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Sunday, 12/09/2012, 09:47 am

VIDEO | Penn vs. MacDonald Full Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Penn vs. MacDonald Full Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    BJ I love you man.. Always will… Thanks for all the things you have done.. Take care of the family and enjoy life. You have nothing to prove any more.. I know its hard to have stamina especially training in Hawaii. I wish you had the Stamina of GSP or the Diaz brothers and I wish you stayed at lightweight because guys are way bigger than you.. Its ok, we still proud of you bruddah. Aloha

  2. Serge Zombie says:

    amaziiiing!!!!!!!! BJ Penn one of the greatest on mma.

  3. BB says:

    wil bj retire i hope not :S

  4. Heart says:

    It was a rough fight to watch but at the same time, I know it takes heart to perform on that level.

    Regardless of the haters and the blasphemy and speculation of being not being pushed to his limit during camp, BJ brought a lot of pride Hawaii. The locals who live near and far away always looked forward to watching BJ fight!!

    “As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.”
    Zachary Scott

  5. jose garcia says:

    bj i wish you the best as a fan i have nothing but the upmost respect for you your a true inspiration you never backed down from anyone your a true pioneer to the sport with nothing left to prove thank you for all your contributions to the sport you are the reason that at 41 years yung i practice mma i look forward to what the future holds for you & i will continue to be your fan for life…….

  6. Ilaijah says:

    Well said guise^ BJ weather you decide to retire or not, I will forever be a proud fan. You inspire me to Dream big and train MMA and represent Hawaii well. You represented us lastnight with heart, the desire to never give up. BJ no matter what they say you are a true champion in my heart. To be honest this is not the end, like you said i the (Road to octagon) “it’s not over” BJ it’s not over. we believe in you, I believe in you. I know you hear this a thousand times but 155 is your weight class, and I know it’s not over! Much love BJ…

  7. FREDDY BOI says:

    It was a very sad day yesterday. The Losses of Swick, Shogun, and most of all, bruddah BJ. But, BJ is a warrior and he has proven that to the entire world! He doesn’t duck fights, and he will fight anyone. But, us fans all know that we want what is best for BJ. BJ took a lot of damage last night. It is said by many, and it is said often, and I will say it also, “BJ, go back to Lightweight please!” If BJ walks around in the 160’s on average, just do what it takes to drop to 155. I am in my 40’s, and I am a traditional martial artist [Kung Fu, Boxing, etc]. And it’s even hard for me to accept the fact that “the new breed” is a force to be reckoned with. Jon Jones, Macdonald, etc. They are cocky, and not the best role model for Champions, and I hate that thought but, it’s a reality. BJ – if you retire, THANK YOU for all you’ve done for Hawaii and the fans through the years. If you decide to fight on, please do it at LIGHTWEIGHT.

  8. toby eblacas says:

    hahahha he too old already . Go back surfing longboards at honolii

  9. Sean says:

    I thought Bj was gonna go down from those body shots and everything else Rory threw, I really think most other welterweights would have and all other lightweights would have. It’s amazing when you think about Bj’s list of opponents that hes never been knocked out, submitted, or even knocked down once! His career looks like a short mma version of muhammad ali’s fighting career. He was seen as the best in his early years on the scene from 2001 -2005(age 22 – 26 i think), then had fall outs that kept him from coming backing at 100% but still managed to win another UFC belt and defend it impressively, then continued to take on the best of the best at a higher weight class. And last night was pretty similar to alis last fight…unless bj fights again. Thanks for the entertainment and motivation over the years Bj!
    One more thing Bj kinda topped Ali by never getting knocked down and he was in MMA!

  10. B says:

    Braddah BJ I really am amazed everyone is anticipating for u retire…Everyone calm down sounds depressing on hear, BJ just do what u feel u always have and I believe u have nothing to be shame. Not many people have achieved want u have….

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