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Monday, 01/28/2013, 12:17 pm

VIDEO | Rampage Admits His Time At The Top May Be Over | UFC NEWS

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson spoke with UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani after a disappointing loss to Brazilian phenom Glover Teixeira. What’s next for ‘Rampage’ after his final fight in the UFC?


12 Responses to “VIDEO | Rampage Admits His Time At The Top May Be Over | UFC NEWS”

  1. James says:

    See you at BAMMA Rampage because that’s all your destined for

  2. Time To Wrestle says:

    I hope this dinosaur retires. He doesn’t need anymore beatings and he DEFINITELY does not want to end up like Goodridge. The UFC should start a Legends league, kinda like the senior PGA tour and let these old dinosaurs duke it out. I’ll bet there are allot of old farts that would pay for that. Not ME!!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      that’s cuz your on the cutting edge, right?! genius…pfft.

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      You do realize that Rampage is only 33 right? He is actually younger than Glover. He’s been fighting professionally since he was 20. Sick of bandwagon jumpers, ya’ll pretend to know what you’re talking about but don’t know shit. Rampage hasn’t been the same since before he came to the UFC when he messed his back up. All he’s been able to do for the last 4 years is box. Its worked a few times, but everyone knows that’s all he can do now. Therefore, he’s easy to exploit. He’s lost his speed, his double leg and his slams. That’s what happens to true warriors when they give it their all. Injuries happen, and they have a long term effect on careers.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        He’s old in his mind. He has taken allot of trauma. That is why he is OLD, not an age thing, ese. He’s a dinosaur. His heart is not into it. I don’t blame him, its just I’d rather see him move on and get out of the way. Comprende ese??

  3. duane says:

    wherever u go or anything i wanna know us ur 1 of the best. yes the mma game has changed u are a good boxer/fighter DONT FORGET Y0I STILL GOT FANS!

  4. slim says:

    Vidoe not availible in the UK

    Why would you choose to ban all uk users from sieng this video,Are you Trying to loose fans and traffic from the site?

  5. Thom says:

    Rampage is a legend of the sport, its a shame so many redneck cunt fans bash the guy while he’s truly one of the all time greats. Great fights in Pride, unified the pride and UFC belt by outgrappling Hendo. He was the man to beat Chuck in his prime in Pride and then KO him to basically begin the end of his career in the UFC. KO’d Wanderlei is brutal fashion and the list goes on and on. Personally hope he just retires from fighting, there’s no point in going to Japan or anything. Might as well start a new chapter in television and gaming production or something.

  6. David says:

    I don’t see why he can’t just stay in the UFC anfg get the rich franklin treatment. Dana may talk him into it he dersves it. Lots of exciting matches he could still have for years outside the title picture. Ang get paid much more doimg it

  7. Yup says:

    A fighters body tells him when its time to hang it up. Rampages body is screaming at him!

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