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Thursday, 09/08/2011, 11:05 am

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson: "Jon Jones can't bust a grape"


59 Responses to “VIDEO: Rampage Jackson: "Jon Jones can't bust a grape"”

  1. Steven says:

    haha im gonna be drink in grape juice will page knocks him out

  2. Doug says:

    Let me begin by saying that I am actually a huge Rampage Jackson fan.

    He is one of the best when it comes to pumping up a PPV, second only to some WWE wrestlers. I am also a fan of Jon “Bones” Jones. He is the current UFC light Heavyweight champion. He may be fairly young in his MMA career, but has walked through his competition thus far seeing as how he has only been fighting for a little over three years. He is an extremely dangerous opponent who should not be taken lightly. His only professional loss was by DQ when he nailed Matt Hamill with the illegal downward elbows. Rampage seems to think that he will KO Bones. Rampage had this to say during a recent interview: “I’m not worried about his punches or his kicks. I’ll walk right through it, I don’t care about it. He ain’t showing me a whole lot of power, especially with the way he stands. His stance is all wrong to even generate power. The guy can’t bust a grape. I’m confident that I have him figured out. I don’t think that Jones’ chin can take the kind of force that I’m gonna bring. He has never been hit that hard. I’m gonna have fun whipping his ass.”

    I hate to say this, but I do not think that Rampage will “Talk Through,” Over, or even by Jones. This fight will be a lot tougher than Rampage thinks. DO I think that he can actually defeat Jones? Yes I do, especially if he can bring the Rampage of days past. The old Rampage was as vicious as Wanderlei Silva was early in his career. If he is able to channel his younger self into this fight with Jones, then he may well have a great chance at regaining UFC gold… Time will tell, but until then I will remain entertained by his usual colorful interviews.

  3. Jason says:

    Has Rampage ever been stopped by anyone by Rua? This is an interesting fight. I think Rampage wins this one for some crazy reason. Jon Jones cockiness gets the best of him this fight. Dont think he’s going to be prepared as he needs to be.

  4. Rampage is one cool bradduh second funniest personality as a fighter! Good luck w jones show him who’s the big dawg!

  5. Jason says:

    I agree, the Rampage from the days of Pride needs to show up for this fight!

  6. TheXperience says:

    Man i would love to see Rampage go in there and DESTROY Jones… !!! and my money is actually on Rampage… like he says i don’t think Jones can deal with his power. One of those Boulder Rocks is gonna land and when it does…………………….. and the NEW UFC LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ISSSSSSSS………………………………..

  7. steve says:

    i hope rampage isn’t taking bones to lightly. he might not be the most experience fighter but he has crazy athleticism

  8. Darrell says:

    I recently saw Rampage standing in the security check of OC airport…my 7 year old daughter recognized him and wanted a picture with him. Nobody recognized him he was just standing there…all 40 pounds of her walked up and asked him for his autograph…”Naw I don’t do dat…” he said. He was a dick to her…I was on the fence with this one, but because of that…Jones for the win.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Page has 2 daughters…sorry I don’t believe this.

    • Xaninho says:

      Who says it’s true and who says it actually was Rampage and not some look-alike?

    • Darrell says:

      Talkin about my daughter… I have one. It was Rampage alright…

    • Henry Kobasky says:

      Is this what it’s come to? A fan’s loyalty is contingient upon how nice a fighter is to their children? I hate people that criticize celebrities who choose not to give autographs or pose for photos. If they CHOOSE to do it, that’s great, but if they opt against doing it, then SO WHAT? They are NOT obligated to sign anything. Their only obligation to their fans is to make weight, show up on fight night, and then give a balls-out effort (this is where Rampage should be held accountable). Maybe the story is true, and maybe it isn’t. Who cares? I can understand why a 7 year old girl might get upset, but an adult?

      • Darrell says:

        I’m still a fan of his…but bummed, yeah…I’ve watched/paid for every fight he’s done. There was no press or gawkers hounding him. We approached him discretely and respectfully. There was nobody around. He was a dick but I’m still a fan. I just think Bones is going to take him.

      • Chris says:

        I hate people who use websites as their primary medium for arguments.

  9. Dubz says:

    I hope he slams Jones on his dome!!!!

  10. steven horgan says:

    if thats true, and that happened to my daughter i would be disgusted..heard a few stories with other things like this with rampage..realy starting to be put off by this shit from him

  11. Cody Schumacher says:

    Page is trying to goat him into standing with him cause Jones will lay n pray with some gnp if g Jackson has it his way I hope it works and he kos uncle Tommy Jones

  12. Stephen A. says:

    Truth be told. Rampage cannot beat any of the top competition unless he happens to catch them sleeping. Rampages downfall is that he thinks he is a boxer now always looking for the knockout. When and if Rampage ever gets back to wrestling and slamming people like he did when he was feared he’ll join the likes of the upper competition. That’s is my opinion.

    • darren says:

      join the likes of the upper competition are you retarded? who’s better than him at LHW?

