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Monday, 08/27/2012, 01:13 am

Video | Rampage And King Mo Squash Their Beef And Rampage Takes Shots At Sonnen And Greg Jackson | MMA News

Rampage and King Mo talk about their past “beef” and other topics in the MMA world such as Chael Sonnen, Greg Jackson, and how the sport is evolving.

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32 Responses to “Video | Rampage And King Mo Squash Their Beef And Rampage Takes Shots At Sonnen And Greg Jackson | MMA News”

  1. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:

    they guys are hella funny

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Rampage is a cry baby. He always talks about wrestlers taking him down and stuff maybe that should give him a sign to start improving his TD defense and start fighting strategically not like hooligan like he usually does. The reason why he hates MMA now is because all the younger guys caught up to his skill set he just sucks now and he takes it out on wrestles when he knows before the fight even starts that he is gonna get taken down.

    • usuck says:

      he was mentioned as to having a really take down defense rarely you see him get taken in the UFC, get your facts straight!!!!! one weakness he has is taking leg kicks and checking them when he should that’s how he lost to Forest Griffin!!!

  3. Ddddd says:

    WTF is he on TRT’s yet? Better get it
    Together before he ends up chained up
    in Ryan Baders back yard.

  4. Dee says:

    Rampage speaks the truth. He isn’t taken down often, so he isn’t a cry baby. The man is probably just bored with it. It’s quite normal considering the amount of years he’s been doing it.

    • T.DADDY says:

      Not taken down often?? Rashad n bader rag dolled his ass.. his a big fukkn crybaby… He don’t train for fights he wants to box n that’s it.. well I’m glad he said he’s takin his ass to boxing…

      • jaedr says:

        RAG DOLLED? you’re a fucking idiot. lay n’ pray is more like it and don’t forget BADER was the one who got ragdolled onto his own head in the 2nd.

        • darren says:

          rashad was better plain and simple but bader fight was a fluke. rampage was injured which is why he couldnt make wait and it showed in the fight. look at his takedown defense against jones, he got maybe 2 takedowns compared to jones other fights where he throws people around at will

        • darren says:

          weight** fuck been outta school for a year and my english is on a steep decline

  5. Diaz bro says:

    So people won’t stand in front of me so I can hit them, so M.M.A. is boring, yeah Rampage It’s so exciting when you show up fat and and gas out, you blast Chael , but all you have done the past few years is talk shit , then lose.You call yourself a wrestler, yet you can’t stuff a take down, and the next time you throw a kick , will be the first time you throw a kick, you only have a punchers chance against Gloves, I see a onesided beating coming up, and you can forget about boxing your to lazy, boxers and kick boxers actually have cardio.

  6. Dee says:

    There’s a lot of hate on Rampage (probably because he lives out his dreams while others aspire to be).

    Far as Rampage being taken down very far in between.

  7. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Lol these monkeys are hilarious to watch.. Dance monkeys dance! Chael ftw

    • stevo the great says:

      Dude what is the reference to monkeys about? Is this a “racist” slur or insinuation? If so I think you should be banned……racism is bullshit! And Chael is racist….so i can only assume that your comment was insinuating racism!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Some idiot using my username agains and we all know its Keep Fitch faggot lay n prayer lover. You are the biggets piece of shit ever Fitch Lover. I would do anything to get my hands on your sorry ass. you are a fucken Pussy using my username.

      fuck off bitch Fitch Lover

  8. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    I don’t know what’s gayer keep Fitch forever
    Or fitchs actual faggot ass ankle bracelet tattoo

    • bahahah says:

      GET RID OF FITCH (forever) got a bellybutton tatt, 1 nipple ring, 1 leg rolled up on his skinny jeans and got his hat on backwards covering 1 eye and his other eyebrow got lines shaved into it

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I didn’t write that crap anyone who has seen my actual posts on her knows I’m no fucking racist

        EVERYONE who knows me knows its that PUNK ASS Fitch LOVER
        crys because everyone hates lay n prayers and he loves lay n prayers because he is gay ass wrestler who likes giving reach arounds and laying with men

        Some day I will figure out who you are in real life an di promise I will rip your fucking head off Fitch LOVER, what kind of pussy writes some racist crap using someone elsees username. you are a fucking punk and i can’t waot to kick your teeth down your throat

  9. Shadleigh says:

    It’s called mixed martial arts for a reason. It’s not fucking boxing. So rampage should quit his bitching and work on his TD defense if he doesn’t like people humping him the entire fight.

