga says:

    You guy’s agree but still watch it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, stop watching the ufc stop paying there ppv’s and start watching bellator. Agreed Rampage.

  3. to says:

    oh great so he said , when mma mix with fucking fake TNA is real MMA ,

  4. Nando says:

    Lol but the shit Bellator pulled to announce Tito/Rampage is real MMA? What a joke & the fact that they’re abandoning their whole formula for this ppv shows how much they’re selling out. Rampage must have forgot when Dana bailed his ass out of jail.
    The UFC is the premiere organization in the sport. It’s the MLB, NBA, NFL of MMA. I prefer to watch that over any other org because practically all the fighters are established & very skilled. Do they have too many ppvs? Yes, but they’re not forcing you to order them, & they’ve been scaling them back lately. A few years ago, there were multiple ppvs a month. I would like to see every ppv worth the money. I didn’t order 163 cause I felt only the main event was worthy of the money. I realized a while back machida will never be worth watching.

  5. Johnny says:

    I agree with rampage. The ufc tends to use and abuse. We should see dana white fight.

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