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Friday, 03/16/2012, 10:10 am

Video | Rampage Jackson Slaps A Fan In The Face

He asked for it, he got it! Check out the video!

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22 Responses to “Video | Rampage Jackson Slaps A Fan In The Face”

  1. &; says:

    couldn’t be more sick of Rampage at the moment

  2. zetoe666 says:

    but you watched the video?

  3. UFC VIDEOS says:

    rampage! wtf man, start training.

  4. Gomi says:

    Rampage is KING! Fuck the rest!

  5. dustin smith says:

    I didnt think this was so bad, im a bit tired of the recent rampage BS too, but that video started with that dude asking him to slap him. not like he railroaded some innocent fan

  6. CaliMan says:

    To those of you that don’t know, in Japan this is very common. The fans go up to you and ask you to slap, punch, and some cases choke them. If you refuse, they take it as a sign as weakness. Rampage is very use to this, being he was in Pride for years. Bas Rutten, Frank Shamrock, and a lot of other fans tell story’s about these requests from Fans. (Japanese Fans)

    • CaliMan says:

      & a lot of the American fans are catching on to this as well. It’s an “honoring” moment for some fans to have their favorite Mixed Martial Artist slap, chock, or punch them. In know way would Rampage go up and just slap a fan for no reason.

    • Calvin says:

      exactly japanese fans are honored with slaps if u know chirs jericho (y2j) from wwe he even talks about it in his biography

  7. rawforce says:

    what a dumb idiot fan- stupid ching

  8. Miesha Tate's arm says:

    must not have been a fan after all. probably a troll like some of you here. just trollin and making poor and useless comments

  9. Chris says:

    wtf? he has having a fucking good time out somewhere and a fan came up and asked him to slap him on camera?, as he said before he loves his fans, and who wouldn’t?. They are the ones who support you anyway you go. So stop hating on him.

  10. Ronda Rousey's Camel toe... says:

    that japanease guy has Leben’s chin!:o

  11. Mr.Rusk says:

    good thing he didnt ask to get leg kicked

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