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Wednesday, 01/30/2013, 11:46 am

VIDEO | Rampage Goes Off For TMZ Cameras In Anti-UFC Rant | UFC NEWS

I didn’t retire from MMA, ” Rampage said … adding, “But as of now … I’ve left the UFC.”

He continued … “The UFC didn’t treat me right. I don’t like the way I was treated there.”

So what pissed him off? Rampage says he was screwed out of cash … and he feels betrayed over a deal involving Rampage action figures.

Jackson says he’s hungry to sign a new deal with a rival MMA company so he can forget the UFC for good — but he’s contractually obligated to wait a month after his last fight until he can sign a new deal.


36 Responses to “VIDEO | Rampage Goes Off For TMZ Cameras In Anti-UFC Rant | UFC NEWS”

  1. Andrew says:

    Omg shut the fuck up man!!!!

    • dave says:

      If the UFC breached their contract he could sign Bellator right now, if he was owed money he could easily recover that legally. Something tells me he’s stretching the truth almost as much as he’s stretching his belly.

  2. tbates says:

    What’s the matter rampage…pissed cuz u lost Saturday??? Again

  3. danielrchargers says:

    Rampage action figures? UFC makes toys wtf haha.

  4. MMALIFER says:

    Goodbye Rampage your a has been. Grow up and walk away crybaby. The UFC did everything for you to make you a household name. Now we will teach our kids to be the opposite of you. No one likes a crybaby.

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    would hold more weight if he was on a tear or something – but the Rampage looked shitty in his last few fights – so maybe it is time to be #1 in some crappy promotion. whatever man, get on with it.

  6. Andrew says:

    don’t bite the hand

  7. TMZ Camera Man says:

    I like laughing. Who’s this guy anyways? I know nothing about MMA. Hee hee hee… I’ll just repeat what he says so he won’t beat me up. Hee HEEEE… I need a girl…..scratch that……I need a MAN!!!

    Hee heee heeeeeee.

  8. lol says:

    stfu, go fight bums, ur shit now and completely bitter because u cant hang with the best anymore

  9. jay says:

    If he has a gripe and its 6 or 7 figures in income he may have missed out on, we’d be pissed off too

  10. Some nobody says:

    Fuck TMZ and fuck Rampage. Now I’m all out of fucks to give for the day.

  11. JLou says:

    Rampage was one of may favorites 5-10 years ago. He still has the best mean face in the industry. UFC gave him a title shot agains Jon Jones when he didn’t deserve one. The sport has evolved, Rampage has not. I will still watch him fight in Belator

    • Dirk Diggler says:

      I agree 100% w/what you said and by the way he talks and acts, you would swear he was on a 3 fight win streak, instead of the actual 3 fight losing streak he is on. Ive been a fan of his since day one in Pride and it’s sad to see him be this way.

  12. Dave says:

    What does a Rampage Action figure do, stand there and bleed from between the legs?

  13. Tikler says:

    This camera man is a kiss @$$. I’m an Ex Rampage fan since the Japan fight when he came in fat as hell. He doesn’t deserve any more money than he’s been paid. He is insignificant in the UFC anymore and knows it so he wants to go where he thinks he can be on top again. WON’T HAPPEN!!. His style of fighting is dead and gone. You are a 1 dimensional fighter with 0 ground game, you don’t even throw kicks. Wake up you idiot there is no UFC rival promotion and if you think Bellator is you are dumber than I think. Look at what they are doing to Alverez and Brookins. Rampage cried with Pride now UFC, no matter where he goes he going to pull the same $hyt!

  14. JMAN says:

    I heard he made over 15 million since 2007. So, I really dont understand what he’s been complaining about.

  15. adam says:

    you guys are so gay…

    rampage is a huge draw because he is exciting.

    go watch frankie edgar run around the ring for two minutes and then throw a jab from ten feet away!

    you’re all ufc sheep!

    anyone who stansd up for theirselves in the ufc gets hated on.

    penn, rampage, tito.

    u losers kill me.

    • Aaron says:

      Rampage isn’t a huge draw anymore. He is, however, exciting to watch if you are from his opponent’s camp. All he does is get dicked on these days. He hasn’t adapted with the sport, and cannot hold his own against mid-road fighters. Also, BJ, Tito, and Rampage all breached contract, which is why they were “hated” on. No company in the world allows for that. You people who insist on being on the fringe because it is cool, and will not support the best simply because they are the best, make me laugh. Have fun shopping irnoically at Hot Topic until you are 40, Adam.

