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Tuesday, 11/06/2012, 08:08 am

VIDEO | Rampage Jackson Says The Only Thing To Make Him Happy Will Be Leaving The UFC | UFC NEWS

I feel like everything happens for a reason. Yes, I’m not happy with the UFC…and a LOT of fighters aren’t happy with the UFC. I’m just the one that keeps it real and talks about it.

Leaving the UFC would make me happy. I don’t think there’s anything they can do to fix it. I don’t think they’re even willing to fix it. I’m not upset with them. The UFC is a great organization, they’ve done a lot of great, positive things for the sport. It’s mainstream now. I can’t walk anywhere without people wanting a picture or attention or talking or anything. That’s good, that’s what people like. I just feel like…honestly, I just wish I could be compensated a little bit more for the privacy that I gave up. People don’t understand that. I traded my privacy and my kids’ privacy for…the living that I’m making now which is…Football players and basketball players these days, they’re making MILLIONS!


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Rampage Jackson Says The Only Thing To Make Him Happy Will Be Leaving The UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. ricky says:

    Go ahead…drift away into MMA irrelevance, already on the path.

  2. magoo says:

    Hope Glover kicks your belly achin ass on the way out.

  3. Tim says:

    Ungrateful fight ducking bitch.

  4. Dontlikehaters says:

    Why ya’ll hating on Rampage, the man will forever be a Legend of MMA. He speaks his mind and people want to insult. Stop being lil bitches man! Dont watch the fucking video if you gonna hate. Whats the point? Get a fucking life! Find some pussy and stop acting like one!

  5. Fuckcrybabies! says:

    Fuck this whining cry baby. he blames ufc for him sucking when its really him that hasnt evolved. he sucks period and is looking for a way out. he got paid top dollars and got taken cared off and was happy till he started losing and getting exposed for the 1 trick pony that he is. he sucks so bad. he is scared and makes excuses. Dontlikehaters suck my dick. everyone has opinions and if you dont like it too bad idiot. you shouldnt come to watch comments if your just going to cry about peoples opinions that dont agree with you. rampage is a legendary cry baby!

  6. spyr0 says:

    Man I’m a fan of rampage and always will be… But damn, the complaining has kinda gotten old. If he keeps threatening to leave, he needs to leave. He says how bad the UFC is, then he says how good it is. He complains they don’t market and push his name enough, then complains about the consequences of having your name branded and pushed. UFC has given the dude so much. There were a lot of fighters that deserved to be on the Japan card and Dana put him on and rampage totally dropped the ball instead of calling in and pulling out of the position due to injury. And the UFC is STILL paying him big money despite, in my opinion, him falling off. If he was totally smashing the competition or at least putting on great performances lately then he would be totally in the right about demanding more money. I really hope he dominates his next fight because I want to see rampage back in the mix and earn the big money he desires and drop the whole “I used to be a big pull, so pay me big now”

  7. Weave McQuilt says:

    Bye Wampage. Nobody cares anymore. He hasn’t had an exciting fight since pride.

  8. jobby says:


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