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Monday, 02/10/2014, 04:38 am

VIDEO | Pro’s Pick Machida vs. Mousasi, None Pick Gegard

Urijah Faber: Machida via unstoppable elusiveness
Joseph Benavidez: Machida be way of new era
Jake Ellenberger: Machida by technical knockout
Beneil Dariush: Machida via anything he wants
Rafael dos Anjos: Machida by way of victory
Glover Teixeira: Machida because he’s on a mission


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Pro’s Pick Machida vs. Mousasi, None Pick Gegard”

  1. Xaninho says:

    It’s not going to be an easy win for either. It looks like even the pro’s are underestimating Mousasi. Machida has a great chance to win, but so does Mousasi.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I’m hoping Mousasi will stop this hype train of Machida. Machida is boring with his herky jerky style and his shitty rock’m sock’m boxing style coming forward. Mousasi is a much better striker than Machida and if he can handle the feints and counters, he should school this fool. I hope Mousasi kicks the crap outta his legs and that will pretty much seal the deal in his chances…..To bad, we won’t see some good wrestling domination, but hey, can’t have it all!! Lol.

      • seminalcacti says:

        “Hype”-? doesn’t Machida have a string of victories over bunch of top 10 fighters?

        “herky Jerky style”- is that what you call counter striking?

        “Boxing style”- are you sure you’re talking about Lyotto? you know he fights Shotokan Karate style, right?

        • Lizard Lizard says:

          I wanted to respond to his silly antics but decided not to. I saw you posted and took the words out of my mouth. Cheers.

        • William Kramer says:

          Hype….look at his losses. One controversial, one that could have gone either way, and still has a record of 12-4 in the UFC. Could just as easy be 14-2. That is considering fighting all but one fight as an undersized lightheavyweight in a stacked division. I’d hold this guy above Silva, who fought MW despite walking around larger than Machida.

        • Guest says:

          gargoyle wrestling, have you even watched machida fight before?

      • mad says:

        have you even seen machida fight before?

    • William Kramer says:

      I can respect your opinion, but unless Machida has an off night, Mousasi may be in for a long night. The few losses Machida have taken have been by people who can overpower him, could have gone either way, or been controversial.

  2. William Kramer says:

    I want to say I agree with the fighters, but will not count Mousasi out until the final bell rings. It’s hard to tell how good he is because he hasn’t faced the highest levels of fighters. Win or lose, how he looks against Machida will tell us more. On another note, it would of seemed more fitting to see Henderson say what Faber said. I loled on it anyway.

  3. William Kramer says:

    I want to mention something that popped into my head. Mousasi dropped to middleweight because he sees better opportunity, yet he was initially set to face a top 5 LHW. I know he’s undersized for LHW but so was Machida for how long. Considering he was supposed to face Gus, and seeing how well Gus did against Jones, I think it is more lack of confidence. If I were him I would have went back to trying to get a fight with Gus to prove myself, rather than just jumping ship. Machida has already proven himself and deserves no criticism for the drop.

  4. For me, the key is to keep busy and bring the fight to the final round. I still have doubts in Machida’s cardio in MW division. Lyoto proved that he can hit at MW, knocking Munoz out, but can he maintain that power when the fight reaches halfway point. Mousasi is a durable fighter with very good standup and a veteran. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mousasi wins but if Machida proves that he has gas in MW and win against Gerard, I’m pretty sure that he’ll beat Weidman when the time comes for them to square off.

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