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Monday, 01/28/2013, 11:39 am

VIDEO | Pettis vs. Cerrone Highlight With “Showtime Knee” Included | UFC NEWS

Lightweight Anthony Pettis and featherweight Ricardo Lamas discuss their exciting TKO victories at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Dodson.


8 Responses to “VIDEO | Pettis vs. Cerrone Highlight With “Showtime Knee” Included | UFC NEWS”

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Pettis is good but he can’t hang with wrestlers.. I say give him Maynard or Miller and if he wins that fight then he gets the shot.. and he tries to hard to be flashy… That shit is gonna end up gettn him ko’d

    • OLLY says:

      He already beat Benson, one of the best wrestlers in the UFC. He earned his title shot and a rematch with Benson, and when he wins then he can defend it against the winner of Miller vs Maynard.

      I’d absolutely love to see Maynard vs Miller, especially if Pettis can keep it standing. Maynard’s excellent boxing and power vs Pettis’ excellent full range of standup from TaeKwonDo, Karate, Muay Thai and even Capoeria.

      • T.DADDY says:

        He lost to Guida.. Maynard and Miller are better wrestlers then Guida so I think they wud have ther way with Pettis… And Benson didn’t use his wrestling against Pettis he kept it standing and I think Benson will beat Pettis if they meet again

    • LZSET4LIFE says:

      So funny, Clay Guida is a nutcase in there and Pettis didnt lose he just didnt do enough to win against him. So hes unable to close on that wild dude & all of a sudden any one w/ ground game he wont be able get past?!? Stopppppp it 😉

      • logic says:

        So he because he would not or COULD NOT do enough against Guida that means he did not lose the fight? That makes no sense.

        He earned his shot at the belt. But what you said there is really dumb.

  2. Derek says:

    Pettis kicked some ass his last 2 fights but what happened against clay and a split decision with Jeremy. Sorry but you don’t deserve a title shot yet. Pettis needs to fight grey and then a title shot if he wins.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      he beat the shit oughta 2 top dudes though in convincing fashion – plus he has a win over the current champ. He’s makes a good case…but on the heels of that, I’d like to see him fight Grey; if he shows up like he has, it would be a quick fight.

  3. Time To Wrestle says:

    You know what knee I really liked was the knee Ceronne put on him when he did his little circus shit cartwheel. You know Pettis would make a good cheerleader.

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