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Friday, 09/23/2011, 11:03 am

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson And Jon Jones On ESPN's Sports Center


45 Responses to “VIDEO: Rampage Jackson And Jon Jones On ESPN's Sports Center”

  1. Joe says:

    jon has never underestimated his opponents.

  2. TEMPHUiBIS says:


    • HEY RAMPAGE FANS! says:

      if you guys wanna watch just stand up and striking, GO WATCH BOXING, OR K-1 FOR THAT MATTER. the first M in MMA represents the word “MIXED” for a reason. what you guys wanna watch is MA or martial arts, or boxing, or kick-boxing. what you the fans are saying OUT LOUD is that YOUR BOY RAMPAGE IS ONE DIMENSIONAL and has no ground game or TDD. LOOK AT BJ. he’s got stand up and ground (bjj/wrestling). you only want BJ to stand up???? he beat florian, joe daddy, pulver, hughes ON THE GROUND.

      if rampage loses, rampage will say that jones was “tougher and quicker than i thought he was.” but his FANS will be saying “oh there was something wrong with rampage. the real rampage didn’t show up.”

      • Shawn says:

        Actually, true fans off MMA, and true fans of Jackson WOULDN’T be saying that. If he battled 100% and still lost, we’d be saying “DANG! Nice try brother.” We can admit when our fighter loses. We make no excuses for them, unless of course there is a legitimate excuse, ie. bad reffing, poke in the eye, an intentional foul that he couldn’t fully recover from. But even then, we accept it and move on. What we do have a problem with is if the loss comes by way the above mentioned, and the winner starts bashing the loser, saying that he knew he would beat him. Well, that’s a douche move. Just like the Mayweather fight. Ya, ya protect yourself at all times. But does that mean you take advantage of it, and brag how you knocked the guy out? I would never, ever want to win a fight like that. That was pretty much a sucker punch. And regardless of what Dana said, Cortez DIDN’T tell the fighters to fight. He wasn’t even looking at them.

        • Mo says:

          He said let’s go and gestured his hands together for them to come together and fight watch the fight again…I did..and the real douche move came from Ortiz when he head butted him, watch the fight and there was other instances where Ortiz intentionally put his head in Mayweather’s face, Mayweather was upset and took advantage of the situation, nothing he did was against the rules and the only thing against the rules in the fight was the headbutt by Ortiz, what fight were you watching???

        • CL0 says:

          u sound like a mayweather fan

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Keep dick riding jones stupid kid go jump on another bandwagon.

        • DontBeScaredHomo says:

          i long as keep “dick riding” rampage stupid girl. effen mahus nowadays, all buff and brave on the internet but effen quiet at the gym.hahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaah

  3. Joe says:

    so disrespectful to say Jon has beaten nobody of importance

    • zack says:

      whod he beat that is a top contender? NOBODY!!!! matt hamil has never been close to being top 5. ryan bader is not even top ten. and brandon vera just recently got his will to fight back. brandon vera wouldve banged his ass if it stayed standing. but the classic greg jackson fighters dont stand a chance unless they go to the ground. jon didnt want to stand with shogun when shogun wasnt gased lol then after he lays on him to 3 rounds and gases him he stands up to make his stand up look good. let jones fight the spider so silva can eat his soul out

      • zack says:

        and jones is a natural heavyweight lol shit id hope you can hold the belt when your bigger than everyone. go to heavyweight and see what happens. jon “phony” jones

        • Mo says:

          MMA consists of all aspects of fighting, not just standing up..If you are interested in pure stand up go watch boxing, kickboxing, fencing, etc…I don’t remember Shogun laying a hand on Jones during stand up btw Give Jones the credit he deserves and when he wins by pure fighting skills, I won’t be back to say I told you so…

      • J. J. says:

        How can you disrespect Shogun that way? The only reason why Rampage is saying that Shogun was “rusty” is that Rampage lost to Shogun in like less than 5 minutes of the very first round! But Jones destroyed Shogun, something that Rampage was unable and is unable to do. Jones made Shogun tap too! When Rampage fights Shogun again (and they will), Shogun will take Rampage down and submit him. It will happen as soon as next year.

