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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 08:20 am

VIDEO | Rampage Backtracks, Wants out of Teixeira Fight For Griffin Rematch | UFC NEWS


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29 Responses to “VIDEO | Rampage Backtracks, Wants out of Teixeira Fight For Griffin Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. shaun says:

    look at all that proper grammar

  2. TheTude says:

    lets see them retire each other, why not? Davis and Glover still have time for a title shot! I never say this but Rampage is right.

  3. EasyDoesIt says:

    I absolutely think Rampage vs Griffin 2 would be a good draw, and a fight alot of People want to see again. The first fight was close and they’re both close to retiring. I’m all for it. Have glover vs Davis instead and I think that would be a great fight as well. Dana White and Joe Siva should definitely rearrange these fights!

  4. Shadleigh says:

    Oh shut up rampage. U did lose that first fight!!!! U could barely even stand up during either round 2 or 3, can’t really remember. Can’t wait for teixeira to beat that ass!!!

  5. Tim says:

    Dang! Rampage sure seems to want out his fight with Glover (and I can’t blame him), but to say he beat Forrest the last time they met is bizarre, due to the fact that Rampage had previously made a excuse for his loss to Griffin stating a injury prevented him from being very mobile in that fight. I’d like to see the winner and losers of the Griffin-Davis and Teixeira-Jackson face each other at a later date.

  6. dante080 says:

    Rampage talks a lot for a man who refuses to fight wrestlers now.

  7. Dee says:

    Rampage really does talk alot…I dont recall him winning anything since he did the A-Team

    He has been in a free fall ever since Jones beat him

  8. Jujitsu Player says:

    In other words just give me a fight I can win….

    I would like to see Glover v Rampage actually I would have liked to see Glover v the Rampage from 2006….because today Glover would destroy him.

    It’s not hype Glover looks immense, only guy at 205lb right now that has a chance at beating Jones (Gus maybe in the future or Cormier def if he drops down to 205lb)

  9. Kender says:

    Rampage vs Griffin. Not any thing that I want to see. Forest was one of my favorite fighters at one time, so was Rampage, but I’ve moved on and they should too.

  10. mmahawk says:

    In the immortal words of the members of Full Force (from the House Party Movies)…

    I smell….
    I smell….
    I smell….

    You know what they smell.

    C’mon Quittin, you talked all this crap about Texieria…and mumbled about how you didn’t want to “fight no wrestlers”. Now you are getting a guy who will bang with you and you’re begging off?

    Stop crying about the Griffin fight Waam-page, that’s ancient history. You lost…get over it. Fight your last fight and please do what you said you’d do on Inside MMA and go sign with the MFC.

  11. BD says:

    why dont you go and try to beat GLOVER first and then negociate to sign a one fight contract with griffin instead of backing down from Glover

  12. ballsackface says:

    i want to see page vs glover. cos these dude drop bombs
    rampage wants fights he can swing and kick. he complains hes been given wrestlers. hes finally been given someone he can stand up with and now hes complaining when last week he was happy
    I think he saw what happened to maldanado and shit himself

  13. Gonzo137 says:

    Give him Sonnen prior to April so he can bitch about wrestlers while he walks out the door with another loss.

  14. You’re right Rampage. How dare they give you a fight you asked for (Glover) and not give you a fight you asked for… did I miss something? Didn’t he ask for the Glover fight? Now he’s saying he doesn’t get the fights he asks for? Dude needs to calm down. It’s nearing retirement. His fights aren’t exciting anymore. Do something else with your life and stop complaining.

  15. TIkler says:

    You have turned into a BIG complaining PUSSY another Tito Ortiz. You want Griffin because you know he can’t KO you and that Glover would. WHAT A BITCH! Just Quit nobody wants to watch you anymore your BORING!

  16. omgaghost says:


  17. Wes says:

    Just give his a$$ a fight so we don’t have to put up with any more of his b!tching, shut up and fight and then leave……used to be a huge Rampage fan, just so sick of his antics now!

  18. Joseph says:

    Since it’s Rampage’s last fight in the UFC, I would rather see him fight Shogun or Evans instead.

  19. 11thhour says:

    first of all no body wants to see that fight… second of all you would just loose by leg kicks again and gass out.. and and third you dont want to fight glover because he’d murder you.

  20. what ever says:

    Sounds like Rampage is in need of money or someone to fight to stay relavent in MMA

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