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Monday, 09/19/2011, 06:47 am

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson – Jones is a kid, I just want my belt back


7 Responses to “VIDEO: Rampage Jackson – Jones is a kid, I just want my belt back”

  1. ricearoni says:

    penis blood?

  2. JonyLittleBoneJones says:

    Someone in your camp is a spy and Jones know your game plan. Be carreful dude someone is still around from what we have heard… Good luck!

  3. Robsta says:

    Rampage is going to get destroyed by that “kid”. LOL

  4. Steven says:

    man.. that makes me even more excited about this fight, he’s working really hard on wrestling and jiu jitsu thats awesome

  5. Shawn says:

    Wurd Rampage! Wurd! Things that make u go Daaaanng!

  6. JAT says:

    like how he tried to say jones is cocky and hes the confident one? Jones is usually very humble (do agree that hes let the fame or whatver get to his head a little bit) but rampage is the cocky one (example: Rashad fight) hes going to lose against jones and use the whole “spy” thing as an excuse for why he lost

  7. Calvin says:

    His A-Team idea is pretty good maybe just fit 2 A-Team Members per origins member

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