      • Mike R says:

        Um lets see, you got Rashad Evans that beat him, Forrest Griffin that beat him, Maurício Rua that beat him, so thats three that better then him at LHW

        • Cody Schumacher says:

          Yeah u need to watch the forest fight again he got a gift by winning that fight and Rashad lol talk about stalling to survive and page hadn’t fought in a year and rua was a long time ago but I will agree he doesn’t utilize all his skill witch is annoying cause he’s a beast

        • darren says:

          so he lost to forrest a couple years ago, lost to shogun wayy back in pride, and lost to rashad by gay ass decision after a long ass layoff and now your telling me he cant compete? fuck that shit

        • Mike R says:

          i watched all of Rampages fight, in that Forrest fight Rampage look like trash and even got taking down BY FORREST for Christ sake, Forrest chopped him like a tree. Rashad fought smart using Rampages lack of agility and movement against him and even stunned Rampage, to criticize Rashad for that fight is appalling. And to this day he never rectified his lost to Shogun and hasn’t showed a display of new tools to warrant a prediction favor if ever they were to rematch

  13. steven horgan says:


    • darren says:

      dont hate on him about the autograph, if it was in cali it was probably just after the hamill fight i dont know if he writes with the hand he injured but its possible, also hes in the airport if he signs an autograph people are gonna take notice and then hes got a whole crowd asking let the man enjoy his free space and dont cry about him writing his name down for you haha

  14. mick says:

    bones jones is really gonna beat him down bad, the proof is in the pudding he DECIMATES his opponents with unorthodox strikes, rampage wont get one shot in on that go-go gadget reach

  15. jason N says:

    My prediction is Rampage gets his orbital bone smashed by multiple elbows.

  16. steven horgan says:


  17. Mike R says:

    he cant compete because he hasn’t finished or won a fight convincingly in 3 years!!!! that Wanderlei Silva KO was a good shot, nothing dominating about that fight

    so technically Rampage hasn’t been dominating since Chuck Liddel , he keep talking about how he is going to come into this fight different because he know he has been having lack luster fights as of late.

  18. Onegr8fit says:

    I dont know about any one else or their comments but for me rampage will knock the hell out of him and not just make him in to a grape but kill the M$&@: just like in to OJ know what im saying fool dont juge a fighter till its over..!

  19. Wha-page says:

    ‘Page is a one-dimensional boxer and has no chance against Jones. His plodding and punching style has cost him fights against anyone who doesn’t just stand directly in front of him and trade punches. When he faces a striker with multiple types of striking he looks lost (see Forrest Griffin loss, too close fight with journeyman Jardin, Rua and Silva losses). Rampage offers nothing for Jones on the feet and gets easily taken down and worked on the floor. This fight doesnt last longer than 2 rounds, tops.

  20. joe says:

    the first mistake rampage is making is underestimating jones’ striking abilities. he will be blinded by his own blood once bones lands a couple of those vicious elbows on that big head of his.

  21. Shawn says:

    Rampage is Rampage. That’s how he’s always been. That’s actually not trash talking, he really believes that. Unlike any of Jones past opponents (with the exception of the injured Rua), Rampage presses. He moves forward. Everyone else has tried to evade Jones. This will be the first time Jones faces a guy that moves forward and has serious KO power in both hands. When he gets hit, and he will, he’ll be going “DAAAAANG!” and all his game plan goes out the window.

    • Mike R says:

      Stephen Bonner pushed the pace and got owned, almost everyone Jones has fought try pressing but failed, he is just that good. Seriously anyone that thinks Rampage is going to do anyone out of the ordinary is sorely mistaken. People who are fans of Rampage saying once Jon Jones feels his punching power its a done deal are in insulting Rampage because its almost saying he only has a punchers chance to win. Rampage style of fight may have made him a unstoppable force back in old UFC days, but this is a different err , speed agility, athleticism, and well roundness is whats dominating this sport. Rampage doesn’t have those qualities

      • Xaninho says:

        Are you seriously putting Stephen Bonnar up on the same level with Rampage? The quality differences in their fighting abilities are pretty obvious dude. So Rampage pushing the pace will be a different story.

        Jones will be seeing stars and hearing little bells when Rampage lands a nice haymaker right on his cocky chinny chin chin.

    • slacker says:

      Jones is not a guy Rampage can walk through even though he is more muscle lean. Rampage has a puncher’s chance, that’s about it if he is lucky enough to slip one past Jones’ amazing reach advantage which includes a 10 inch reach advantage and amazing leg kicks. Jones should be able to subdue him with his complete stand-up game and takedowns.

  22. rondo says:

    Keep talking smack Jampage,Bones is gonna wreck and retire your sorry old ass.

  23. T-Wise says:

    All these people actually giving rampage a chance are being ignorant and living in the past lol there is absolutely no way Rampage will beat or finish Jon Jones when he couldnt even finish Matt Hammill in his last fight!! come on all you Rampage nut huggers use your heads and lets think about this logically!!

    • alx says:

      if you wanna be logical then you have to go off of facts(the past) yeah rampage didn’t finish hamill but this isn’t math, I mean lyoto beat rashad, who beat rampage, who beat lyoto, so logic dictates ANYTHING can & will happen, if you’re still not convinced, ask schaub what he thinks & what’s with all this nut huggin talk, cause i’m a rampage fan i wanna hug his nuts, does that mean you’re aching for a warm embrace with bones bags? jajaj it’s useless talking about a fight that hasn’t even happened yet bud

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