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Monday, 09/19/2011, 07:20 am

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson And Jon Jones Square Off On UFN 25 Interview


35 Responses to “VIDEO: Rampage Jackson And Jon Jones Square Off On UFN 25 Interview”

  1. I like rampage, but he has a tendency of talking trash and then fight night gets embarrassed (Rashad). Hope Rampage takes it, but doubt it.

  2. Hell Smart Mouth says:

    Rogan’s look at the end is priceless…

  3. Dana Black says:

    Rampage is gonna lose by TKO or decision. He runs his mouth too damn much just to convince himself he has a chance of winning. Beating up a bunch of has beens like the axe murderer and ice man. He couldn’t beat silva in his prime, he went to sleep right after he ate some knee sandwiches!

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I know shit talking doesn’t win fights, but damn, Jones! Sharpen up on your smack talking skills just a bit!

  5. Liam says:

    Jones doesnt actually deny he put a spy in rampage’s camp!

  6. BJPennrules says:

    Jones, will take down Rampage….he doesnt want Rampage standing….
    Jones is the black GSP.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      GSP is a safe, risk free fighter. Jones takes crazy risks and does moves right out of a video game. GSP is not a finisher. Jones sees blood, and Jones will finish! GSP’s ground and pound is about as damaging as being beat across the head with a bag of marshmallows. Jones had devastating, fight stopping ground and pound. Please explain yourself with that “jones is the black GSP” statement. I’m not sure I understand…

  7. zack says:

    page is in jones head hahhaaaaaaa jones might get caughtttt and ktfo!!!! :):)

  8. Xaninho says:

    He did get under his skin hahahaha…Funny seeing Jones getting mad and not knowing what to say!

  9. Dana Black says:

    Too bad this isn’t a fight about witty comebacks and trash talking…This is about skills and who’s the better fighter, imo Jones will take it to Rampage as easily as he did to Shogun, who btw Rampage knows first handily how Shogun’s soccer kicks taste like

    • Xaninho says:

      Shogun was badly out of shape, I want to see Jones try that shit again when Shogun is in good shape. C’mon man you can’t tell me you didn’t see the spare tire around Shoguns waste…

      • Joe says:

        you mean that spare tire he always carries? why can’t you guys drop it, shogun stated he was 100% i didn’t know you spoke for him

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Uh, there seems to be a legitimate excuse for every opponent Jones has faced lately. Same thing with all of Silva’s opponents.

      • M. Rua says:

        you must be new to mma cause shogun’s physique has been like that. he’s not a muscle bound. he can fight though. just like BJ. no make excuses. Shogun himself said he was in good shape.

        • JAT says:

          thank you! lol Rua said that jones was just too much for him to handle.

        • Xaninho says:

          Get over yourself with your “you must be new to mma”, I was already fighting when you were still in your daddy’s ballsack son.

          Compare Shogun fighting Machida and the Shogun that fought Jones, if you even saw the fight, but ofcoure you did cause you’re such an insider.

        • Dana Black says:

          It’s not the “Shoguns” that need comparison, Machida and Jones have 2 different fighting styles and Jones put the pressure on Shogun, Machida always waits for the counter and Shogun took advantage of that. Jones outclassed Shogun plain and simple, no damn excuses about it, next in line Rampage…The new breed takeover has begun!

        • Calvin says:

          Hell Machida could whoop Jon Jones nuff said

        • M. Rua says:

          yeah you were fighting because you look like a little girl and was picked on your whole life. not my fault your mama use the flowbee to cut your hair and made you look like that! do you know what is denial? i looked it up in the dictionary and it had your ugly flowbee hair cutting mug in there! shogun had confidence against machida but jones took that confidence away in the first round of their fight. he’s done that quite often, flowbee!

  10. JAT says:

    i do agree that rampage is setting himself up for defeat with the whole “spy” thing, hes already making an excuse for him and his fans for IF he loses. and i guarantee that IF jones wins then there will be a bunch of crap about “oh he had a spy in my camp” somebody bet a $100 on it lol

  11. Amy says:

    I still dont like Joanes, but Rogan’s face was the best part of the video clip.

  12. Ian Mearns says:

    Is jones whining? Seriously he sounded like a baby

  13. Ryrie says:

    jones sounded scared! twittered straight after the interview n said “that guys not right”. I think rampage has got to him…made him lose his composure! I was 100% sure jones was goin to win! now im like 60%! so excited to actually see the fight!

  14. Xaninho says:

    “New breed”, freak of nature is more like it.

  15. Surfari says:

    Damn Jon Jones does look guilty!

  16. Professor Ike Crossman says:

    Love rampage, love Jones, love Rogan… maybe after the fights they can all 3 do standup comedy.. Rogan is awesome….

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