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Saturday, 07/28/2012, 05:00 am

VIDEO | Phil Davis Stars In Latest Sprite Commercial | UFC NEWS

Sprite execs say the new campaign and tagline are meant to be broader than just basketball, allowing Sprite to hit on other teen “passion points,” such as music, skateboarding and film. In the second half of the year, the brand will be promoting a contest for film students.

“We’re trying to link all of these different passion points in a way that has consistency in it,” said Mr. Keith. “Sprite has a very specific teen target, so we’re looking for a crisp articulation.”

“In the last two years, we’ve been fine-tuning against the same strategy,” added Rafael Acevedo, Sprite brand director. “This campaign is based on the same fundamental truth we have for Sprite — unique, intense excitement.”

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9 Responses to “VIDEO | Phil Davis Stars In Latest Sprite Commercial | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zulwali says:

    hahaha…Phil davies looking like a beast. 😀

  2. gouldx87 says:

    Amusing commercial but wtf kind of submission is that supposed to be lol

    • sando says:

      wwe style… for fat middle americans

    • Shawn says:

      It’s being applied improperly. And yes, SOME of those “submissions” done by pro wrestlers are real submissions and actually work, when applied correctly. Think of your legs being crossed and folded back towards your back, while you are on your stomach. And at the same time while the guy is lying on your legs as they are folded over to your back, he is cranking your head back towards your feet. Technically this isn’t a submission move, as it is not meant to make you tap in real life. It’s a move to break your neck. Yes, there are still martial arts out there that teach you different ways to kill.

  3. LOL says:

    With that deranged look on his face, I didn’t even recognize him. If it wasn’t for the pink shorts, could’ve been anyone to me. “Alright” commercial. They should’ve used the “Mr. Wonderful” choke or arm bar or whatever it is.

  4. danielrchargers says:

    hold on.. ima take a photo of phil… ha hell yeah

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