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Thursday, 09/22/2011, 01:41 pm

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson Message To The Fans


48 Responses to “VIDEO: Rampage Jackson Message To The Fans”

  1. e says:

    Get um Rampage! It’s your time to get your belt back!

    • Jephunneh Utu says:

      Dat’s right braddah, you go and get dat belt back brah, I believe in you, if BJ believe in you too, and all your fans stand behind you, you can go out dere and School dis boy, you still got what it takes braddah Rampage…Aloha!!!!

      • BJFearsNoMan says:

        Never understood why people spell words as if they’re talking with slang and shit. It’s fine if you talk that way but to type it on a computer like that is ridiculous and can pretty much guarantee that you don’t talk that way but wish you did. your a clown buddy.

        • e says:

          youre the clown if youre offended by the context written by someone online. who the fuck cares? oh wait.. only a tool would worry about that kind of shit. this aint a fuckin english 100 class. fuckin please man.

        • R.HendO says:

          Check and MATE !…
          Go get’em rampage !!!

      • e says:

        another smug ass grammar professor tryin to impress everyone with their intelligence. haaah fkn douche bag.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        obvious deez guys neva live in hawaii

      • Fortyb4five says:

        Why don’t you make a bjpenndotcom community profile and post some pics and some info about yourself…oh that’s right your just a little kid talking big on the internet, and really Rampage barely beat Hamill? Looked like a one-sided ass whoopin to me.

        • zack says:

          everytime this henry fucktard posts its just pisses me off. your a piece of shit henry. why dont you go suck chaels dick bitch. youve been wrong about everything you post on here. take a hint and realize your a dumbass piece of shit. idk how many times i gotta tell you. now comment back about how i didnt capatilize something or

      • Cheecho says:

        Quit crying you dick. I have an MBA and I can understand what they’re saying. Do you think you’re moderator on this Site?

  2. Xaninho says:

    Go knock him out Rampage! AAahhhWoooOOOo!

  3. khanage says:

    u can beat him bro i know u fucken can! time 2 shut that punk up! no disrespect jones but rampage will always b the man in my eyes!

  4. jason N says:

    Enough with the spy thing. Everyone knows how your gonna fight. Nothing to gain by having a spy. Sounds like blah-blah-blah

  5. jason N says:

    the smell is the BS coming out of his mouth. Let your fighting talk for you.

  6. Tha GoGetta says:

    Wh00p his @$$ Rampage!!!!!!

  7. jaime lopez says:

    JONES will get Knocked the Fuck Out!

  8. gotta love how the title reads: Rampage message to the FANS and the haters come and view it and comment on it.. smh

  9. Ian Mearns says:

    I can’t wait for rampage to fight. Hes pissed and jones gives no respect to his opponents anymore.

  10. dave says:

    hope you get then brudda.

  11. Km says:


  12. Mike Diaz says:

    Air freshener! LOL The PPV is bought, hopefully Rogan will be there and Buffer will be announcing to get the whole experience! JUST SCRAP RAMPAGE! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  13. Hope Rampage pulls this one off..

  14. John says:


  15. Xaninho says:

    Hamill was slow cause Rampage was dropping bombs on him from the first second on. It was a miracle by itself he didn’t get to fully knocking him out.

    Yeah Hamill didn’t look good, but that was cause Rampage outclassed him. Bare in mind this was an unmotivated, not too well conditioned Rampage.

    Oh and one more thing, everything you write on here smells like you’re a keyboard warrior that never set foot in a ring or cage. Never had a set of fighting gloves on, and never will either.

    Just cause you’re a lil whiny bitch….

    • Xaninho says:

      First of all it’s “not too well”, you talk about your language command but can’t even copy someone that used the correct, and might I say impeccable words. Second, English is not even my native language you simple minded pea brain.

      I am from the Netherlands, so me correcting YOUR words makes you very, very, very dumb.

      Furthermore I’ve been competing in TKD and Thaiboxing -unfortunately not in MMA, cause here in Holland there’s still no license for MMA- for over 15 years. I had to quit competing after I broke my back in a car accident.

      So you’re actually stating lifting weights is about the same as getting your ass in the ring with someone that wants to take your head off? Who is the loser here?

  16. Mo says:

    WOW! A lot of the posts in here are really childish. I think Al Gore cries every time somebody insults somebody else on the internet. That’s not why he “supposedly” invented it. Anyways, Jones will outclass Rampage, motivated or not, Jones is the new breed of MMA and will prove it by taken out all of the veterans in his weight class one by one as he’s done so far…

  17. Random Person says:

    Go Rampage.

  18. Death Mac says:

    that henry guy keeps talking like that he’ll probably never get pussy lmao xD

  19. Fortyb4five says:

    Guys guys and Gals everyone chill. Lets just get past this bs. We got fights coming up.

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