  10. Tommy gunnz says:

    Finally black people getting along,it looks like their ingnorant when their beefing with each other.rashad and page rashad and jones page and king mo.its good to see this.

  11. Mike b says:

    Rampage seems to forgot that wrestling is a part of mma and if he don’t like it then he should step up his wrestling and learn how to defend the takedown more and learn how to fight off of his back.stop bitching its a part of the sport….

  12. ya herd says:

    Ramppage is so right! Ufc is getting so boring there is to much fighers, fighting to not lose rather than fighting to win, i am even seeing alot more stand up fights very boring also. I lke wrestling its a big part of mma but the way it is scored sucks, it give a grappler the advantage in a fight over a stand up fighter. for example 9 out of 10 times a guy that takes u down 2 or 3 times in a round but dosent do shit with it landing nothing etc, would win the round over a guy landing good kicks and punches in the stand up etc. We need new rules thats the only way ufc will get a bit more exciting or pride rules yellow carded for stalling

    • Chris Spalla says:

      Your poor use of English is painful to try to read.

    • 9lives304 says:

      i totally agree!! Yellow cards or something to take 1/2 their purse if they don’t put on a good showing. I like GSP but he’s a good example of that…the last time i can remember him truly finishing fights was GSP vs Serra 2, or GSP vs Matt Hughes 2 or 3 or whatever it was where he fucked Hughes up with the head-kick then rained down elbows on him till the fight was stopped. I mean try to land shots or advance ur position or something. and ur right about the scoring needing to be revamped….a takedown shouldn’t be scored the same as damaging strikes….now if ur slammed…that’s different, but saying a regular takedown is the equivalent of strikes is fuckin ridiculous!!!

  13. Brend0magic says:

    Rampage is soo right about Greg Jackson changing the whole MMA game. It’s moved from people trying to finish each other and put on awesome fights for the fans, to people just scoring points. I’m so sick of the Jackson fighters and their shitty gameplans. I will never buy a ppv with a Jackson fighter headlining, never again. I’m sick of Greg Jackson, sick of the stupid point fighting and gameplans, sick of that entire camp. He’s ruined Condit, Guida, Jones, let alone the other guys we don’t hear about as much. Man, fuck Greg Jackson.

  14. JiuJitsuRules/BJJWhiz says:

    NOOOO!!! this was one of the best rivalries out there.

  15. SpeakTheTruth says:

    Haha I love Rampage!! “Fuck Chael all he wanna do is hump you” CLASSIC!! Love how Rampage talk shit and its truth and people get made, but Chael talk bullshit and everyone love it haha come on man!

  16. ernesto hoost says:

    i have said this before rampage has that old school sprawl and brawl technique he is a wrestler he wrestled in highschool have any of you watched the matt hammil fight he stuffed every takedown thrown @him.have any of you watched him in pride that dude has the nastiest slams in mma did any of you see him slam bader rampage is nasty he has the best left and rolling right hook in the lhw division.I say he should train a little harder @fighting of his back he should go to a different camp for a little deathclutch or go train with koschek.i bet if he did that we would see a different.rampage.

  17. Bryce says:

    Honestly… whatever you think about Rampage.

    What he said is true…

    Camps are focused on winning, even if they sacrifice excitement. Camps care about W’s, not the fans. And so… many fighters fight “boring”

    Lay and pray fighting styles are boring. Period.

    By lay and pray, I am referring to people who cannot finish fights, and who literally perform take downs and throw “feign” strikes and pretend that passing guard is serving the purpose of attaining a better position to FINISH THE FIGHT.

    Rampage hasn’t finished a fight in some time… so hate all you want. But he has always tried to go out and put on a show for fans. He has never “laid and prayed” on anybody…

    But he is right.

    Especially about Chael running his mouth, following a TKO stoppage.

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