  16. Damreal says:

    Not a fan but he has a point they did cheap him on PPV buys when he main evented , on merch (toys, cloths ) etc fucking with his sponsorships etc It’s all documented ..Bj Penn and others went through the same thing !! Only those that suck Dana’s ass get the rub !

    • Aaron says:

      The funny thing is, it isn’t documented. There is no actual evidence of this happening, which is why Rampage was alughed out of the courtroom the last time he tried claiming this nonsense. It is simple in the U.S. If an employer has a contract, and you do not breach that contract with them, they are required to pay what it says. If they don’t the courts have a very easy decision to make, which is to pay the person who was shorted. He hasn’t gotten ripped. He is a dumbass who can’t hack it anymroe, so instead he run around crying and complaining, try to make others look bad rather than facing reality.

  17. jakhammer says:

    I don’t no the facts but believe the fighter r getting cheated for getting there brains beat out look at how much boxer make , compared to ufc fighters

    • Aaron says:

      You don’t know the facts, yet you are still going to share an opinion…brilliant. Here are the facts. Rampage has breached contract more than once, with mroe than one company. That is the only time his compensation has been “messed with” and it was done so according to the terms of the contract that he signed. So in other words, it is his own fault. Also, boxing as a professional sport has been around for much longer, and has gotten mainstream media attention for much longer. That is why there is such a difference in pay rate. Also, if you want to say that MMA fighters go through so much in comparrison (they do go through a lot), look at the number of boxing related deaths and life long injuries for both sports. I didn;’t mention MMA related deaths, because at the professional level (on the level of UFC and it’s competitors) there aren’t any. Educating yourself before posting would be a good place to start, for future reference.

  18. James Kim says:

    American Fan= no loyalty. Worst fans are americans, if your not in his shoes, dont talk shit.

  19. jaison says:

    Fighters always get fucked, its the way it works the rich assholes that own the company make all the money and the fighters make a little and when they cant fight anymore they’re thrown away. Look at all the greats in contacts sports there all used up and broke.

  20. drew says:

    basicly rampage is saying the ufc should allow us fighters to do whatever we can to make that money, since ufc probably is a little strict or can revoke certain fighters from doing certain deals that probably doesnt fly with rampage

  21. adam says:


    Get dana’s weiner out of your mouth.

    Definitely a UFC fan boy.

    If you think Aldo and Frankie are big draws I’ll laugh right in your face.

    Put rampage, penn, and ortiz on a card.

    I’d love to see how many PPVs that would get, fucking homo.

    • Gio says:

      Lol are you kiddin? I would not watch Tito’s fight even if it was free 😀 As for Frankie. That kid is a beast and has proven to be one of the greatest in mma industry. You just aching cuz Edgar whuped bj’s ass twice and is supposed to be walking around with that lightweight title if not bad mma judging. Dont get me wrong. I respect bj as legend of the sport, same goes for rampage, but face the truth. Frankie Edgar has earned every little inch of his success. As for Penn, he got his title shot on interim belt cumming of two losses, only beat Pulver who would not even last 1 minute with Edgar. I am not saying that he did not have the skillset of champion. He layed down ass-whupping in lightweight division.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        Take it easy Frankie’s good but a great?? If you say so. BJ has accomplished far more than Frankie “the title shot” Edgar In my opinion being THE best lightweight in his day (between him and gomi at the time) being the welterweight champ, going up in weight to win the title is more impressive than going down and had faced MUCH better opponents GSPx2 Hughes Machida ect even Renzo Gracie compared to Maynard Miller Henderson and Bocek. I also think Pulver to be better than you give him credit for also how did Edgar earn a title shot at Aldo when first off he hasn’t fought in the division to be even ranked let alone coming off two LOSSES

  22. meanjoejitsu says:

    Can’t wait until he signs with Belllator so that King Mo can’t shut him up for good!!!

  23. donthatethepage says:

    I think Rampage is going through a version of buyers remorse. He agreed to a certain amount upon and signed a contract, ever since becoming a bigger household name by knocking out the legendary ‘Ice Man’. he believes he’s owed more. everyone is guilty of that at least once in their life. I think Rampage personality likes complaining to anyone that will listen!

  24. 11thhour says:

    just fuck off you to some shit organisation so you can get a win cunt everyones done with listening to you you’re shit. glover rolled you.

  25. Dan says:

    Was that English?

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