        • Shawn says:

          Ummm…that was 6 years ago guy. I guarantee you if Jones were to fight THAT younger, stronger, faster Shogun, and soccer kicks and stomps to the head were allowed, I’ll bet my house and my car that Jones wouldn’t have lasted 1 round. And yes, Shogun was rusty. He wasn’t 100%. He even admitted to it before the fight (not publicly). Yet he still lasted 3 rounds with Jones. The only other opponents of Jones that went pass 2 rounds is Bonner and Gusmao, who by the way Jones DIDN’T finish. Rampage isn’t using Shogun as an excuse, it’s just fact that he wasn’t 100%. However, I would love to see that rematch between Shogun and Rampage. Then he can have a chance to redeem that loss. Which would leave Sakuraba as his only other Pride loss.

        • J. J. says:

          If Shogun wasn’t 100%, he was stupid to fight and lose. Did he think that less than 100% was enough to beat Jones? And how can you guarantee something that cannot be proven either way? GUARANTEE your house and car that Rampage will beat Jones tomorrow if you’re such in the know.. Rampage knocked out Chuck at the start of Chuck’s decline, knocked out an over-rated, but well-loved Wanderlei, but hasn’t knocked out anyone since. Rampage himself was surprised he was given the Machida decision. And Hamill doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned as a win.

  4. zack says:

    jon jones is a cocky bitch. i hope he gets ktfo

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    I could see by Page’s expressions that he was cutting weight. Makes a person more irritable, he’s liable to nutty up on that lil boy if they were in the same studio together. GO RAMPAGE, GET YOUR BELT BACK! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  6. Kalaeboi! says:

    i hope Rampage can pull one more out of his ass…. Jones will be around for a while, not Rampage… but a loss to Rampage would definitely help this KID!

  7. Danneh boy says:

    the look on rampage’s face during this whole interview made me feel bad for him.

  8. Jack says:

    The fight will suck. He’s not gonna trade with rampage. He’ll use kicks like Forrest did and tie him up in the fence and bring him down. The whole card sucks. The TUF fights the other night will be better thank this ppv.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Bitching about kicks, bitching about tie ups, bitching about takedowns. GO WATCH A BOXING MATCH!

    • Shawn says:

      And what makes you so sure that’s how it’s going to go down? hmmm… That’s how Jones is thinking. BAAAAAD move. You must be one of the uneducated “MMA fan”. With very little understanding of the fight game. All you care are about are finishes. Fights don’t have to finish to be exciting. You’d know that if you truly understood the fight game, as well as have respect for ANY fighter. You can dislike the person, but you can’t disrespect the fighter.

  9. sgt thai clone says:

    when these two are together,Rampage allways takes the spotlight,Which clearly disturbs Bones,Rampage pulled a Sun Tzu moment by turning his back at the weigh ins

  10. jimmyslicks says:

    $1,000,000+ for training?? Will Rampage even make that back from this fight??

  11. i think that rampage might hate jones more than Rashad now.

  12. Shawn says:

    ohhhhhhh ya! This is going to be a battle. Jones hasn’t fought “nobodies”. They have all been really good guys. But they weren’t in the same caliber as Shogun or Rampage. And it’s known that the Shogun who beat Machida (and Forrest for that matter), wasn’t the same Shogun that stepped into the cage with Jones. He wasn’t close to being 100%. Yet he still lasted 3 rounds. Imagine what a healthy and hungry Shogun would have done that night. Now bring in Jackson. He’s coming in 100%. Next to Shogun, Jones has never faced anyone like Rampage, ever. No one has tested Jones chin, because no one else has the KO power of Jackson. Not to mention, out of all Jones’ opponents, Jackson has the hardest head and chin. HIS has been tested. And it takes more than what those other fighters have been able to take. This fight is anyone’s to take. I can’t put money on it. I just want to see a war.

  13. James says:

    lets go rampage whoop dat ass.

  14. iamsoawesome says:

    a lot of white ppl are just jealous of Bones really. It’s because he’s young, black, confident, successful, and has a white gf. Bet u if he was white ppl wouldn’t hate on him so much.

  15. mmafan1 says:

    The first word out of people’s mouths when you ask them of their opinion on a champ is “cocky”. Shut up with that word!!! Let me ask you this. If you worked your way up and completely dominated everyone in your path, do you think you would still be a 100% humble guy. I don’t think so, so shuck that word up your buttsack and go jump into a volcano you piece of sh#$#@.

  16. jaime lopez says:


  17. James says:

    I’m not jelous of him I just like rampage more. But your right about people hatin on successful people but I don’t think it’s because he’s black. Floyd Mayweather is my favorite boxer(young, successful, black) and I’m white so go figure.

  18. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Rampage is in a nasty ass mood! CAN’T WAIT!!

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